Prepositions after "legislate"

"legislate for" or "legislate against"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases legislate for is used

You can not legislate for these moments.

These will be legislated for at the appropriate time.

Let's remind the men of Ireland that they have had 20 years to consider legislating for the X Case.

Fianna Fil and the Greens also bear responsibility, due to their failure to legislate for the X Case.

Some 53 MEPs from 15 different countries have also written to Mr Kenny asking him to legislate for abortion.

Morality is increasingly being legislated for in the absence of and a loss of faith in self regulated behaviour.

Legislating for behaviour warrants focus upon the legality of an action and not the morality of that same action.

It calls on the Dail to legislate for the X Case, and for the immediate publication of the Government's expert group report on abortion.

Sinn Fein has tabled a motion calling on the Dail to legislate for abortion, and some Labour TDs are seriously considering supporting it.

In 25% of cases legislate against is used

You can't legislate against stupid.

You can't legislate against uneducated ignorance.

A civil society has an indefinable right to legislate against internal or external damages.

Our beliefs are now legislated against, whereas far more oppressive beliefs (burka etc) are actively promoted.

People seem to forget that when something is legislated against or banned - that means people can be punished for it.

I tabled the second reading of my Smoke-free Private Vehicles Bill, which aims to legislate against people smoking in the car when children are on board.

I have no problem with a muslim woman being asked to remove her face covering while in a bank or an airport but to ban or to legislate against clothes is going to far.

In 10% of cases legislate in is used

What is the legal basis for this proposal? The EU's competence to legislate in gender equality matters dates back to 1957.

A woman's life has been sacrificed due to the unwillingness of Labour, Fine Gael, Fianna Fil and the Greens to legislate in line with the Supreme Court ruling on the X Case in 1992.

In 8% of cases legislate on is used

An European Court order dictates Ireland must legislate on abortion BECAUSE of its own supreme court ruling.

The actual view of the president on social issues like abortion should be somewhat irrelevant provided they believe that the federal government does not have authority to legislate on it.

In 2% of cases legislate according is used

These parties are formed along general guidelines and secure spots in congress to legislate according to the guidelines.

In 2% of cases legislate by is used

Of course the debt ceiling has always been legislated by the PTB since before i was born, i think.

In 2% of cases legislate out is used

The Jew is being legislated out of Russia.

In 1% of cases legislate about is used

The idea that government could legislate about dress sense is scary and is the ultimate betrayal of ' Australian Values '.

In 1% of cases legislate as is used

Although not legislated as an independent central bank, the fact that the finance ministry respects the views of the RBI is as good.

In 1% of cases legislate through is used

In particular, it aims to educate residents across Victoria of their right to establish a residents ' committee, which was recently been legislated through the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic).

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