Prepositions after "legitimate"

"legitimate for" or "legitimate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases legitimate for is used

For this purpose, it is quite legitimate for Mrs.

The charges we all legitimate for stays at the motel.

It is legitimate for India to work to reduce that possibility.

It is thus legitimate for the EFCC to seek avenues for a quick disposal of cases.

I think the two hours excuse is perfectly legitimate for any working environment.

Apparently it's not legitimate for anyone to discuss fair elections from the right.

What it suggests is that politicians believe that it is entirely legitimate for one of their own to be elevated.

Which functions? How does he decide when it is legitimate for the government to take some of our freedom away? Dr.

These board certificates are only legitimate for a decade, in which the physiotherapist must recertify once again.

Still wondering if it is legitimate for a government to pass legislation requiring people to register for a charge.

In 23% of cases legitimate in is used

And we are legitimate in these goals.

Nor will it be legitimate in our eyes.

Some games are legitimate in their pricing.

Someone is not legitimate in killing a squater more than he is at shooting a protester.

They need us to consent to their rule in order to make it legitimate in everyone's eyes.

We may consider this irrational, but the Sinhala fears of devolution are legitimate in view of their experience.

While this may appear canonically legitimate, we must ask if it is legitimate in terms of agreed Anglican polity.

Instead of an Italian restaurant authentic in flavours, they agreed to focus on one legitimate in spirit, instead.

For Da'Ville his career experiences have opened his eyes towards what and what isn't legitimate in the music world.

In 7% of cases legitimate to is used

The lawsuits have gone from legitimate to.

What is hateful to one person maybe legitimate to another.

Where is your evidence? People's concerns seem legitimate to me.

In a way we are only here for the American people so that it appears legitimate to them.

One of these obstacles paid online surveys legitimate to liberty was named Grnbaum, I observed.

Every day have some time that you know and feel is legitimate to not study perhaps three hours.

Yes, a person with a bigger online presence will appear more legitimate to publishers than a person who does not.

Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim that belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly.

Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly.

Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim, which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly.

In 7% of cases legitimate by is used

Some words are considered legitimate by both conservatives and liberals.

May be you might it see it legitimate by in our culture is immoral and inhuman.

The unlimited power of the state is made to appear legitimate by the apparent consent of the majority.

It is also recognised as legitimate by the International community (although this is not a requirement under law).

John later married Katherine and their children from before the marriage were made legitimate by Parliament in 1397.

Fox news, not so much, therefore I discount it until I see the same story on BBC (legitimate by way of being British.

It's hard to tell whether something is legitimate by looking at an email or a Web site, or talking to someone on the phone.

It finds that security services, whether state-sanctioned or not, must be viewed as legitimate by the communities they serve.

Check the company is legitimate by asking for full contact details, including the street address and local telephone numbers.

Illegitimate laws can never be made legitimate by mere color of law, and law abiding LEOs will know this and behave accordingly.

In 3% of cases legitimate under is used

Krespino The Raptors will never become legitimate under any conditions.

As the FT opined last year, it might even be legitimate under WTO rules.

The process of cancelling a marriage which is not considered legitimate under legal terms is known as annulment.

He can marry another woman or even live with any single woman out of wedlock and have children from her (these children are considered legitimate under Jewish law).

Make sure that you take time to get to know your broker by checking whether the firm is legitimate under the SEC and if it receives good reviews from those with experience in trading.

In fact it goes along happily with methods legitimate under the old theory but monstrous if one formally accepts the Leninist conception of the party and is nominally trying to lay its foundations.

In 2% of cases legitimate about is used

There's nothing legitimate about him.

There's nothing legitimate about the party.

The lie is that there is anything legitimate about PROFIT.

We don't know exactly what it is we are watching, and yet there is something legitimate about it that leaves an impact.

This will take a great deal of willingness and humility because your hurt feelings will tell you there is nothing legitimate about what happened.

That was the end of one khilfah, but hardly the end of THE khilfah, because there was nothing legitimate about the Ottoman claim to be khalfahs to begin with.

But judging by the secretive actions of the bus crew, especially when the police came on board, I'd guessing there was something not completely legitimate about their fruit transportation.

In 2% of cases legitimate within is used

But alongside of those, government intervention is perfectly legitimate within the definition of a free market.

I submit then that only that violence which facilitates the goal of reconciliation is legitimate within the Christian perspective.

Although the purchase was legitimate within the confines of age-old regulations, Tony Aidoo was loudest in branding appointees of the NPP as nation wreckers.

According to its own guidelines, the RSPO should have determined whether the complaint was legitimate within two weeks of its submission to its Grievance Panel.

This illustrates that policy-elites need to make arguments which are both considered legitimate within the specific national contexts and within the EMU context.

In 2% of cases legitimate as is used

NATO's actions in Bosnia were therefore legitimate as well as legal.

Slavery was perfectly legal and it was absolutely legitimate as a trade.

This is legitimate as the shorter version should be equivalent to the original one.

What may be claimed as illegitimate by Pakistan is legitimate as for as India is concerned.

Microsoft's booster Gavin Clarke does some PR for Microsoft's last attempt to seem legitimate as a player in hardware.

Was it any less legitimate as a protest against a harsh leadership regieme because of its historical insensitivity? No.

Base the amount he owes the defendant on the amount he claims, giving plaintiffs, legitimate as well as illegitimate, an incentive not overclaim.

Most effective and quickest need to instead try and rely on individuals agencies which can be legitimate as well as dependable on their own procedures.

They are even less likely to intervene if the exiting state has withdrawn from the EU as the redenomination would be legitimate as a question of local law.

But from the foregoing, it is clear that the MRC's secessionist movement is not legitimate as the coast does not fit the criteria of a State, like South Sudan did.

In 2% of cases legitimate on is used

Watson's criticisms were legitimate on a theoretical and practical level.

You can check if a residential locksmith is legitimate on certain websites.

You can check the number is legitimate on the SIA website or by calling 0151 243 3701.

Evidently this might well be legitimate on occasion, it certainly is not always true cheap mulberry bags.

A upbeat contemplate answers provided by third gear parties and is legitimate on the garment hard currency set back for solid.

I really do agree with you completely on your approach to this whole situation, but just wanted to state for the record that Godwin's Law is perfectly legitimate on the issue of abortion.

Although perfectly legitimate on grounds of safety -- the Bosphorus is crowded and dangerous as it is, without huge LNG tankers added to the traffic -- this also allows Turkey to act as a gatekeeper.

In 2% of cases legitimate from is used

On reflection, this is sensible behavior: It is very difficult to distinguish the legitimate from the illegitimate.

As for the syrian rebels and whether their actions are legitimate from this distance we can't really form an accurate opinion.

Accounts delivered Diablo is legitimate from the channel, do the players need not worry about the acquisition of financial criminals.

In 2% of cases legitimate of is used

Pretty legitimate of an answer.

But make sure to always check the warranty and the legitimate of dealer where you want to buy the laptop at.

The information on your website allows me to confirm your legitimate of what you are doing is follow up with trustworthy, honesty and integrity.

But bear also in mind that politicians, and the media, etc, are well versed in using even the most legitimate of fears to justify outrageous power grabs.

Both legitimate, can not be weighed as so much more important than those who are prepared to struggle on for what were until recently the most legitimate of Zionist beliefs.

In 1% of cases legitimate without is used

However, the SGA recognizes that this data will not be as legitimate without responses from students.

Nonetheless, one should argue in the legitimate without retaliating their profanity at the same band, but descent way.

Instead, he's concerned to argue that ' a regime can be highly legitimate without honouring values that are distinctively liberal.

Therefore the outcome of a referendum ONLY either in Quebec or Scotland would not be legitimate without the determinations of the rest in Canada and U.

When the human rights issue came up, we again pulled from our past media-based experiences, which led us to believe that the Falun Gong's claims were legitimate without any direct proof.

In 1% of cases legitimate with is used

This is legitimate with the lap band too.

You can check whether the bank is legitimate with an internet search.

The suitor could be legitimate with the means to execute the transaction.

All these were war booty and hence perfectly legitimate with proper religious sanction.

The conversation continues as I insist that it sounds awfully like sex and he insists that not sex and it's all perfectly legitimate with no sexual motives involved.

There is no mechanism for appeal against the US blacklist, and so no way for a bank to gain comfort that someone legitimate with an unfortunate name will not cause them grief.

Also Koscielny should have been sent off!! Do you honestly believe that there's no corruption in the epl? It's very naive to think that everything is legitimate with our league.

In 1% of cases legitimate before is used

Make sure a credit repair agency is legitimate before choosing to work with them.

If a person you do know has sent you a link or attachment, check with them that it is legitimate before opening it.

After all, a shopkeeper wouldn? t investigate if the customer? s income was legitimate before selling his product to him.

If you can, check with the person who supposedly sent the message to make sure it's legitimate before opening any attachments.

At the very least, contact the person who supposedly sent the message to make sure it's legitimate before you open the attachment.

Those on our side simply wanted a reasonable process to be put in place to ensure that allegations were legitimate before things were shut down.

They need to make sure such camps are legitimate before handing over their money to what appears to be just businessmen out to make a quick profit.

In 1% of cases legitimate because is used

This was perhaps legitimate because of the era duringwhich liberal Christianity also penetrated the ecclesiastical context of Asia.

Particular governments are legitimate because of their usefulness in preserving society, not because those who wield power were chosen by God or received promises of obedience from the people.

In 1% of cases legitimate at is used

What is legitimate at one time may not be so at another.

I don't believe that a groups crusade against accepted normal behaviour within society in this manner is automatically legitimate at the time.

He retired to my sitting-room, get internet money begging me to dress quickly? But when I arrived at legitimate at home businesses my place at St.

We do have genuine promotion through Onecard and you can confirm that a promotion is legitimate at anytime by contacting Customer Care on 0800 40 40 40 or asking for details at your local store.

In 1% of cases legitimate against is used

Like claiming militants ' grievances ' are legitimate against the state, after condemning an unrelated mindless attack on minorities.

In 1% of cases legitimate after is used

Corporate philanthropy, it would seem, is legitimate after all, as long as it increases social welfare.

In 1% of cases legitimate according is used

Pre-emptive strike is legitimate according to the CPS.

Such an Imam is entirely legitimate according to a Sunnites.

Germany and other EU nations are threatening NOT to recognize the new Nigerian government as being legitimate according to some news reports and the U.

As a jurist, Ibn Rushd holds the view that rational speculation, which reaches its perfection with demonstrative syllogism, is fully legitimate according to the methods used in law.

Therefore, killing you, or your child, or your grandmother, or, better yet, all of you together, would promote jihad and, therefore, be perfectly legitimate according to Muslim laws.

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