Prepositions after "leave"

leave in, for, with, to or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 17% of cases leave in is used

The people were left in misery.

There are 45 days left in the year.

Others left in 1957-58 and 1967-68.

Staff left in the ten carriages at Sears Crossing did not realise anything had happened.

On a big third down, Ritchey hits Warner at the Linfield 49 with 10:55 left in the game.

I avoid him at PJM, because of the bad taste he leaves in one's mouth after reading him.

Euler arrived in 1727 and this period in St Petersburg, which Daniel left in 1733, was to be his most productive time.

There are two key aspects of such a politics which might prove a matter of concern for the Left in the United Kingdom.

No one else would score on Chubak until there was 5:30 left in the third period of Niagara's game against Army on Nov.

The score was tied 7-7 with 2:44 left in the game before Tyler Bird of Gate City broke free for a 36-yard scoring run.

In 16% of cases leave for is used

Next day I left for Pinar Del Rio.

Many yet living were left for dead.

Smita hated me leaving for work.

As such then, a good thing to do is to make sure that your guy is not left for wanting.

They haven't won nine games since 1961, a year after my grandpa left for dental school.

I am 56 years old and i feel bad for what my generation has left for the new generation.

Say no When you use your energy doing things that you don't care about, there's none left for the things that matter.

Hopefully Drew can help Davey lighten Clipp's load over the next month so he has something left for the home stretch.

Played for the reserves for a couple of years, but when Solskjaer left for the manager job in Molde, he followed him.

I am very happy because in a few days we are leaving for a journey that we have been planning for a very long time.

In 14% of cases leave with is used

Period and now left with 2 kids.

It means we are left with a choice.

When they were leaving with grain.

So, we are left with two choices and a probability of 1/2 of getting the right answer.

Going by this scenario, our rural aristocrat will be left with difficult alternatives.

But I was still left with a bit of a bad taste at the end, when they went all luddite.

She might then try to find a buyer for your share of the house but you would still be left with the negative equity.

She left with a PROMISE to DEAL with me and even my family, claiming that I do not love her and would not marry her.

After Tendulkar, Ponting, Jayewardene and Sangakaara, bar Kallis or Sehwag we are barely left with any great batsmen.

For some, the effects are relatively minor and short-lived; others are left with more severe, long term disabilities.

In 10% of cases leave to is used

Nothing was being left to chance.

Left to right, Rachel Adams, Mrs.

Dogleg left to a large flat green.

Left to right, Marian Stewart, Faith Herrick, Emma Crump, Nora Parent and Bertha Audley.

He is not required to do the main ' striking ' duties as that's left to Forlan or Cavani.

They gave me two more baskets of tunas, which I left to the Indians that had come with us.

Focus on your breathing, or your heart beat, you can even start moving your head from right to left and left to right.

Romney says that the decision to penalise uninsured Americans should be left to the states, not the federal government.

If left to the Tisaranee Gunasekara bidding this nation does not need to set long term goals for benefit of the future.

Much of his work is concerned with the legacy and inheritance of buildings and landscapes that are left to us, and the.

In 8% of cases leave on is used

They leave on October twenty-third.

Prodded again, he left on October 21.

She left on her own, without her son.

A large fresh patch of blood was left on the floor was they lifted the butcher's cousin.

Sheela left on her own for Germany, Osho stayed in Oregon and denounced her to the press.

Which was nice of me but I regret it because I really don't like the marks he left on it.

The FBI claimed the device -- which also failed to ignite -- was left on the wrong porch, that of an elderly neighbor.

BUT, I would have the credit card paid off in june the way im going, yet there is wtill three years left on bank loan.

The attack was resisted by Imam Husain's companions but Muslim bin ' Awsaja was left on the ground of the battlefield.

My flashlight was unfortunately left on an upper shelf, and has been smashed into pieces in the falling of the chimney.

In 6% of cases leave behind is used

NO Child Left Behind has ruined schools.

The predators are not left behind either.

We had to leave behind our money as well.

He leaves behind sufficient masterpieces to fill every nook and cranny of the Louvre.

I can't wait to get back to everything I thought I was so desperate to leave behind me.

Consequently those who have left behind every phenomenal distinction are called buddhas.

Besides causing disasters to the country in his life, he left behind wicked people like Shariffs and Altaf Hussain.

You can bring up several questionnaires and announce giveaways to encourage them to leave behind feedback for you.

The alternative top ten Every year, Travelodge releases the list of the most popular books left behind in its hotels.

I support Goodwill and still have a hard time leaving behind the handmade afghans that are always available there.

In 5% of cases leave at is used

I were the only one left at home.

It should not be left at the curb.

Your train may be leaving at 6.

I asked Melly when we were leaving and I believe that he told me we would leave at 6am.

Amory had stayed over a day to see her, and his train left at twelve-eighteen that night.

Williams, 61, will leave at the end of December in time to start his new role next January.

His plan was that we give AssentWorks our notice that we're leaving at the end of November and sign this new lease.

Bill was the only crew member left at the controls of the plane which had just returned from a bombing raid over Berlin.

The risk there that she might test positive, Krause was left at home and reporters were told that she had a? flu-like virus.

Umbrella Law: You will need three umbrellas: one to leave at the office, one to leave at home, and one to leave on the train.

In 4% of cases leave by is used

Like lime deposits left by very hard water.

The building was left by its other tenants.

He is worried about the two children left by Mahboob.

At the last possible moment, she finds a note left by Baraccus, urging her to find truth.

I wont allow Liverpool FC to follow in the revolting footsteps left by clubs like Chelsea.

The second point of the Greens is to fill the void left by the death of religion in Britain.

Questions should be asked of David Gill regarding his future if United do not fill the void left by Ronaldo and Tevez.

It represents British achievements that were left by the wayside instead of being held aloft and borne into the future.

The organisation also managed a number of reconstruction projects after the devastation left by cyclone Nargis in 2008.

They'd left by the time we arrived but we followed their lead and hauled our boat out of the water and on to the decking.

In 4% of cases leave of is used

Clinton Lied when he left office.

First- Dobbs left of his own accord.

In 94 Romney ran to the left of Kennedy.

Signed and numbered with a set list from the show folded into what's left of the strings.

Once out of what's left of the aircraft, run in the same direction the plane was landing.

What is left of Barrett House, almost completely demolished by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.

It is only a matter of time, and quite little time at that, before what is left of Colonel Muammer Gaddafi's era ends.

They crest a hill and find the ruins of a base, all which is left of the colony from Aliens after the deadly explosion.

Combine that with the current cataclysm in Europe and you have a perfect storm for job seekers or what is left of them.

I remember how thrilled I was to visit Wormsloe even though you can not make much out of what is left of the homestead.

In 2% of cases leave without is used

She left without checking our neighbourhood.

The man had his coffee and left without paying.

But eventually I had to leave without my GCSEs.

Menzies says he fears that many will be left without adequate money for retirement.

These are the people who leave without buying a book, so it's time to have some fun.

They were left without an option but to arrest, charge and jail the traditional healer.

Left without any resources or backup, Ethan must find a way to clear his agency's name and prevent another attck.

Alice remained in bed, and the maid left without notice, in such a hurry that she forgot to take her best clothes.

I started to worry that the bus had left without Nobody and I, but I'd been looking out for the bus long before 1pm.

The way he left without saying any words is way too disappointing to me and it shows that I might mean nothing to him.

In 2% of cases leave after is used

My Sister just left after a lovely.

Nicholls left after six weeks and no games.

So he was meant to be leaving after the speeches.

What's left after the rendering is pure liquid pork lard and delicious, crispy bits of.

Designers with art college background join the designing firms but leave after few years.

She left after blowing the whistle on the incompetence and crimes of the British spy agency.

Then, one night at church, my daughter was sick and I had to leave after church service to take her to the doctor.

Magic work? Leaving aside the cosmic argument (what's left after the Kree, or skrull, or other advanced alien races.

If the tenant doesn't leave after receiving the copy of the Order, the landlord can enforce the Order through the B.

This time, Spain was still within 1 (85-84) with 9:31 left after holding Team USA to a 1-point (59-58) halftime lead.

In 2% of cases leave out is used

Chord tones may or may not be left out.

One thing you left out of here is Linkedin.

Also, incredibly hard to leave out of the top 5.

When words in fact have been left out, some explanation in square brackets will be given.

Cover and leave out of the fridge for around 30 minutes for it to come up to room temperature.

Capital gains income!! That qualifier is often left out of the discussion of gains on held assets.

Those words were intentionally left out by the Founders of this Nation and not inserted until the 1950 's, I believe.

Paul was left out of the squad for the second leg of theAjaxfixture, and reportedly forced to train alone the next day.

According to her, proper development planning is unlikely if Tanzanians with disabilities are left out of the Katiba process.

Every mum and baby is different, though, so there are no hard and fast rules about what to include or leave out of your meals.

In 2% of cases leave from is used

Remove the tea leaves from the bag.

So, very few are left from the private sector.

Boats leave from Kaohsiung and Budai near Jiayi.

During this reconstruction the only original thing left from the kaaba are the stones.

So, everybody who said the Kasesha bus didn't leave from the main bus stand was wrong.

Ferries leave from Hong Kong's Macau Ferry Terminal every half hour or so and take about an hour.

Regular buses leave from here to every corner of the province, but passengers are often crammed in like a sardines.

And, there's a Chinese driver who leaves from China with a load, picks up passengers in Laos, then returns to China.

If you have time and energy left from that, you can start looking into what influence you can have on the larger world.

The third card must be one of the remaining three top spades left from the remaining 50 cards and has a probability of 3/50.

In 1% of cases leave off is used

Clinton Lied when he left office.

You've left off a fourth: the You've Been Trumped factor.

Mythe -- your numbers need to be truthful, Bush left office with 2.

For terrified by divinely inspired fear, the enemy had left off their siege shortly beforehand.

Not sure if Blackburn being left off the poll was intentional or not, certainly wouldn't have picked them.

There is a HUGE difference between Clinton having a small surplus the year he left office and the national debt.

And BTW he HAS NT even released all of his 2010 return, he very conveniently left off the foreign investments and deposits form.

She tells me she looked up the rules recently and they reckon always indicate right unless taking the first left off the round-about then left before exiting.

I notice you left off the rest of the paragraph: Really, Warren? Really? Would you tell the same thing to God? I included that because God knows what is in your heart.

Resume When you restart your Mac, Safari automatically restores the open windows and tabs from your last browsing session, so you can continue right where you left off.

In 1% of cases leave up is used

But the decision was not left up to We, the People.

It should then be left up to you to decide whether you want it.

His suspicions prior to his death are left up to interpretation.

It is left up to others to value our property, and then we have to pay for the right to live in it.

The technicalities of a widget is only left up to the imagination of what lies within its possibilities.

We reject the idea that everything can be left up to the market through various economic mechanisms, incentives and disincentives.

I need doers in my life to support all the wild passionate idea's I have but I can't be left up to my own demise to actually DO them all myself.

Either you want employers to be forced to pay the rebates to their employees, or you feel the gray area should be left up to the employers (as it is).

The details were left up to the fellows, who were provided with reading material as well as monthly lunch gatherings to share both triumphs and failures.

In 1% of cases leave before is used

Problem was I would rarely leave before 6:00.

He decided to leave before things got really distasteful.

Woods had to leave before rehearsals started, and Amy Power joined the group.

Stalin went to a seminary at the age of 16 but was forced to leave before qualifying.

However, with only a few minutes left before the service, he had to admit he was lost Mr.

He attended Trinity College at Cambridge University, but left before completing his degree.

Garvey Chui, 29 Garvey Chui and her family left before the handover, but she chose to return and reconnect with her hometown.

Similarly, a Chairperson should not leave the Chair to see off a Guest Speaker leaving before the conclusion of the meeting.

True, instead of counting down how many days left before the end of the world, count how many things remain unfinished every day.

When people saw the Imam leaving before completing the Hajj they began to ask questions as to why he was leaving in such a hurry.

In 1% of cases leave as is used

They want it to be left as a trust.

This approach is left as a last recourse.

I came as a student, yet I left as the trainer.

On Thursday, Chen pointed to the government allowing him to leave as evidence it is opening up.

The forward has yet to pen a contract extension, and so could leave as a free agent in the summer.

But he was waiting for the vulture to leave as the tiny girl rested before continuing her struggle to the food aid camp.

But much more importantly he was off by several powers of 10 (Left as an exercise for the reader) in either America or Britain.

Debunking the other fake facts is left as an exercise to the reader - you may find my earlier Updates useful, especially Update III.

At the other extreme, thousands of parents are faced with burying their children, whilst thousands of women are being left as widows.

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