Prepositions after "like"

"like in" or "like about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases like in is used

Like in the incident in Colorado.

Just like insurance companies too.

He was very much liked in the Parish.

Just like in the many issues besetting Boracay, the government seems to have a penchant.

I like the freedom to stay as long as I like in an area and move on to where ever I like.

On Beauty: Like in fashion, I have to make sure to stick to what is effective and simple.

Once ranchers and homesteaders started moving into the area, up went the fences, just like in other parts of the West.

In Compton effect, an instant X-ray is scattered by a free electron just like in a collision between two rigid spheres.

It's almost like in our game design classes when you have to prototype the game just to make sure that the game is fun.

In 18% of cases like about is used

That's what I like about ultras.

Best thing I like about YouNoodle is.

There's nothing to like about this guy.

Write down all the things you don't like about school on one side of a piece of paper.

Say what you like about sanjayp, for some (probably misbegotten reason) I like the guy.

You can crap on all you like about it but it not going to change the final score, 18-10.

To me, the space of traces is what allows people to stay and think; this is the temporal sense I like about cinema.

The only thing we didn't quite like about the concept was the need to constantly connect and disconnect the PadFone.

What I like about this article is that it addresses common issues that normally don't help the design process at all.

Say what you like about higher taxes in the Scandinavian countries, but they know how to invest in their people wisely.

In 10% of cases like for is used

Anything you'd like for ' em or.

I would like for this blog to be very interactive.

Things don't always end the way we'd like for them to.

In order to receive likes for your posts you only need to add the full URL of the post.

This information made my respect and liking for Mahinda increase by unprecedented proportions.

Like for an example I had a man break into my house and my brother and I walked in and found him.

Sometime I can't avoid that (like for the blob part of RB ), but I always fight whenever possible and explain loud the point.

What I like least about being a mom: Lack of sleep! What I'd like for Mother's Day: My modest wish: breakfast in bed by myself.

How would you like for people to not attempt to help or rescue you? Imagine you lived in Africa and your child was one of the IC.

I'd like for you to do two things, tell us: 1) why do you state SA are ahead of England when the ICC table clearly shows otherwise.

In 9% of cases like with is used

Like with Josh, with you my heart now belongs.

This too is a blessing, because unlike with Jakob.

Anonymous Pigeon holes! Just like with women's lib.

Like with any web-based interaction, we suggest that you use caution and good judgment.

Like with Ronaldo (and Messi from some people) he get's unnecessary criticism at times.

Sorry, there's not going to be a 30 year gap thing like with the HAL Marut and HAL Tejas.

BOOK THREE The Forum of the Pompeians It was early noon, and the forum was crowded alike with the busy and the idle.

We also use optional cookies and they enable things such as sharing what you like with your friends on social media.

But much like with with alcohol and fireworks, the laws of neighboring states apply as soon as a person crosses the border.

Just like with cats, although they will all use the same litter tray, it is best to have a couple of places for them to go.

In 7% of cases like to is used

He was like to Moses as a legislator.

Ibet they would have like to have it too.

It sounds so good to me, I like to read it.

I also like to shop and check out fine restaurants that can easily stray from my diet plan.

Stupid people, like to the heart, May be cheated, but may not be able to get someone else's.

A word is a word, you can assign any negative connotation you like to it, it is meaningless.

Tip #1 I like to time my arrival to the front of the net so I'd not a stationary target for a defenseman to tie me up.

I would really like to finally grow up and beat these monsters and would appreciate your advice on the best method: 1.

If I would be a bank employee, i would definitely like to make sure that I am safe when i see anyone with face covered.

In 6% of cases like on is used

I am not interested in nice lies (like on osho.

She was also charming and lovely, just like on the show.

Like on this billboard on Vineland Avenue, just off Interstate 5.

I don't need a PASM dial but I do need a proper Aperture priority Auto-ISO like on my D4.

I should be SOMEWHERE useful whilst talking, like on a spawn point of Aeonaxx or Poseidus.

And what has this PM or his Govt done to the perpetrators? Nothing! Just like on corruption.

Actually, you could determine most of these elegant flowers thrive with at its best on containers like on flower boxes.

When you'd like on going to another country on your cheap high waisted bikini, first keep your passports usually are valid.

We weren't able to run as we would have liked on Friday or Saturday but today both Pedro and Narain completed a very good race.

You pass OpenGL ES code directly to the GPU, and the GPU takes care of everything -- like on a elegant workstation-class 3D card.

In 4% of cases like at is used

Like at Contract renewals for the current club.

The grass is just like at home, good old Bermudagrass.

Like at a call-center somewhere, where you can work alone.

We'd like at some point to start reaching out to invite others, outside of CRS, to join in.

This is why I am encouraging both my mom and my aunt to just play bingo online like at Party Bingo.

And, just like at WrestleMania with Ric Flair, it was the pain in Shawn's busted eyes that told the story.

I have more bits of medical twine in me than I'd like at the moment, but it's nothing a year in the tropics couldn't sort out.

Just like at the Academy Awards, or the Oscar ceremony, they have allowed a single host like Billy Crystal create a more personal touch to the event.

A non-neutral Internet means that companies like AT &T,; Comcast, Verizon and Google can turn the Net into cable TV and pick winners and losers online.

And what occurred when you met Alia? Really like at first sight? You bet! I met Alia for initially in St Teresa's college, significance on the places of the film.

In 4% of cases like by is used

Lannan is liked by his teammates.

She likes others and is liked by them.

Actually, jolly persons are liked by all.

And it can be darn therapeutic too! LOL Check it out if you like by clicking on my name.

Moreover, that kind of report is liked by the masses and is being talked about everywhere.

If not then something with kids etc, something long term is liked by unis such as Manchester.

Even my poems that express the highest realisation and revelation -- my most outstanding poems -- are not liked by everyone.

A lonely crusader, he was also liked by those whom he attacked with a force that was merciless, but devoid of any bitterness.

The problem nowadays with English football is that still relies only on the physical aspect which is mostly liked by supporters.

Giving up harsh speech, one speaks what is blameless, pleasant to the ear, agreeable, going to the heart, urbane, pleasing and liked by all.

In 2% of cases like from is used

It's a city I liked from the word go.

Osho helped himseft from history like from a supermarket.

I like your article, very object and almost like from an insider view.

Plus, us and Egypt Central, we're all really good friends, you know, like from the first tour.

In fact, everything about the movie looks like a collection of elements we like from other things.

Because it's not like from 6 am in the morning until 10pm at night, and I still see him every day.

Your children can choose things that they like from adults around them as part of their role and they are then role models.

Like from the literature, not some cycling blog written by wild eyed beards frothing at the mouth about car lobby conspiracies.

But I tend to mimic and copy, so I wanted to keep from seeing it as I knew I would end up borrowing elements I liked from the play.

There are various degrees of letting something go but it's more as a fan of the series like from an outsider's perspective absolutely.

In 1% of cases like as is used

We're getting a lot more Facebook likes as a result of that.

You are to invest time and effort into your blog and publish posts that your readers will like as well as appreciate.

The year 2012 will give you balance as well as power with their really like as well as mental binding as well as intimacy.

What you personally like as a body is your choice, but when we compare price/performance and flexibility, then Micro 4/3rd's always loses.

Tranquil Jing said tearfully: Like as the waves, she is still in the hands of Xuan Li River seep into the foam, her tears have scattered them.

Dubya, while spending more money than I would have liked as a conservative, did the right things to get the country OUT of the recession, and quickly.

It's good to complete many mastering make certain that you're getting just what exactly you would like as well as the greatest rate, when you are wanting contact lenses.

In 1% of cases like during is used

Or if there's anything that you'd especially like during labour or after your baby is born.

Carrick also done well for us for many times following SAF order with all heart that some people were not happy with it (like during the time he keep the ball going backward rather than forward).

In 1% of cases like unto is used

He should be like unto Moses, only above him.

I have trouble with moisture building up in the whistle, like unto a recorder, that messes up the sounds.

For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.

The voice of this horizon is heard in this hour after this great god hath passed them by, like unto the sound of the roarings which are in the heights of heaven when they are disturbed by a storm.

In 1% of cases like without is used

Movies like Without Limits or Chariots of Fire can also help up your desire to lace up.

This has made many men try to unravel the puzzle of how Mona would like without any clothe on.

You need a break too and he will never find out what his children are really like without getting some one on one time.

As with children, pregnant women can drink as often as you like without any side effects and keeping body healthier always.

The soft, light ricotta gnudi were covered with an airy permasan foam that I (actually) liked without taking over the gnudi.

They can thus clearly run whatever fiscal stance they like without worrying (ultimately) about what the bond markets might do.

But it is impossible to change the law in the way he'd like without producing a system that makes it easier to kill people who want to live.

I've done a bit of searching, and based on my experience with Facebook, they no longer want you to be able to ' market ' to your Fans or Likes without using their paid advertising options.

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