Prepositions after "leftover"

leftover from, of, for, in or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases leftover from is used

A leftover from the Gilded Age.

They are a leftover from the Big Bang.

Hair is leftover from our animal ancestry.

He is a left-over from Hong Kong days, something from the past come back to bite.

But if you still have a calendar leftover from last year, check the month of July.

I still have a few items leftover from last year, so that should cover for extras.

I didn't make this separately, I just stirred in more cream to the ganache leftover from the raspberry truffles.

Had she been an athlete or was she just a leftover from the muscle craze? The noise generator was in her pocket.

The steak is leftover from last night's dinner, when it was paired with chimichurri and roasted Brussels sprouts.

In many ways, I need to alleviate myself of any longing, questioning, hoping, or fearing that's leftover from love.

In 11% of cases leftover of is used

He was the leftover of despot tribal chiefs who ruled by the sword.

I have a little portion of it and three hours later I have the leftover of it.

The food (energy) that is the leftover of the upstream part is being utilized downstream.

Set around a stunning lake the leftover of the empire was less vulgar and more suiting in Kandy.

You are a typical leftover of the legacy management, if staff voice unhappiness, they must resign.

Perhaps they had originally wanted to use Stiftgasse, and this was a leftover of that in the script.

Perhaps a leftover of the collective memory of the Great Depression and the hyperinflation of the 1920s.

Khalid bin Walid, therefore, gathered the leftover of his army, executed a retreat and returned to Medinah.

Hello everybody! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate: If you have a leftover of turkey, I'd interested.

A tangle of barbed wire is the last leftover of the iron and bamboo curtains that once divide the whole world.

In 7% of cases leftover for is used

There's a lot more juice leftover for slathering over steamed rice.

We didn't finish this but it made a great leftover for the next day.

In the other hand, they need leftover for Chinese New Year Day - nobody cooks at home.

It was enough for my family's teatime snack, plus some leftover for breakfast the next day.

His increasing infirmity was now taking up even more of whatever oxygen had been leftover for her.

I never have enough crust leftover for a top - as I'd always filling up the other 2-3 crusts with something else.

There are two leftover for tonight and I think I'd going to add in some mini chocolate chips for added texture and chocolaty-ness.

The sheer scale of these caves is quite breath-taking -- the largest could swallow a jumbo-jet and have space leftover for a building or two.

I choose to use 3 eggs per serving but if you use 2 eggs per you can easily serve four people and have 4 eggs leftover for an egg salad lunch for two.

These days, you can easily buy two 32 GB PlayBooks for the price of one 16GB iPad mini and still have money leftover for a decent sit down dinner with a significant other.

In 6% of cases leftover in is used

You'll probably have a little bit leftover in the bowl.

I use this technique often for storing leftover in the fridge.

After eating, the husband placed some leftover in an empty coconut shell and whistled.

Lastly the leftover in the cotton pad can be used to apply on other body parts as well.

We had some baked tofu leftover in the fridge, which I usurped for my dark meal desires.

As we walked down the path, I saw snow leftover in the path sides and I took picture near it.

You can then store any leftover in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 4 weeks, or freeze for slightly longer.

Twenty minutes later I was eating this: Use an assortment of vegetables, whatever you have leftover in your fridge is fine.

Inspired by a snack that I frequently ate in the restaurant with the soup leftover in the pan with cheese melted directly on it.

I still love seeing the bits of spray paint ink leftover in the cracks in walls that have been cleaned that once housed my graffiti work.

In 3% of cases leftover after is used

I make twice what he does, yet he always had more leftover after bills.

If there's any $ leftover after post-secondary, it'll become his first RRSP contribution.

Kids deserve the best we can give them rather than what's leftover after spending on other things.

If there is any money leftover after paying bills, pay off some debt of sock it away into a savings account.

The CIA was/is there trying to gather up all the shoulder-fired rocket launchers leftover after Qaddafi was done away with.

If you have a money leftover after reviewing your financial situation after one year, think about how you can use it effectively.

Rum is distilled fermeted molasses, which itself is a by-product of sugar cane juice, leftover after the sugar has been extracted.

And that is why, the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB ), the left-over after the big bang, is not a point in space but a sphere around us.

I sent money to him today, if there is money leftover after the gifts, lets give it to the family for parking, gas, whatever they need it for.

Externally, there had been plenty of sand leftover after excavating for the foundation, and a method of pasting the coral sand, was used on the walls.

In 3% of cases leftover at is used

The hotel will refund any money leftover at the end of your stay.

If I have any money leftover at end of each month I put it in my ' treat ' bank account.

Instead of setting savings goals, I would just save whatever was leftover at the end of the month.

They were given no food and had no way to buy any, so they ate discarded rice husks leftover at the mill.

Game publishers at large are still chasing whatever breadcrumbs are leftover at the Call Of Duty table, so it's nice to see some still have the balls to go against convention.

Perhaps, they can be used to clean toilet bowls or clear kitchen sink pipes 2) remember to use the slush leftover at the bottom of the bottles during harvest to start new batches of enzymes.

In 2% of cases leftover by is used

Timber curved benches can be leftover by natural or be stained with 3 coats of water based stain, with the color of the choice.

My aesthetic of dripping milk suggests the vital nourishment of which dictators rob their populace and the violent societies leftover by oppressive regimes.

In 2% of cases leftover on is used

Posted by: Leftover on November 17, 2012 11:17 AM 13.

We were supposed to start again this week, but found a cyst leftover on my left fallopian tube.

With this squad, we had enough representatives at the world cup final to put out an entire starting XI and still have two leftover on reserves.

I'd okay with rocket, but my girlfriends were not big fans of it, thus there were plenty of leaves leftover on the plate (even after we've already eaten quite a lot of it).

In 1% of cases leftover depending is used

Scoop two cups of cooked squash into a bowl and set aside (you'll have about 1 cup leftover depending on how big your squash is).

In 1% of cases leftover into is used

They might employ specified of the for defensive deal with Alan Branch or just save it and proceed the leftover into 2013.

I spooned the leftover into flexible silicon mini-muffin molds, to harden into cup shapes, suitable for eating as is, or enrobing.

In 1% of cases leftover with is used

Then the railway was a leftover with quaint steam transport, unprofitable and uneconomical.

I'd not a huge fan of Sense+, so I'd running Nova launcher over the top (which actually works well being that just enough of Sense+ is leftover with all the customization options of Nova).

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