Prepositions after "liberal"

liberal in, with, on, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases liberal in is used

Jesus was a liberal in his day.

He is liberal in so many issues.

He was very liberal in his views.

Everyone seems to focus on his record being the most liberal in Congress, and it was.

It was liberal in its philosophical content to let other winds flow into the country.

Needless to say, these seminaries tended to be strongly liberal in their orientation.

Open and affirming churches are too liberal in their heolgy and use us to satisfy their politicallly correct agenda.

The fact that Blacks vote 95% Democrat pretty much sums up the liberal incentive to keep the same policies in place.

I think he's neoliberal in his heart, but most of all that he doesn't have a heart besides the desire to be elected.

In fact, next door neighbours Norway, who are far more liberal in their approach have very similar figures to Sweden.

In 15% of cases liberal with is used

Quite liberal with the Greek mythology.

He's very liberal with the nitrous oxide.

So, do not be afraid, to be liberal with it.

We are extremely liberal with when and where management-level employees can use it.

In those days seniors were liberal with the drinks in chambers after consultations.

Always ready to oblige in many ways, even financially he was liberal with his purse.

Look the other person in the eye and be liberal with that winning smile that is usually reserved for pretty girls.

He wasn't too liberal with money, I worked for six pound a week and everything had to be paid out of the six pound.

It's hard to ignore the fact that they were pretty liberal with the garlic, which enhanced the flavours of the sea.

Who the heck knows what's in there half the time? I don't know about you but I'd pretty liberal with the delete key.

In 9% of cases liberal on is used

Maybe a liberal on some issues.

Asians are liberal on social issues.

But they're liberal on sexual ethics.

I'd very liberal on free speech and privacy issues but conservative on business issues.

Women are more liberal on health care, on defense spending and on anti-poverty programs.

I am very liberal on lot's of social issues, and many of my friends are against this law.

Every Republican has made his share of mistakes, but Romney is a committed liberal on the whole spectrum of issues.

I know that the moderator is very liberal on this blog, some other blogs would definitely bar you for a certain period.

We can follow The Romeo and Juliette law even in Singapore but even then to me is a bit liberal on the scope of offence.

SR: Did prison change your views on criminal justice? CB: I was always rather liberal on these matters in American terms.

In 6% of cases liberal for is used

West is way too liberal for that.

I have been a Liberal for many years.

Far too liberal for the party nowadays.

And I'd so glad not to be being accused of being a wishy-washy liberal for a change.

Perchard has already started this evening by saying this group is too liberal for Jersey.

I was raised Catholic, but my upbringing was still fairly liberal for the Catholic Church.

This expansion of the choices available has been the mark of the liberal for a couple of centuries, until recently.

Recommend Proud to be muhajir! Proud to be from community which has been educated and liberal for many, many generations.

The fact is that to me, Bernie Sanders for example is too liberal for me, too willing to change things entirely too fast.

Davis ' ads accused Riordan, who is pro-choice and supports gun control and gay rights, of being too liberal for the GOP.

In 5% of cases liberal to is used

Once less liberal to corrupt our children.

English referees are very liberal to them.

Romney governed as the worst kind of liberal to evangelicals.

The two-day festival now develops mid-October, and is particularly liberal to people.

A liberal parent, by their very definition, are liberal to the notions of free choice.

The main reason for all these crimes is our law is so liberal to rapists and criminals.

For each year, I've sorted the nine justices on the court from the most liberal to the most conservative in that year.

I'd 49, white, retired Navy, own my car, never been on assistance in my life, and liberal to the very marrow of my bones.

You are able to fatten the profile by offering the services you receive liberal to non-profit businesses or perhaps colleges.

Merely tying a liberal to Obamacare doesn't do it, unless it is explained why that is a bad thing in real terms, people terms.

In 5% of cases liberal of is used

Even the most liberal of women.

Playing the victim is so Liberal of you.

The most liberal of the liberal socialists.

But the scene is a blast! Even the most liberal of liberals love its grand spectacle.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali is, I believe, among the more liberal of the interpreters of the Koran.

I know that even in the most liberal of cities there are some people who voted for Romney.

Metaphor is obviously a powerful force and one that is subject to strict control, even in the most liberal of societies.

The conservative themes are buried deep, as I've been trying to wheedle my way into the most liberal of liberal bastions.

Koh is the most liberal of the potential nominees and was highly critical of the Bush administration's record on civil liberties.

He ran as a Republican in the most liberal of states and governed conservatively enough to make his re-election a dicey proposition.

In 4% of cases liberal about is used

There's nothing liberal about liberalisation.

Normally, I'd very liberal about who I approve.

My point was that there is nothing liberal about it.

There is nothing liberal about trying to understand another persons point of view.

However, some tribes in the East Coast and Northland are liberal about this issue.

The status that are liberal about the standards have lower insurance program quotes.

Because let me tell you this: there is nothing liberal about leaving our young people to waste away on the dole.

Doesn't seem to be such a problem in the Sunday Independent as they seem to be more liberal about things like accuracy.

It's interesting to see that Scandinavia which is usually so liberal about almost everything still has not legalized it.

In 3% of cases liberal at is used

I can be very liberal at times.

If you're not a liberal at 18, you have no heart.

If you're still a liberal at 40, you have no brain.

He is very much a Liberal at heart and he does have the capacity to learn from his mistakes.

This peculiar 20th C development manages to claim to be both catholic and liberal at the same time.

If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain.

The reader has the responsibility to die and if liberal at a faster rate than the average person in a New York City ally way.

Critics from the right contend that he's really a liberal at heart who will promptly ally with Pelosi and Obama when given the chance.

Mr Abbott is THE ONLY THING stopping me from voting Liberal at the next election and I have voted Labor all my life: from 1972 to 2010.

Bandaranaike may have been a liberal at heart, but his desire to gain power at any cost to anyone was far stronger than his intellectual beliefs.

In 3% of cases liberal by is used

In Ontario they are Liberal by definition.

He was a liberal by the standards of his time.

Reagan was no liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

Lenin was impatient with my liberalism, but he had shown himself a liberal by instinct.

The party can not be irrelevant as long as the largest share of Canadians are liberal by nature.

While George W Bush was in the White House, I was labeled a liberal by in Instapundit reading freinds.

I am a Democrat by politics, a liberal by inclination, and a loyal citizen of this country by every act of my life.

It really says a lot about the past that a man like this could ever have been considered a liberal by any definition.

Even in those areas where the Bible is not liberal by modern standards its laws restrain evil for the betterment of humankind.

Around the 1950s, about the time oil was being discovered in the Gulf, many Muslim nations were relatively liberal by today's standards.

In 2% of cases liberal like is used

That is why a small l liberal like Malcolm is so popular.

What makes you so wonderful? I knew a liberal like you for 12 years.

I don't expect a liberal like you to understand Muslim sentiments on the matter.

Loewen, I have to ask: How did you get a liberal like Gloria Romero to front for Prop.

Allan Grayson was given a new disctrict in FL that was designed for a liberal like him.

Ultimately, he was killed because he was REALLY GOOD and making others LIBERAL like himself.

Cullen has done ill by me and by my family in ways that need not have been the case, even for a liberal like myself.

That said, he strikes me as a neo-liberal like Bill Clinton, which means we do have fundamental disagreements about a lot of stuff.

Everyone in America has got to learn to compromise a bit; not everybody in the country is a liberal like us and we must learn to appreciate that.

So of course things that are conservative and rural and popular like war are easier to fund than things that are liberal like health care funding.

In 2% of cases liberal vs is used

This isn't about liberal vs conservative.

Kind of funny how this has devolved into a Liberal vs.

It's liberal vs liberal-lite, and liberal-lite is only slightly so.

Basically what is trying to be formed here is Liberal VS Conservative Atheism.

The new dichotomy is not liberal vs conservative but authoritarian vs libertarian.

It's not blue state vs red state, liberal vs conservative, Democrat vs Republican.

There are issues with culture and outlook (liberal vs conservative ), with language, with commonality.

Don't fall for the media crap that trys to frame arguement as liberal vs conservative on this specific issue.

Since he's the official opposition leader now, it will become Liberal vs ADQ instead of Liberal vs PQ for the first time in decades.

They do nt even list the Liberal vote anymore like they used to before 2010 so you cant compare just the liberal vs labor votes anymore.

In 2% of cases liberal as is used

Obama, and by liberal as well as conservative judges.

Why don't we make say being liberal as a necessary criterion for being a scientist.

None of them REALLY are, but at least Fox isn't as outrageously liberal as the others.

No, I fully believe, myself, that he is as sincere a liberal as the next lib-lab specimen.

Comments Why don't we make say being liberal as a necessary criterion for being a scientist.

I guess you have to be stupid to be liberal as well as racist, corrupt, and have the ability swallow anything.

I don't think that American Catholics are predominantly liberal, or liberal as the NCR(eporter) would have them be.

As a mother, a Sagittarian female would quite stern in the beginning but will become more liberal as the time would progress.

And the hostility to science and all things liberal as well as the rise of the fundamentals has just soured me on the GOP forever.

Theologians became more liberal as the centuries passed, but the status of merchants who merely traded goods and produced nothing was not high.

In 1% of cases liberal from is used

Another liberal from the boys club.

I waved at this liberal from my Rolls Royce.

Is that true? I considered myself a liberal from birth till my mid 20's.

There is nothing preventing a liberal from leading a carbon nuetral life.

The question dividing Liberal from Labour, and parts of the Conservative Party from itself, is how best to go about it.

It takes a Catholic who is very well-versed with the teachings of the Church to distinguish a liberal from an orthodox Catholic.

I think I've changed a lot, and it's not because I've become a liberal from being a conservative -- it's just that I thought about it more.

Balko separates the liberal from the press, not willing to acknowlege that both rely on the assumption that their power resides in that state/church.

Thelittlewaster, where did you get this idea that he is a liberal from? He did hate George Bush, but from what I have read he seems more like a US style libertarian.

In 1% of cases liberal rather is used

The main difference this time is that, particularly in the United States, these intellectuals largely come from the liberal rather than the conservative side.

Thus people born in say 1900 would have grown up before a powerful Labour Party existed and might as a result have been socialised to vote Conservative or Liberal rather than Labour.

In 1% of cases liberal towards is used

Canada is still very much liberal towards pot.

He was liberal towards Brahmanas versed in the Vedas and the poor.

Some of them viewed that the commission's report was very liberal towards Indianisation of higher administrations.

Alcoholism is a ' disease ' Medical doctors have now turned liberal towards alcoholics and call alcoholism a disease rather than an addiction.

Many of us then had a feeling that the Speaker was too liberal towards Jacob and that he had been utilizing that opportunity to embarrass the government.

Since thou hast been so liberal towards me, and hast in Thy love preferred me to others, it is but just that more than others I should serve and love Thee.

In 1% of cases liberal versus is used

They don't know liberal versus conservative.

Frankly I think its due to liberal versus conservative.

You can preach to them all day long about liberal versus conservative.

Everything gets divided into oppositions such as liberal versus conservative, democrat versus Republican.

In many ways, it is in articulating the values imparted in a liberal versus a technical education that we can see the true value of the liberal approach to learning.

What matters in a child's gender preference by parents isn't only the education and liberal versus traditional views, nor the actual pressure generated from other family members.

Whites are passing away from this World as a sterile, impotent losers because they are divided by this useless conservative versus liberal versus libertarian ideological pathology.

In 1% of cases liberal among is used

Now of course, that excludes the most liberal among us.

And what an agenda it is, something to make even the most liberal among us blanch a little bit.

I hoped these facts would have lead to a greater showing for the Libertarian Party, with the socially liberal among the American right abandoning the GOP.

The most well-educated, enlightened, and socially liberal among the first generation of this movement were oftentimes the ones putting marriage and family off the longest.

When he went to the University of Alabama he was in ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) and was very conservative but later he became quite liberal among all those southerners.

These anti Muslim campaigns have of late become so pronounced to the extent that even the most liberal among Muslims have become radicalised, so to speak and are joining the movements.

In 1% of cases liberal after is used

But wait -- this insanity isn't from a Liberal after all.

If still a liberal after one year, they should be deported to N.

Who would EVER say they are liberal after the way Owebama and BiDone have been talking.

Haidt himself said that he is no longer a liberal, but more of a centrist liberal after studying the conservative viewpoint.

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