Prepositions after "left"

left in, for, over, with or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases left in is used

There's no one left in Wilmette.

If there was a left in Israel: 1.

So the guy to his left in the van.

I'd tilting more to the left in terms of production, doing things that are more unusual.

As we've seen on the left in this country, it's been difficult to have an antiwar voice.

So looking at a cable going in front of the BB or to the left in the picture and then up.

There are two key aspects of such a politics which might prove a matter of concern for the Left in the United Kingdom.

Mar 18, 2011 Isaac Boateng; The Long Road to Reaching Farmers Hi I'd Isaac; that's me on the left in the Esoko orange.

These notes are addressed essentially (regrettably) to the left in the old capitalist heartland -- the left in Europe.

Etheridge at goal made several good stops, including a brilliant fingertip save diving to his left in the second half.

In 13% of cases left for is used

So i banned Left for failrping.

Gets left for dead and all that.

Then go left for another portal.

The paper criticised the SLF, for condemning the right and not the left for this folly.

I know he plays on the left for Germany but he can't beat a man for pace or with skill.

Please click on the options to the left for more information about a particular service.

A cheerful ultrasound technician chatted with me as she swept the wand to the left for my liver and to the right for.

Otherwise il get a ps3, Cheaper thats for sure D 14th July 2009, 11:15 AM I found Left for Dead a waste of money imo.

Keep an eye out on the left for a sign -- Green Cathedral Ministries -- just before the Sundowner Tiona Caravan Park.

Anyway, i left for my studies abroad, broke it off with the nice guy and met another nice guy who was also a student.

In 9% of cases left over is used

Keep going left over the spikes.

Hubby loved left overs for lunch.

This was the left over night bull.

Roll out the pastry, line a 8 inch tart tin, patch up any cracks with left over dough.

They've the latest left over factor that requires effectively help you out a new unit.

MMMM MMMMM! Serve it with your left over veggies, salads, cranberry sauce and desserts.

Michelle goes on with the cleaning then sits down to enjoy a little bit of the left over breakfast she had prepared.

Yes, you read me right, In winter, the water are reduced by about 10feet and the left over water are left to freeze.

To string him up and to display him I needed a stand so I made one from bits of left over wood I found in my garage.

I haven't included this in the recipe, but feel free to do the same, if you have any of these ingredients left over.

In 8% of cases left with is used

So, what jobs are we left with.

The major is left with a tiny straw.

As for the actual content of Pam Hicks ' (pictured left with Terry Hobbs) allegations.

All i left with was bitterness, resentment and the last strand of dignity i could find.

This brings up the App Switcher panel on the left with thumbnails of all the open apps.

Italy did the natural thing for any thinking team, overloading on the left with Giorgio Chiellini in acres of space.

By the time she was thirty-nine her second husband died and she was left with four children and an inadequate income.

But it was the disenchantment of the left with its own secular, universalist traditions that helped ease his path to.

In 8% of cases left to is used

Nuttin left to do but send her.

And nothing gets left to chance.

Its left to the people to judge.

The part of the brain that connects the left to the right is called the corpus callosum.

Jump up to the handhold above and from there jump to the left to the third carved panel.

From the left to the right Craig Miller, President of the QC100, Bineesh Joseph, Jose E.

I bend my neck and looked at the ground with both hands just flinging around left to right like a zombie taking a nap.

Metallic character increases with increasing atomic number in a group whereas decreases from left to right in a period.

Ignore the open door for now and continue traversing to the left to wherever the sniper fell when you shot him earlier.

In 6% of cases left on is used

Make the third left on MLK Blvd.

Make a left on Chet Swezey Road.

Make a left onto Commercial Street.

No cross yet over the face of Christopher Guest More, third from left on the bottom row.

Take a right on San Rafael Avenue, a left on Colorado and stay right on Linda Vista Ave.

You can also get an oil form but it doesn't mix well with juice and gets left on the cup.

The third track will go to the east of the current station so just out of shot to the left on the photo below the map.

BUT, I would have the credit card paid off in june the way im going, yet there is wtill three years left on bank loan.

If Maryland and Virginia both say turning left on red is legal on a one-way, then thats what people are expected to do.

Leave the airport on the 102 / 104 to CB, then take 19 to the left on the Island and in 20 minutes you'd be in Judique.

In 5% of cases left of is used

But then, what? s left of CSR --.

Read the poster left of the projector.

Press the buttons at left of elevator.

To reference scale, note the metal ladders to the right and left of the turbine's shaft.

Offer praises and shout,? Come and rescue your people, Lord! Save what? s left of Israel.

In some ways, this is even more left of ultra socialism and is akin to what Maoists seek.

But as the pessimists interpreted asceticism, it ought to be said that he left off being an ascetic to become a saint.

One of the main reasons why I align left of centre is I appreciate how the enlightened left hold their own accountable.

On the 18 th hole, her approach shot went left of the green and rolled up against a fence that marked the out-of-bounds.

As you can see, the x -values found left of? 3 and right of 5, generate the points on the red curve above the black line.

In 4% of cases left at is used

Not many left at the moment, though.

Go left at the first traffic lights.

It's on your left at 331a Bondi Road.

After taking a left at third roundabout, take the first right (50 yards from roundabout).

The driver tried to miss the cow and swung to the left at the same time blowing his horn.

Take the first road on the left at the roundabout just past the pub into Richfield Avenue.

Residential - 5 Bedroom(s) Directions: Turn left at Newtown roundabout (Spar) and take first right off the Cliff Road.

Go straight through the first two roundabouts, and take a left at the third roundabout (near Castleknock end of park).

The left at the moment has no credible champion and the right, apart from Berlusconi, has Fini and the Northern League.

My party trick is being able to write forward with my right hand whilst writing backwards with my left at the same time.

In 3% of cases left by is used

It just gets left by the wayside.

Don is the one on the left by the way.

Skeletal reconstruction on left by Marsh.

The Congress shifted a shade to the left by dumping ' right wingers ' like Morarji Desai.

Any move to the left by Labour (a la Cruddas) will push more undecided voters towards Cons.

Oswin and Romello Anandappa lived on the last house on the left by the railtracks at No 43.

The second will then need to be threaded between or over two Mara trees, to a green defended on it's left by a bunker.

It reached Ceprano on May 28th, and continued towards Frosinone despite landmines and destruction left by the Germans.

And the ' war on terrorism ', as a political ideology, has filled the ' gap ' left by the end of the Cold War in 1989.

Some people are getting left by the wayside, but other people are getting smarter and redefining everything themselves.

In 3% of cases left from is used

Plant on left from EMr treated field.

There, I drove on the left from the left.

I've got a dollar left from my allowance.

The bride stands beside the groom (to the left from the perspective of the gathering).

Nice left from Cameron that hits Green but Green manages to muscles him into the corner.

Some people find knowing their left from their right easy while other people have problems.

The Mumbai-Saphale Link Road is supposedly more scenic but we missed it and instead had to take the left from Manor.

I did not use the same viewpoint because there was a large tree hiding the large house on the left from that position.

Next it was Kevin Grosskreutz's turn to test Casillas after a quick counter-attack and mazy run down the left from Gotze.

Whenever you want to see all your notifications in one place, just swipe to the left from the right edge of the trackpad.

In 2% of cases left after is used

Hang a left after the Schoolhouse.

Make a left after crossing the bridge.

If any left after that then a raise for.

Use the slowed time to take out the other two further to the left after the sync shot.

Head down the tunnel to your left after fast-travelling to the area to find the bridge.

Then we move 1 step to the left after the second win even if we drop to a smaller level.

Intel 45: At the top of the poker table down the hall and inside of the room to the left after exiting the elevator.

It will be a slow process because when you work most of the week, there's very little left after eating and resting.

Figure #35 A close up on the East Exit sign you see to your left after reaching the landing of the Platform 14 steps.

On the roundel take the left after Claridges and take the Tees January Marg and it's the second Bungalow on your left.

In 2% of cases left behind is used

No Child Left Behind is a good law.

References: the Left Behind Series.

Just like in the Left Behind series.

In The Authorised Left Behind Handbook he says the Bible doesn't deal with the issue.

Left Behind was a continuous-story series, as was (IMO) Dekker's CBA best, The Circle.

Department of Education will not enforce the No Child Left Behind Act, it is a bad law.

Reagan's Air Force escorted Duvalier to his villa on the French Riviera; ' Baby Doc ' left behind a colossal debt.

No dog getting left behind also means that when we organise or partake in events, all our dogs get to participate.

The figure of the mother, often centrally framed among what is left behind, is also the destination of the journey.

Seen from my side of the Atlantic, the phenomenal success of the Left Behind books appears puzzling, even bizarre 1.

In 2% of cases left as is used

Ravana on the left as the head of the asuras.

Keep trying to paint the left as the unsafe ones.

Whatever we do, we must target the left as a whole.

But no one, not even mainstream Objectivists, explicitly challenges the Left as the Left.

Others suggest it alludes to the ' wrongness ' of left as opposed to the ' rightness ' of right.

Criminals are just as happy to rob, maim and kill law abiding citizens on the Left as the Right.

Viewed from the Baulk end, the one on the right is known as the Yellow Spot and the one on the left as the Green Spot.

Only after his victory at Wapping did newspapers -- on the left as well as on the right -- have the chance to flourish.

Once in office, its provincial governments often proved as repressive of labour or the left as the colonial authorities.

As one of the commenters points out, many of the problems the author experienced seem to be endemic to the left as a whole.

In 1% of cases left towards is used

Take a left towards the leisure centre.

Tools going across the eye from left towards the right of my left eye.

The convoy will pass you on your left towards the end where their exit is.

The ACLU is amongst the best inroads that exists from the Left towards libertarianism.

Just before reaching the summit, the trail turns back to the left towards the old summit.

He responds to these by lifting his head and rolling his eyes up to the left towards the sound.

But beware, sixteen can be quite difficult as it doglegs to the left towards the double green that it shares with hole three.

At the moment, though, they're at a musical crossroads that's pointing left towards the two door cinema club or right back in time.

Either they went to the left towards the Dublin mountains or along the Goatstown road and thence into Dundrum, coming home by Sandyford.

Then he would stone the middle pillar, then he would move to the left towards the middle ground, where he would stand facing the qiblah.

In 1% of cases left about is used

There's nothing ' red ' left about him or his car, except his helmet.

I don't find such arguments from the Left about Bush worthwhile either.

Anonymous Amazing the absolute stupidity from the left about Death Panels.

I also think it means a difficult conversation amongst the left about economic growth.

I am also disappointed by how much poisoning the well there is from the left about Politifact.

Facing out from the prefab Harry it was across the street but down to the left about 50-60 feet.

Go left up the village street, and continue outwards until you pass the church on the left about 11/2MI (2km) away.

And how many times have you seen the far left actually commit violence and not one word heard from the left about it.

I got that you say: we not disagree with the Left about the goals (less inequality ), but we disagree about the means.

Now hop again but this time land on your right foot with your left leg extended to the left about a foot off the ground.

In 1% of cases left without is used

Bend gently to the left without straining.

I found this photo on the left without the painting.

Never, ever move left without looking behind you first.

You have to pick your way to the opposite corner to the left without the gems exploding.

He asked me to leave, I was so scared that he is gona beat me up so i just left without my daughter.

The lifeboats could have taken over a thousand, but many left without filling all the places available.

Tell the hundreds of thousands of unemployed left without any means of providing for their families that there is peace.

Propaganda that Right-Wing legislators uses all the time against the Left without ever defining in legislation the STANDARDS.

She then accuses the Right-Wing politicians of using rhetoric against the Left without any standards that define right or wrong.

The Public Accounts Committee said in 2007 51,000 pupils left school without a GCSE of at least D-G in maths and 39,000 left without this in English.

In 1% of cases left out is used

I was feeling left out of his life.

The Sun is to the left out of view.

He was left out the team shortly after.

However, there's one major Linux player that's sort of getting left out of the lovefest.

I wonder if he'd be happy for panesar if he gets left out of the team in place for panesar.

What gets left out of most reviews is that it is a fun romp through the subject of reincarnation.

Everything goes through him, no-one else is likely to do much goalscoring, he never gets left out of the team when fit.

You must have enough left out of your income after loan repayments to live and, ideally, still be able to save some money.

Sometimes a really important historical point gets left out of the chart because the scribe didn't realize its significance.

However the most important thing for me is to say thank-you to all the people who influenced me whether mentioned or left out.

In 1% of cases left onto is used

Turn left onto Union Boulevard.

Turn left onto Gardiner Street.

Make a left onto Bronx Park East.

Turn left onto the Niagara Parkway to enjoy a scenic 20-minute drive north to the Falls.

They introduced anoles with the three patterns shown on the left onto four small islands.

You had to grab a bad pinch (of which we thought was a jug) and get out left onto a volume.

At the next lights the road will take you left onto O'Connell Street and to the front entrance of The Gresham Hotel.

Once across the bridge, take a left onto Memorial Drive (there will be a Shell station and a Mobile station at the corners.

I take a left onto the 3157 which is a reasonably wide well surfaced road that has a couple of short dirt sections from N14 09.

I took a left onto R Saturday night with a green left signal, and a cyclist blew through the intersection right as I was turning.

In 1% of cases left off is used

The hotel is on the left off Kim Seng Road.

Where some left off striving, others are going onward.

Beware of the large grass bunker on the left off the tee.

It ends with Simon's witty comment that Molly has ' left off clothes of all descriptions '.

Pavan is an expert on the natural capital that gets left off government and corporate balance sheets.

Follow the A369, keeping left off the dual carriageway and then bear right, under the dual carriageway.

Kilkenny resumed where they left off in the second half, and Richie Hogan powered over a point to put five between them again.

Take a left off the dual carriageway on to the slip road for the Silver Springs exit which will take you up to the Tivoli flyover.

Then, when Canning sent a wonderful sideline ball from the left off the post and over the bar, the Kilkenny lead was down to just three.

For a start, we can still left off crackers on Cracker Day so that's something that we? re not going to ban and I? ve also been at ministerial.

In 1% of cases left like is used

Not centrist left like is being claimed.

It also read right to left like most manga books.

Failure gravitates to the Left like graphite to a magnet.

It's the ones further to the left like greg, liberal1, rich, and tom that I have no tolerance for.

Peterson doesn't attract venom from the left like the Koch family or bile from the right like Soros.

These fears are routinely mocked in a similar vein by US comics of the left like Stewart and Colbert.

It doesn't matter if the tyrant to the left like Hugo or to the right like Pinochet, both are tyrants and both are unacceptable.

No, it does not lean left like Clinton or Carter or even Johnson leaned left; it leans left like Mao and Stalin, but without the purges.

I don't think I mentioned before either that in the Kanto region, people walk and wait on the right and pass on the left like back home.

I don't think that it's correct to make the assumption that Republicans are the right, and Democrats are the left like some commenters here believe.

In 1% of cases left into is used

Take the first turn to the left into Talbot Place.

Romney's 47% quote that sent the left into apoplexy.

From Camps Bay Drive look out for a left into Fiskaal Road.

We have successfully taunted the wealthy and the left into getting us media attention.

Proceed past City West Hotel and take a left into the main entrance before the church.

You can walk using a safe path over the headland on the left into nearby Owenahincha beach.

About 80 meters down this road, it bears left into Sumner Street and the building on the left here is Bankside House.

Soviet membership of the League of Nations threw the left into crisis, as did the show trials and the Stalinist line onSpain.

At the lights, turn right, up Longwall Street, continuing until the road bends sharply to the left into South Parks Road, and the.

Mama Saida asks us to join her to the left into another little crumbling hut, to which a curtain forms the entrance, and to take a seat.

In 1% of cases left before is used

He cut in from the left before registering.

I have 1 yr 1/2 left before my next travel adventure.

We were fierce down the left before the break, and now it's a struggle.

Heritage Monument is immediately to the left before the jeep turn right onto the next street.

Yet, so many of us choose to carefully watch your left before leaping to the middle of the road.

Yet in Great Britain, the Liberals were the party of the Left before the Labour Party came around.

The actual lot for sale is on the left before the car, and as you can see there is already some construction underway.

Put your connector in the wall and disarm both the turrets you need to disarm the one to the left before the bottom one.

But when you're late for a meeting and don't know if you have 40 or zero miles left before empty, it's harder to swallow.

Intercepting a pass in the middle of the field, Walcott just blew pass the defender on the left before turning in on goal.

In 1% of cases left against is used

There is endless hate speech from the left against the Republican Party in the US.

In short, we would have avoided the deranged opposition of the left against an active foreign policy.

Hugo was playing on the left against Sunderland because Richardson was not there and Kaca was not there.

He truly showed his potential and may have edged ahead of Adam Johnson to start on the left against Ukraine.

Later in the battle he directed his left against the same obstacle and when the bout ended both his hands were swollen.

If they had been fit, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain would also have made a difference down the left against United.

Our defense obviously got stretched to the left against Shakhtar because of Bertrand's poor positioning and lack of concentration.

More of that -- particularly if Pep had put Messi out left against Maicon -- and Barca could have actually broken Inter's organization.

I recall the never ending stream of raw hatred flowing forth from the sewer of the left against Sarah Palin when she was the VP candidate.

President Nixon was in large measure the architect of the demise of Alger Hiss, whose innocence the Left against all evidence still maintains.

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