Prepositions after "leak"

"leak to" or "leak from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases leak to is used

The video was leaked to Mother Jones magazine.

Other parts, however, were leaked to the press.

As it was leaked to the press at the time, the department looked into allegations that Sgt.

This has potential to create radioactivity leaks to the environment (Shimada and other 2010).

These, however, are stingily leaked to us, so the narrative proceeds fitfully and rather shakily.

Prior to the above, reports have been leaked to the media about a leadership struggle within the ANC.

But then Lee Joon asks who could possibly have leaked to the reporters about the contractual engagement.

Within a week the transcript, which the USA considered classified, had been leaked to a Canadian journalist.

When the water leaks to the ship wall and was coming like a great speed you may think that it is coming towards you.

In 16% of cases leak from is used

Without ATP, calcium leaks from your muscle cells unchecked.

You can see smoke that has leaked from the Kang in the photo below.

Water leaked from rusty faucets and tarps flapped against broken windows.

It is unexpectedly raining; water is leaking from the roof, and tiles are falling off.

The worse part is, users whose UDID's were leaked from Blue Toad do not know the company.

If data has leaked from the databases and tables they control into other systems, such as denormalised tables, other databases, caches etc.

On 3 December 1984 forty tonnes of a toxin called methyl isocyanate leaked from the American controlled Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal.

Swifts official website is telling fans that they may have noticed that stuff has leaked from her new album from those who received an early version.

With more and more data leaked from DoD about the potential for long-term health problems related to toxic exposure, it is imperative that we act now.

In 11% of cases leak in is used

Maybe one product is a foreign film spring release, another is an Oscar contender leaked in fall.

Car is now awaiting roof testing for leaks in the rubber seals of driver side window to automatic roof.

In the finish it wasn't the water per se but leaks in the sewage system which saw the River Witham being polluted.

From the moment news of the Kindle (Amazon's e-reader) first leaked in April 2007, Robin found it intriguing, if clunky.

And he's right that the story was leaked in a way so that the ramifications of offering XP as a VM were very much glossed over.

Fresh problems arose when fire crews were unable to reach blazes rekindled by natural gas leaks in the shore town of Mantoloking.

Yes, the driver side leaks in from the roof, but a small price to pay (don ’ t all convertibles leak? My Grand Vitara used to be like a pond!).

He copies out the dictionary and reads voraciously by his cell's dim light, while the earlier sepia tones are leaked in favour of the grey scale of his lengthy incarceration.

In 9% of cases leak into is used

Sometimes nutrients can leak into a river system.

You will avoid water from leaking into your house.

Probably very few septic tanks actually leak into rivers.

Now what is clear is that NI is being leaked into the general pot, as you say.

It's caused when the fluid surrounding the spinal cord leaks into what's meant to be a tiny, tiny tunnel down the middle of it.

The roof leaked into the walls, causing the water to go into the walls, forming mildew and mold, two things that Russell was very allergic to.

Half a million people were exposed to poison gas and hundreds of tons of toxic chemicals still remain there abandoned, leaking into the water system and still making people ill.

If this were brought back into court at this time, wouldn't it have a chance to win? What if this leaked into the media? I will do my part, but I can not believe that this is our only solution.

In 8% of cases leak by is used

Samantha Ryan after top secret information is leaked by someone on the inside.

An album needs to be reported as leaked by either 3 regular users or 1 power user.

CBI enquiry has established that the letter was not leaked by the army, but who leaked it, is yet to be determined.

I guess depending where you purchased this, your information has been leaked by a seller or worse youve been hacked.

Obama refused to tell Pakistan about the mission in case it was leaked by jihadist sympathisers within the administration and Bin Laden took flight.

Bhatt said the establishment was clearly petrified after he disclosed clinching evidence of the reports leaked by the SIT to state government officials.

Unlike a collective bargaining offer, the Senators revealed only snippets of the jersey, building anticipation for the awesome garb that was eventually leaked by over-eager store clerks.

In 7% of cases leak out is used

The longer Angelos has been holding out, the more air leaks out of his balloon.

Oil leaked out of the tank, staining the supports and soaking into the ground below.

There are days when every single rule about grammar seems to have leaked out of my brain.

Fifty railway trucks crammed with bodies and the discovery of gas chambers, torture rooms, whipping posts, and crematoria strongly support report which had leaked out of the camp.

And normally at the end of it I hibernate for four or five days while the entire experience leaks out of my system as I suffer hideous, crawling hyper-real William Blake style flashbacks.

In 3% of cases leak onto is used

Like, for example, the reality show judge trending on Twitter because a ' sex tape ' purporting to feature her has been leaked onto the internet.

Their Eurovision entry, written by group members Ran Shem-Tov and Shiri Hadar was officially released on March 1st after a demo version leaked onto the internet on February 21st.

In 3% of cases leak on is used

When fluid unintentionally leaks on your wooden floors, clean it off immediately.

Inspite of the court injunction, the tape was leaked on you tube and Abhishek Manu Singhvi ' trended ' for three straight days.

The Austrian automaker will soon be lifting off the covers from their latest Duke motorcycle but details have already leaked on the internet.

International musicians have been battling piracy for quite a while now, and that includes Korn, whose 2002 album Untouchables was leaked on the net.

In 3% of cases leak like is used

Am, Yorkshire Peugeot 107 2007 This car leaks like a sieve.

It has done 28,000 miles but leaks like a colander, in the front and rear passenger footwells and boot.

In 2% of cases leak through is used

Gone are the days when the funds you funnel to our country will end up like water leaking through a broken pail.

In 2% of cases leak at is used

While Owls have scored 5, a worringly large 10 have been leaked at the other end.

In 1% of cases leak without is used

Sometimes these valves are plumbed directly into a drain and may be leaking without your knowledge.

In 1% of cases leak throughout is used

Two-stroke internal combustion engine is not allowed to leak throughout the body, if any leakage of the place, the engine hard to start.

In 1% of cases leak due is used

Now Radiator leaking due to it being rusty, it ’ s only done 29,000.

In 1% of cases leak ahead is used

A Dutch television presenter, Britt Dekker, did a nude photoshoot for Playboy, and a bunch of the images leaked ahead of the December, 2011 release of the magazine.

In 1% of cases leak after is used

That video leaked after Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson reportedly attempted to persuade Paris and Prince, 15, to leave Katherine's home on Monday.

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