Prepositions after "lead"

lead to, by, up, in or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases lead to is used

They lead to lost tax revenues.

Whatever result it may lead to.

This had led to an endless wars.

The observations led to major changes in clinical management guidelines around the world.

However, case studies show some have led to huge improvements in educational performance.

The scientific evidence, mathematical and experimental matters of fact have lead to various theories I have mentioned.

Read More U-14s show well at Tullamore Blitz The U-14 squad travelled to Tullamore for their first blitz of the season.

In 14% of cases lead by is used

This effort was led by the late, Mr.

He led by being an example, he said.

Ali was killed by a Kharijite in 661.

On November 25, musicians led by Jaguar attended a concert at the campus that raised Sh2.

The Balces -- led by her mom, Pia, and Maia's coach, Czarina Arevalo -- would not relent.

But challenging your emotions and being led by the voice of reason can make this possible.

Devotees who support this man and vote for him need to wake up and stop believing in a system controlled by rakshashas.

We now stand effectively disconnected from the freedom movement that was led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah and his associates.

Our most esteemed counterparts led by His Excellency Mohagher Iqbal, Datu Michael Mastura, Professor Abhoud Lingga, Mr.

In 1972, the Games in Munich, Germany, were struck with horror when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by Arab terrorists.

In 3% of cases lead up is used

Others have done so widely leading up to the elections.

All four previous books were leading up to this SECRET.

I was the face of the project leading up to the filming.

In the weeks leading up to the trip I was ready to pass on Thanksgiving all together.

I had a whole slew of things going on in the fifteen minutes that lead up to this event.

Flavia steps in to work out the events that led up to the death - which actually go back a lot further than the present time.

Behind the grotto, paths lead up a wooded hill to a Chinese gazebo with stone tables and seats where we saw men playing chess.

Much research led up to it (conventional, linear, sequential) but the final breakthrough was a great creative leap of intuition.

Despite Sir Mervyn King's protestations, there needs to be a full inquiry into the Bank's role leading up to the credit crunch.

In 2% of cases lead in is used

Obama led in 19 polls, and two showed a tie.

By sharing that, Kallis leads in his own way.

We are industry leading in customer advocacy.

Lead in compounds has valence 2 and 4; an oxide (litharge, PbO) is the most widely used.

It is true of all the friends of God that they have been led in a way which they knew not.

I had also been cast as lead in their 2006 feature Choices directed by Don Pedro Obaseki.

Only 4% of voters felt the federal government should take the lead in funding bicycle paths (5% for pedestrian paths).

Duplomb led in all three games but it was Hill that managed to find another gear and force the French girl into mistakes.

Republicans are still projected to increase their lead in governorships by 2 even after taking New Hampshire off the board.

This one is a shock and awe recipe, it will boost sex drive and definitely put more lead in your pencil than you can handle.

In 1% of cases lead from is used

All roads lead from KKB it seems.

The home side led from start to finish.

Leading from the Front! Yes, this is loaded with meaning.

The first one leads from Morocco through Marrakesh towards Mauritania and Sene-Gambia.

Ferrari, to a lot of modern fans, means dominance, winning and leading from the front.

Situated on the east side of the road leading from Chesterfield to Matlock, in Walton.

Twitter seems to have a head-start on every story, so it's natural for journalists to try and pick-up leads from it.

The third leads from Algiers and Biskra through Tamanrasset in Algeria to Agadez in Niger and ultimately Kano Nigeria.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jews were led from Egypt by Moses, who built a temporary sanctuary in the Sinai desert.

He urged Kenyan leaders to take responsibility and lead from the front if they expect to build a united and healthy nation.

In 1% of cases lead into is used

This is the road leading into it.

Most of the women and the children had fled into the open in terror.

This direct start can lead into 3 different routes and all equal out to 9a minimum.

Here in NZ we don't need to wait on the Govt to be designed and lead into being green.

We can not allow ourselves to be led into the danger of endless debate that leads to inaction.

A five year old child went to the bank of a stream which led into the lake while adults were busy.

The afternoon showers make for some great cloud formations and leads into a perfect sunset and an end to a perfect day.

Lastly, and leading into the next point, Mass is a chance to create and give nourishment to a community of believers.

The Grotto area was decent and there were some interestingly patterned tiles leading into the heart of the garden area.

But according to Burger's team manager, David Pieterse, it was Burger who should have been leading into the final stage.

In 1% of cases lead with is used

This store, like most, led with produce.

The best thing to do is to lead with a profile.

ABC-TV also decided to lead with the Presley story.

Gee, that sounds like that kind of thing that a lobby group should be leading with.

Matheson held a 2,646-vote lead with provisional and mail-in ballots yet to be counted.

Cornell owns the all-time series lead with a 27-12-6 mark and a 22-12-5 Division I record.

By studying his lofty character and the amazingly simple life he led with his household, companions, wives and others.

It was up 20 percent above the comparable weekend a year ago, when Paramount/DreamWorks Animation's Puss in Boots led with $33.

The article leads with a quote from the Horn of Africa, in the form of an SMS delivered to UN officials in London and Nairobi.

Leading with one simple reason, illegal workers depress the working wage and put Americans out of work particularly the poor.

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