Prepositions after "lecture"

lecture at, in, on, to or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases lecture at is used

De Gaulle lectured at the French War College where he worked closely with Henri-Philippe Petain.

Returning to PNG he lectured at UPNG and consulted to various government departments and businesses.

She then lectured at Queen's and Carleton Universities in Canada before arriving in New Zealand in July 2008.

Samatar has lectured at many leading universities including Cornell, Harvard and the London School of Economics.

He heard PoincarS lecture at Paris, took a course from Planck at Berlin, and did research with Nernst at Gottingen.

King has lectured at Yale University, The University of Southern California, Bard College, Wheaton College and the Graduate School at the City University of New York.

I lectured at Cambridge University and my research interests were primarily focussed on farm animal husbandry and nutrition plus game bird management and conservation.

Obama, who was then practicing law at a firm well connected in progressive circles and lecturing at the University of Chicago, saw Clinton's election-year decision as a sellout.

In 22% of cases lecture in is used

I had been lecturing in consumer behaviour at DIT on Aungier Street.

He lectures in international studies in the Korbel School of International.

In 1508 he was sent to Wittenburg and studied and lectured in moral philosophy.

He lectures in a range of INSEAD programmes including the Advanced Management Programme.

He also became a speech therapist and spent eight years lecturing in language and literature.

She left COBUILD in 1997, but stayed at the University and lectured in linguistics and applied linguistics.

She is a Christian Union Staff Worker with UCCF, based in Birmingham, and has lectured in philosophy at the University of Birmingham.

Experiments outside Japan in electronic mooting may provide encouragement and useful insights for zemi and perhaps even lectures in these fields.

Ombaka lectured in Universities of Nairobi and Harvard on international human rights law, international humanitarian law and other related subjects.

Toledo has lectured in more than forty countries on issues of poverty, economic growth, and democracy, as well as on the benefits of human-capital investment.

In 21% of cases lecture on is used

She also lectures on ' Development Research Methodology '.

He has lectured on literature and hip-hop culture at Fordham, Pace, City College and NYU.

I find most who seek to lecture on morality are hypocrites, to a greater or lesser degree.

Later he lectured on his father's life and works in England and America, dying in New York on a lecture tour.

Steve also lectures on these subjects extensively in the UK (for organisations such as: The London Stock Exchange.

You see, people tend not to like it when they are lectured on morality by people with an equally turbid, if not more putrid baggage of history.

Eddie serves as a part-time faculty member at the City University of New York (CUNY) - Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn lecturing on Tourism and Entrepreneurship.

She has lectured on narrative writing at the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University and has served as Ferris Professor of Journalism at Princeton University and as the James M.

In 12% of cases lecture to is used

R-E-A-D and don't lecture to others if reading is a challenge.

I want to be fascinated by science, not lectured to about my world view.

As far as being lectured to by you, I really don't wan't to go through it.

If that is not your area of expertise then stick to the cameras you need and do not lecture to others who have different needs.

The Flipped Academic knows that her students will be able to find good lectures online about pretty much anything, and she knows that she can't add much value just by lecturing to them.

In 6% of cases lecture about is used

That it is not enough to be lectured about the threat of Chinese colonisation the way his Secretary of State has become fond of doing.

For years he has written and lectured about the deeper implications of science, for which work he was awarded the $1 million Templeton Prize in 1995.

In 4% of cases lecture by is used

If they are rich why should they need 20 hours of work permission per week? We are lectured by politicians like Chris Bryant of Labour that these non-EU students brings 13 billions to our economy.

In 1% of cases lecture after is used

What do you suggest? I do intend to go into the field of HR lecturing after 20 years of work experience in HR (doctorate perhaps on 17th year of work).

In 1% of cases lecture around is used

He is a constant media source as an industry expert and continues to lecture around the world including North America, Europe and the Middle East.

In 1% of cases lecture from is used

This is how we will effectively educate and support our peers, not by lecturing from the mountaintop.

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