Prepositions after "lean"

lean on, towards, against, toward or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases lean on is used

I'll need to lean on Kuhn fairly heavily though.

I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence.

Voice over as she folds her arms and leans on the rails.

I think he needs people to lean on him and stay on him, and those guys were perfect for him.

Never lean on either side dropping your neck, as this will show that you are least interested in the job.

Renoir, a master Impressionist, painted Madeleine Leaning on Her Elbow with Flowers in Her Hair in 1918.

The Bulls will lean on Deng to provide offense as long as Derrick is out, and this matchup sets him up for a big game.

Lean on Me and I will keep you close to My Sacred Heart in these times of terrible torment within the Catholic Church.

To cause lowering of the collective lever the passenger would require to apply a lot of pressure to it - to lean on it.

You can lean on me if you are a female, but if you're a dude? sorry, lean the other way, or lean your seat back a little.

In 20% of cases lean towards is used

Bush reassured my leaning towards Democrat.

Personally I lean towards John Truby ' s interpretation.

On top of that is the cultural leaning towards saving.

There are minimal options to lean towards one or the other whilst playing the game.

This can lead to an increase in hunger, making us lean towards emotional food binges.

I'd informed as I've researched myself and am leaning towards No for many reasons.

It's a neat feature that seems to be becoming the norm in games that have a strong leaning towards multiplayer.

I'd leaning towards seeing Limp because I'll probably never see them again whereas I will see Mastodon for sure.

This means that I don't have to buy the AT screen anymore and can lean towards the screen that brings more brightness.

A second objective of the new art writing leans towards synergising research and a wide readership, the speakers said.

In 18% of cases lean against is used

Contentedly I leaned against the old fence.

He gets out and leans against the side of the car.

He's leaning against a counter, his posture relaxed like usual.

Seriously, I was leaning against a wall observing the chaos and the wall was flexing.

Vctor and Carles were both hanging out in the parking lot, leaning against Vctor's car.

If it is difficult to do push-ups from the floor, try doing them leaning against the wall.

To make matters worse, the metal sheeting around the wheel, which we were leaning against, started getting very hot.

Nothing but a bunch of empty stools, with a bored-looking guy in your old apron leaning against it from the other side.

First there's a short period of mourning for my plans: leaning against a wall, making a noise like a wounded mongoose, etc.

The she got up, walked to the right side and knelt again, this time resting her head as if leaning against a gigantic knee.

In 12% of cases lean toward is used

On top of that is the cultural leaning towards saving.

She leaned toward Miss Fink and lowered her voice discreetly.

While Wagner was celebrating violence, Tolkien leaned toward pacifism.

I lean toward the powdered mixes that are fruit flavored- particularly lemon and peach.

While not all cases are that extreme, companies generally lean toward one or the other.

While man developed in this direction for many centuries, humans are leaning toward light.

The alternate I'd leaning towards is that we just had wave 5 of Major 1 in September VS Alf's Wave 3? s first leg up.

He preferred help from the Western powers but leaned toward the Soviet bureaucracy as a counter-weight to imperialism.

Chinese Jian, when compared with an European sword, would be a sword that leaned toward thrusting and featuring a thicker blade.

On the bright side, he could have done nothing to better solidify those leaning toward Romney in the last two weeks of the campaign.

In 7% of cases lean to is used

And among these, two currently lean to Obama, Ohio (+0.

Instead, the indication here leans to one of opportunity.

Nice it seems on the outside but government leans to the dark side.

The NDP, inexperienced in the limelight and leaning to the left, is a reliable target.

Although I certainly lean to one side in the debate, I am far from confident yet on the details.

For the game line itself, I have the barest of leans to the Giants, but not enough to get involved.

The ones I've listed here tend to lean to the more obscure end of the spectrum, so much so that they may not even be intentional.

They were leaning to the wrong side of the fence, so we had to do something to rescue them and steer them in the right direction.

The jury is still open; Horne leans to the view that Monty was a victim of his own arrogance on overstating what those objectives were.

It took a very little time for the group to lean to a political party and being faith based simply meant opening and closing meetings in prayer, not standing for biblical principles.

In 5% of cases lean over is used

She then leans over me and takes my bra off.

She was leaning over me with a huge bag of pop corn in her hand.

I leaned over the tank to look again into her eyes, and she bobbed up to return my gaze.

Looking up, he saw two stoats leaning over the parapet of the bridge and watching him with great glee.

Mansoor was spotted a couple of times leaning over the photo pit and getting right amongst the audience.

I leaned over the edge for a while, looking at the puckers of gray-green waves below, trying to imagine jumping.

They're leaning over the balconies, waiting for our next senator to appear, eager to hear her and call her the victor.

I had injured a knee and, feeling wobbly, used my right hand to steady me while I stood on the stool to lean over the tank.

Additionally, many people leaned over the rail-bed and frantically waved their hands at Lewis driving the oncoming train.

The smoke filled room revealed white coated scientists leaning over the papyrus as the blue light shone on the mottled surface.

In 3% of cases lean in is used

Their policies are left leaning in U.

First, he leaned in close, and not realizing the moment, I turned my head away.

Most people work in front of a computer and sit back in their chairs, while still leaning in front.

In 3% of cases lean into is used

But it also seemed to lean into the paranormal feel.

On the hillsides, tiny houses lean into each other like crooked teeth.

We're leaning into the ocean right now and debt isn't the only thing weighing us down.

Instinctively I figured that braking now would be painful, so I clenched teeth and butt and leaned into the turn.

However, we see India as being a country that has a little less policy flexibility to lean into this economic softness.

You fold the dough and push it away from you, really lean into the push, then turn it 1/4 turn, fold, push, turn, fold, push, turn until the dough reaches the right texture.

In 1% of cases lean with is used

Lean with your back against an incline bench set almost at 90 degrees (straight up).

The handlebars pushed against me as I leaned with all my strength, and with inches to go, I made it through and shot halfway up the next hill.

In 1% of cases lean about is used

After leaning about the size of the event they agreed to send us 40 card readers (something that they said didn't not happen often).

Apart from what we had leant about him in the last couple of months since he was rescued, we had no information of his past and what he had been through.

In 1% of cases lean upon is used

In very short order, the other groups will lean upon this first group for guidance.

In 1% of cases lean out is used

If he was leaning out of his car window, it would never have happened.

He made me tea and offered me some food and I smoked one of his cigarettes for no reason other than that it meant that I could lean out of the window.

In 1% of cases lean from is used

That was something I leaned from working on the X-Files.

Lean from left to right whilst ensuring that you keep your legs straight and your arms at your sides.

In 1% of cases lean at is used

That might give you a little insight into why, Lean at its core, is a very, very strategic thing.

Now the set of you will come together building up a sexy momentum through thrusting and leaning at the same time.

In 1% of cases lean across is used

Ian leaned across him to the large pocket on the left hand side of his coat and pulled at the greasy edge.

Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh (in foreground) finished in a dead heat for the last US spot in the 100 to the London Games, each leaning across the finish line in 11.

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