Prepositions after "level"

level with, in, of, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases level with is used

Norwich are level with Southampton.

The arm should be level with the heart.

The cuff should be level with your heart.

One more win for Vettel would put him level with Stewart, who retired after 99 races.

So we've got some challenges to make sure that the playing field is level with China.

The cliffs actually sloped downward gradually, until they became level with the ground.

Lift the dehumidifier end of drain hose up until it's approximately level with the top of the water storage bucket.

A minute later my head was level with the top of the pole, and I considered whether I should attempt the last meter.

It is after this point that the gods are placed higher than the Gigantes on vases, rather than being level with them.

Place it into the hole, adjusting the earth beneath so that the top of the roots are level with the surrounding soil.

In 15% of cases level in is used

And they were level in the 48th minute.

Even when the A level in Geography is an A.

I don't even have an O Level in the subject.

Inequality surpassed the 1950 level in 1982 and rose steadily to all-time highs in 1992.

SQA Advanced Highers: We encourage the study of at least two subjects at AH level in S6.

Three years at the A level in our town traveling team, he split time with other goalies.

Although there is a partially filled d level in the metal, when it forms its ion, it loses all three outer electrons.

If these pupils so choose, they may go on to sit the A Level in Year12 and the Further Mathematics A Level in Year 13.

They were level in three to the turn of the wood before McCann hit a purple patch to go a bowl clear beyond ' Ryall's '.

By that I mean at policy-delivery level, or below Grade 5 level in the civil service for those of you that use old money.

In 10% of cases level of is used

Base on? he level of professionalism.

That is on my level of comprehension.

The level of set of two which you may.

Except for the level of alkaline phosphatase, sex did not have any significant (P>0.

Their value depends on dimension Paul Smith Handbags sale furthermore level of quality.

Typically the label is level of of one's risk-free, persistent boots or shoes worldwide.

For purposes of discussion, we will here define level of self-esteem as each person's ratio of pride to shame states.

Hell, argentina is hardly large enough for TMBOA's head, yet er level of economic prowess can fit neatly in her bidet.

The gap between the total costs line and sales revenue line after the break even point represents the level of profit.

In 9% of cases level on is used

All level on 93 after 100 shots.

United were LEVEL on points with City.

I hope they go into brazil level on points.

Apparently Pearses and Strokestown have to ' replay ' as they are both level on points.

Bari have been exceeding expectations, and are level on points with the Viola right now.

Portugal and Denmark are level on three points each after the former beat the latter 3-2.

So, each deposit creates a simulated buy and each withdrawal creates a simulated sell at the S &P; 500 level on that day.

What's important is that both team are level on three points; they beat Congo 2-0 but we are top with a better goal ratio.

The lights themselves level on undulating surfaces and increases or decreases intensity based on speed and road conditions.

This infers that they were level on top, ala the building of a Henge Structure or a Clan House or whatever term is appropriate.

In 7% of cases level at is used

Barca poor and lucky to be level at HT.

You guys where even lucky to be level at 2-2.

We're level at 3000ft and proceeding to the NDB.

Wales should have been level at the break, but Halfpenny missed a straightforward kick.

It was a close game throughout and with only one end to go, the score was level at 14 all.

In a see-saw game, the Danish hosts twice went ahead before the game was level at half-time.

If that is the level at which powerful people believe they can behave, I will warn them that they are sadly mistaken.

They went straight to A Level, self-studying up to AS Level at home before enrolling at a sixth form for the final year.

The sides were level at 0-7 each at the end of normal time and it was 0-9 each at the end of the first half of extra-time.

The set scores were thus level at 2-2 and Bombayla had a great third set where he scored 28 with two 10's to take a 4-2 lead.

In 7% of cases level for is used

Staying over 16 level for a bit is a good sign.

Minimum 2 o level for CES or 3 o level for CEHA.

The ground before the cross is level for both sexes.

Each time Ledley has gone on, no problem, from under-16 level for England to under-21.

But there is a very high official recommended level for Australia and New Zealand at present.

Mr Su laments that the playing field is not level for those with an English language handicap.

It's about generating inflation expectations on a high enough level for the paying down of debt to temporarily slow.

I have not had a year two level for a few years now and last year I had a wonderful Prep grade in a fantastic school.

He also appeared at Super 12 level for the Crusaders 1996 and the Chiefs 1997 before retiring because of a neck injury.

The 31-year-old who is capped at Under 21 level for England faces a long journey though as Nigeria face Venezuela in Miami.

In 3% of cases level by is used

Make sure the line is level by using a line level or a 4 ' level.

They are set to achieve a 17% reduction below their 2005 level by 2020.

He did not maintain the momentum and Creedon came back and was level by half-way.

He set a target of 85 percent of school children reading at or above grade 4 level by 2015.

Venus starts May a little above Mercury but the two planets are level by the morning of May 7.

Nonetheless, the pass and distinction rates are reasonably level by the time you reach the A-levels.

The migration is continuing and the global smartphone installed base will pass the 1 billion level by the second quarter of 2012.

Fitzpatrick fought back to level by Shandrum cross but had to give best in an exciting finale to Murphy who beat a handy last tip.

ArenaNet performance designer label Isaiah Cartwright comes with says the guild wars 2 level by means of come to be set in place at 80.

OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CRAB AND SHRIMP FISHERIES The 1997 crab quota was increased from the 1996 level by over 15 percent to 44,300 tonnes.

In 2% of cases level after is used

Wimbledon were level after 34 minutes.

But, all of a sudden, Reading were level after 25 minutes.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were level after 70 minutes.

Earlier, both sides had been level after 20 overs, New Zealand on 174-7, Sri Lanka making 174-6.

Last year's junior A champion, O'Reilly, had it back level after three fine efforts to ' Clarke's '.

I was actually looking forward to a great finish after the scores were almost level after the first innings and.

Five minutes later, United was level after Hernandez's shot from Rafael da Silva's cross deflected in off Vlaar past Guzan.

They think of intro physics as just a simple class -- it is a 100 level after all right? Physics (like all learning) takes work.

That lengthy drive earned Bowen a bowl and forty metres but Sexton came into it well in the next exchanges and had it practically level after four.

However, scores were soon level after Matt Barnsley and Steve Williams reached first base on walks, to be scored on a two RBI single from co-coach David Tierney.

In 2% of cases level before is used

Step 5 Check the bracket is level before final tightening.

The selling pressure pushes STI to as low as 2998 level before buyers came in to.

Sammy did play for Nigeria at Under-20 level before being given his England Under-21 bow.

The selling pressure pushes STI to as low as 2998 level before buyers came in to support the 20ma line.

Shanahan and Tighe were causing Corkbeg a lot of problems, but Corkbeg really should have been level before half time.

He has done much for us, helping our club to return to it's level before the relegation &; now we must let him go &; live.

Long netted the opener after just 10 minutes but the sides were level before the break, courtesy of a header from Eden Hazard.

City were level before the break although Everton manager David Moyes was unhappy with the penalty, awarded for a foul on Dzeko.

During the week the bourse temporarily touched an intraday high above the crucial 4,000 level before retracing to close the day at 3,958.

There was a tussle between the bulls and bears during the afternoon trading session around 3005 level before the bears started to give in.

In 2% of cases level from is used

The field is not level from the start.

On the other hand, higher N level from low light bunches.

The August delivery turmeric futures rose to Rs 4,862 level from Rs 4110 at close of June 30.

Larut is level from the seashore to the mountain range, twenty miles inland, and is very uninteresting.

The landscape is very level from Lalinde towards Bordeaux and rolling country from Lalinde towards Sarlat.

The first half of the week in West Africa remained steady with the 60 level from last week holding strong.

Greig Laidlaw lands the kick and the Scots are level from their only foray into South African territory to date.

She has working experience in all level from computer and network technician, teaching partner a national level researcher.

Due to an intervening hedgerow, the horizon can not be seen properly from the stone, but we estimated the view to be quite level from stone to horizon.

Samira Ashraf? I want to be a doctor although I did well in Accounting,? said Samira, who scored 10 As in O level from Bangladesh International Tutorial (BIT).

In 2% of cases level to is used

It is delivered so that it is level to the understanding of the meanest.

TVIPTC has limited there upgrade membership from 4 level to 2 level only.

The curve from N level to O levels is quite steep for 1 year worth of work.

Sales are level to decreasing; you have quality problems that are adding a lot of cost.

I now sit a fair distance form the monitor, eyes slightly level to the top of the monitor.

Continue to squat until your thighs are level to the floor and you reach a sitting stance.

It is indeed a big leap from the Under-19 level to the international side though the jump is more mental than physical.

Step 6 With the position of the first bracket as a guide, use a laser level to mark the position of your second bracket.

The sub-structure and concrete slab should be level to within +/- 6mm and a good builder should aim for half this value.

One lasting reminder of the tragedy are the endless rows of home foundations, clean swept and almost level to the ground.

In 1% of cases level as is used

The playing-field gets more level as the rewards diminish.

There was no back side: for fifty feet the water was level as a plateau.

Maybe in 2014, we can see it going above Rs 30 k level as the ruppee value goes down.

Half an hour earlier, Mars and Regulus will appear to be just about level as the sky rotates.

Holick, a world authority on vitamin D suggests annually checking one's vitamin D level as a routine.

Note the offset from the tripod mount in X and Y when the camera is level as the camera's centre of gravity.

In some parts of the world, schools use Cambridge O Level as an international alternative to the local government's examination.

That's because universities worldwide recognise Cambridge International AS and A Level as an excellent preparation for a university education.

Schools can offer Cambridge International AS Level as a qualification in its own right or as a stage on the way to Cambridge International A Level.

The most well-known was Tony Blair's publically stated commitment to retain the A level as a separate qualification, at a stroke undermining the deck of cards.

In 1% of cases level during is used

Eric, Why not say the NGDP trend was fairly level during the 1920s, and the policy mistake was allowing a huge (50%) drop in NGDP after 1929.

It dropped below the 2,000 level during intraday trading twice last week and rallied to close above that level amid speculation of government support.

Any actively growing crop in a tightly clad greenhouse with little or no ventilation can readily reduce the CO 2 level during the day to as low as 200 ppm.

A Level during the worst period of standardization when there was media-wise standardization with a regional basis that worked against Jaffna Tamil candidates.

The premium payable is level during the term of each renewal and it will increase at the next renewal based on the attained age of the insured at the time of renewal.

Children born to women with a lower vitamin D level during pregnancy have increased body fat later in childhood compared to those children whose mothers have a higher vitamin D level.

Teenagers who opted for humanities A-levels such as English, history or geography would be required to take a maths course at AS level during the first year of the sixth-form, it emerged.

In 1% of cases level within is used

Typically though, and deservedly, Norwich were level within a minute.

City were level within a minute when Wilson's throw was flicked on by Jerome to Walters in the area.

I think there is a good 60 to 70 per cent chance that it will appreciate to the 126 level within the next six months.

Sunderland might have been level within two minutes when the ball fell to John O'Shea inside the penalty area but he curled a right-foot effort just high and wide of the top corner.

The Black Cats might have been level within two minutes when the ball fell to John O'Shea inside the penalty area and he curled a right-foot effort just high and wide of the top corner.

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