Prepositions after "leap"

"leap to", "leap into" or "leap from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases leap to is used

A girl with a strident voice leapt to her feet and used it.

He leapt to his feet and lunged at Frank grabbing a fist full of his shirt.

He or she must avoid leaping to conclusions based on incomplete evidence.

That got a smile out of him and so he downed his drink and leapt to his feet.

It was here that two slave lovers leaped to their deaths rather than to be separated.

Before you leap to the comments, yes several riders are currently suspended on the team.

And when he finally gets Jesus's attention and is summoned, the text says he eagerly leaps to his feet.

Contrast an east country Scot, descendant of Teutonic stock, with a West Highlander, and the difference leaps to the eyes.

From the deepest vale below, To the sky's high dome above, There was nothing that did not know, And leap to the call of Love.

Legions of computer programmers leaped to the defence of his female virgin joke, with a vast array of explanations and excuses.

In 19% of cases leap from is used

And yet, Tapper doesn't leap from the pages as an omniscient critic raining down judgment.

Big Show walks off, but Sheamus leaps from the roof of a car to put Big Show through another car windshield.

More than 230 people have leaped from it? over the past decade, an average of one person every three months.

His postmodern CV leaps from neuroscience at Columbia to literature at Oxford; he dresses like a Palo Alto geek.

Suicide rates for teens have leapt from 52 to 80 (2011-2012) and suicide among Maori has risen to over 140 from just over 100.

Just before she leapt from her roof into the streets of Kabul, Farima thought of the wedding that would never happen and the man she would never marry.

After leaping from his hotel balcony and sliding down an awning to freedom, Pierre sneaks past the Eiffel guards and howls joyfully when he reaches the top of the tower.

My dutifully crafted nachos were forgotten; I glowered, expostulated, seethed, leapt from my chair sending takeout containers flying into dusty corners, where they remain.

More than 230 people have leaped from the Aurora Bridge -- the first was a shoe salesman who jumped in 1932, before the bridge was even open -- and roughly 15 percent survive.

In 16% of cases leap into is used

Let me take a wild leap into the dark here.

Her rapidly maturing faith leapt into action at that moment.

The big cat snarled at Mark and Courtney, and leaped into the flume.

We want to leap into the motor age when others, far ahead of us, are thinking another way.

The Cataractes ' forward leapt into the air before he was mobbed by teammates on the ice.

The first thing to leap into, or off, depending where you are in the world, is definitely the environments.

The women leapt into the water after three-year-old Salmeen Hadef Salem, who had wandered into the hotel's adult pool.

The Lehmann's fiasco shows that Japanese banks gaily leaped into the subprime bubble and emerged intact after the bubble burst.

Golden Tate, who earlier had two potential TD passes slip out of his hands, shoved a defender to the ground and then leaped into the air.

The piece works because rather than leaping into a description of the NAMA to Nature group, it first describes the problem as well as its causes.

In 8% of cases leap out is used

As soon as the car parked, I leapt out of it and ran towards the building.

Zaphod stared at him as if he expected a cuckoo to leap out of his forehead on a small spring.

The walk continued and later they surprised a lioness who leapt out of the river bed and up on to the river bank.

The ranger (Smith ), with dark glasses, leapt out of his truck and armed with a set of wire cutters prepared to cut the fence.

Derrick is able to leap out of the water, a necessary skill to jump through the flaming tires required to unlock the next continent.

I wouldn't have dreamed of disturbing the family, but in case I had any ideas, Donald from Apple security leapt out of a black van to introduce himself.

The tour I was on now went out of it's way to point out that leaping out of the water is still natural for crocodiles, as they can sometimes eat birds.

What happened next was that some water, splashed by me, sprayed onto the web, a spider leaped out of the tunnel, and I very nearly fell out of the shower.

Hearing English-speaking voices, Cotterill leapt out of the back, half scaring the ladies to death in the process, and handed himself over to his liberators.

In 5% of cases leap in is used

Thus, it only leaped in evolution, and didn't embody sin.

The way Bernadina leaped in the air and caught the ball over his back shoulder is amazing.

Sunflowers, thanks to the internet, have leapt in popularity to become the area's second biggest cash crop, helping to pay school fees for hundreds of children.

Still, this Clear Day will send you out of the theatre leaping in the air and clicking your heels - another unlikely but welcome product of a psychiatric session.

Too many people are sheep, and for the same reason that many are afraid to change from XP, even more are afraid to look, or leap in the uncharted, non-Microsoft waters.

I put in a lot of effort to write it, so please enjoy! The Lake Leer in Peru is a beautiful place, with trout leaping in the air and kingfishers diving into the clear water.

In 4% of cases leap off is used

They'd leap off the mesh and onto the floor -- and then run for it.

With the spiker almost upon her, she leapt off the trail and began to make her way down.

Our horror was compounded when the Leopard leapt off the branch and sprinted into the undergrowth across the road.

In 4% of cases leap through is used

After leaving that show, the spinning and leaping through our living room increased.

Since then, there have been other public safety incidents involving deer in flight leaping through hedges onto public roads.

This is very useful, especially against the new zombies that leap through the air and grab onto you, and against the nimble dogs that might be hard to target otherwise.

Where our Members of Parliament kick 12 bells out of vulnerable people but allow the extraordinarily wealthy to leap through tax loopholes designed to protect their already huge stash.

In 3% of cases leap at is used

Fifteen of us leapt at the chance and headed off.

However, when I was contacted, I leapt at the opportunity to connect with Ghana and Africa.

The psychedelic experience didn't stop me from leaping at the chance to try 2666, though, as the waves of good reviews for the book meant that it was something that I had to sample.

In 3% of cases leap on is used

Before you leap on that, keep in mind that the DAC has a smaller effect on the sound than the amp, the speakers, and definitely less than the room itself.

In 3% of cases leap onto is used

As the mayhem builds, Piella flees by leaping onto the balloon and floating away.

Ryback whips Punk into the Cell but Punk leaps onto it and climbs to the very top of the Cell.

In 2% of cases leap across is used

Well not a bad idea except suddenly you may find that there is no bridge to cross and you may have to leap across the river.

The last time you control Nate, he's leaping across slabs of rock to escape Iram's collapse following a small-scale (if tricky) punch-up with Marlowe's creepy henchman Talbot.

In 2% of cases leap like is used

A moment later they leap like startled lizards down the nearest corridor junction as the owners of the drumming feet suddenly hove into view directly in front of them.

In 1% of cases leap ahead is used

However where Click Dimensions really leaps ahead of the pack is in its tight integration with Dynamics CRM, and their combined ability to build a truly 360 picture of your prospects.

In 1% of cases leap over is used

You'd probably be running and have to leap over them and then keep running.

Without any hesitation, Jade leapt over Shauna and stood right next to me.

As it leaps over the arches of the years, my mind refuses to abide by any chronological sequence.

In 1% of cases leap up is used

The economy shed 8,000 jobs in the September quarter, and New Zealand's unemployment rate leapt up to 7.

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