Prepositions after "lazy"

lazy in, about, with, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases lazy in is used

Do not be lazy in your business 9.

Lazy in our play; loose and sloppy.

Scotty Everyone is lazy in a sense.

They have two days off of work so they can be lazy at home instead of lazy in the office.

Both Sedins and Raymond were asked if the Canucks were guilty of being lazy in the second.

When I went to Italy a few years ago, I found them not very obliging, rather lazy in fact.

He may appear slow and lazy in his demeanour as a river crocodile but is as alert as this species when it sees a prey.

I just need to keep my skills fresh, keep my eye on key opportunities, and not be complacent or lazy in anything I do.

Quite possibly the laziest in Los Angeles County, which would place him high in the runnin ' for laziest worldwide.

Mexico provides a cheap and portable labour source for the American corporations and the rich, fat and lazy in the north.

In 14% of cases lazy about is used

We've been lazy about blogging.

Don't be lazy about the description.

It made me lazy about deleting stuff.

One problem that we had when we first moved in was that he is very lazy about chores.

God says to wake up and get to work! He wants no Christian to be lazy about his faith.

I'd really like one for those occasions when I'd feeling lazy about using a hand mixer (e.

Nothing lazy about being hired for a set amount of time and when you're done your work heading home to your family.

In fact, often they will make more mistakes by being lazy about the use of shift keys for capitalisation and so on.

It's shaken up a marketplace that had got a little lazy about many aspects of its operation, and that was the intention.

Try and apply the rules you learn to the Surahs you have already memorised and don't become lazy about reciting correctly.

In 12% of cases lazy with is used

It's like getting lazy with hygiene.

A lot of foxes these days are lazy with it.

I've really gotten lazy with this whole thing.

I am so lazy with my eyebrows, when it comes to hair removal, filling in, you name it.

Then I got overly emotional and lazy with meetings and decided to start drinking again.

However when I talk about fans being lazy with Arshavin I mean the way some portray him.

The reasonc Our eyes are unable to correct themselves, they simply get lazier with the use of prescription lenses.

But this is a basic fundamental which must be practiced daily, so never get lazy with it or undermine its importance.

Life is not as perfect as she had hoped, however, because Darcy proves to be exceptionally lazy with regard to hygiene.

The songs were pretty much prepared before the studio sessions, weren't they? RB: Yeah, but I'd really lazy with lyrics.

In 10% of cases lazy to is used

SOS felt completely lazy to me.

I know more but too lazy to post.

A few rewards feel just lazy to me.

If you going to do it manually you will miss some posts and it is little bit lazy to do.

So lazy to the point where I only wrote a few captions a day and closed the tab later on.

Americans are flat out lazy to their detriment when it comes to learning foreign languages.

Dropping the R just seems lazy to me, and all the CAREFUL speakers I know -- a few -- do very consciously pronounce it.

Problem is, too many people are to lazy to prepare their own food and too apethetic to teach the kids good eating habits.

Come on - I hear my inner start-up devil whispering insecurity in my ear and taunting me about being lazy to wanting to rest.

He who is so lazy that he can not be bothered to read the context of what I have to say is also too lazy to post all day long.

In 8% of cases lazy for is used

They are way too lazy for this.

Brilliant one week lazy for two.

Be lazy for a while and enjoy the moment.

But then I'd too lazy for those things since I know I'll be spending more time with it.

Seemed very lazy for a guy who played only 60 minutes, so his legs weren't super-tired.

If you lied about getting your work done, you could get away with being lazy for a while.

Actually I'd simply too lazy for the whole sterilisation thing, so I avoided it by exclusively breastfeeding for a year.

Of course, better-paid jobs came with more holidays, but there isn't a culture of being lazy for the entire summer, like in Poland.

Who needs investigations? Journalism has been lazy for a long time now, just look at some of the trash articles in this very paper.

It would be lazy for me to call the young female narrator of this novel a coked-out ' 80s version of Catcher in the Rye, so I won't.

In 6% of cases lazy at is used

Sadly, I am very lazy at the moment.

I just get so unbelievably lazy at times.

He feels a bit lazy at the present moment.

If she was trained to do it and was lazy at what she did, it would be a different matter.

They have two days off of work so they can be lazy at home instead of lazy in the office.

A brilliant mind, a highly talented writer and although lazy at times, a man who delivered.

Pooja is very lazy at times, a total chatterbox who enjoys life to the fullest, a happy go lucky person, bold yet kiddish.

She doesn't eat healthy (partially thanks to my dad and we've had discussions about this ), and has become very lazy at home.

All I'd saying is that the Jets recognize the value of their brand locally, and haven't been lazy at maximizing revenue from it.

The Turks have been so lazy at lobbying for themselves that we now are blamed for everything, which we are blissfully unaware of.

In 5% of cases lazy of is used

It is also hugely lazy of me to say.

Lions are the laziest of the big cats.

I'd as lazy of a plowboy as you've ever found.

How foolish and lazy of us to not skip toilet paper this month and buy some Apple stock instead.

It is lazy of them to chose a side and rely on the easy information from less controntional sources.

We feel it is lazy of a retailer of the size of Gap not to consider localizing sizing prior to launching.

I know that's lazy of me, but I was already 4 days overdue and there were holds!! Shenk's premise that it's not nature vs.

He's always late, he's always the laziest of the bunch and he pretty much just sits back and make use of everyone else.

Meatball We pay taxes, so we'll be protected from invasions from other countries and not to provide for the lazy of this country.

When the young brazen and lazy of America are drafted to die for Israel, then we shall know what America doesn't stand for at all.

In 4% of cases lazy by is used

Also, good programmers are lazy by nature.

I am lazy by all means and most consumers are.

Socialism fails because people are lazy by nature.

Business people and bosses aren't inherently lazy by nature - you've just got a bad one.

I've been trying not to be lazy by walking an extra station or two before catching trains.

However, I know I have worked pretty hard over the years, despite being quite lazy by nature.

So now we know police officers in uniform are called lids, while ones thought of as lazy by colleagues are dubbed Olympic torches.

Now ask yourself the question, is Dawkins not lazy by saying that asking the question that natural science can not explain is a nonquestion.

A warning: if you're sized up as vain and lazy by those guys, even though you're not, they'll peg you as an easy mark and pour on the flattery and hopium.

They also believed that Africans, all Africans had criminal tendencies, lacked personal initiative and self-discipline and were lazy by nature (Koponnen, 1995).

In 4% of cases lazy like is used

Maybe Mitt was not totally lazy like W.

They are not lazy like the rest of the left.

Are they lazy like what U have said? Unlikely.

I am so excited to know that you are super lazy like me when it comes to skin and hair care.

Perhaps we would be fat and lazy like those people on the spaceship in the animated film ' Wall-E '.

I am a woman who loves my sleep, and definitely appreciate the ability to be a little lazy like that.

Dora, on the other hand, would rather explore every nook and cranny the great outdoors holds, rather than be lazy like her pal.

I don't want to sign up for an account because I am lazy like an NCBer reading medical studies but not getting past the abstract.

What i dislike: - The rear design - Noisy engine when accelerate - kinda sluggish when pick up, like as if the car so lazy like that.

In 4% of cases lazy on is used

Too lazy on a Thursday evening.

He was also arrogant, and lazy on the job.

Do not be lazy on this, his words are true.

The lesson in this is not to be lazy on our holiday and get dressed to go to a restaurant for food.

I lost 4 inches from my 2nd wrap, but I think that was because I was lazy on drinking water that time.

Then Louisville got lazy on defense and the glass and actually wound up losing the second half, 41-38.

In other news, Jack Wilshere has been quoted as warning his fellow gunners against being sloppy and lazy on the pitch.

Run and run and run more to not feel lazy on the field of play, and learn more tricks of experience too on turnings and more.

BTW some of you are being lazy on the down-voting and letting the side down -- some of my posts are 1 or 2 short of being hidden away.

But for the most part I was just lazy on building them myself, and through my work I got a nice discount on Dells (hence my laptop is an xps).

In 2% of cases lazy as is used

One is about 1845 times as lazy as the other.

She then describes becoming lazy as a result.

GW seems to be getting lazy as well as greedy.

I hope it does nt make me lazy as opposed to just.

The Greeks have become bone idle and Lazy as a society.

It's amiable bordering on lazy as opposed to rivetting - it.

I don't know how anything could be as annoying or lazy as that.

We inherited so much affluence that it made us lazy as a society.

Simply can not afford to be lazy as a full back, when it comes to getting up and down that line.

I swear, I am that lazy as every other online junkie who doesn't love to read 1200 words on your single article.

In 1% of cases lazy from is used

Maybe everyone is lazy from lack of energy and from being sick.

So to stay alive, we developed technology and weapons to keep the lazy from stealing our warmth and food.

I remember the first Deep Purple song I heard -- Lazy from Made in Japan and I was amazed at what came out of Jon's Hammond.

Is it appropriate that a person feels lazy from attending the Fajr prayer, after he had known about all these rewards? The Prophet (P.

The debate was quite unequal, as Freidman was an accomplished bully and the tail end of the keynesians had got soft and lazy from lack of challenges.

Ando is overweight and his injury record is hardly great, he s also incredibly lazy from what i can tell and hear about him, and far too inconsistent.

Aimed at children and teens, it is a PSA for The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports; the kids in the ad end up all sloppy and lazy from eating too much junk food.

Employment Laziness: This is the one that destroys many companies where employees are lazy from fulfilling their duties, hence hurting suppliers, customers, investors and all those involved.

In 1% of cases lazy over is used

She just seems to have gotten very lazy over the past while.

That either means he was lazy over the summer, or he was restricted in any conditioning program.

I think we have got lazy over the last 5080 years we expect so much and more all the time delivered so easily.

Both these boys are bright &; intelligent but have become somewhat lazy over their work &; do not use their brains sufficiently.

Some men believe Ghana is already an equal society and feel that girls have just grown lazier over time, and more demanding of their money.

If we admit that it couldn't be done today, we're also admitting that campaign volunteers have become incredibly lazy over the past 20 years or so.

In 1% of cases lazy out is used

Not everyone is lazy out of their own choice; some people just don't understand the social conventions which exist among people who live together.

The Web Developer- It's Uploading Trust me this ones the most important one and the laziest out of all and his excuse will always be its uploading.

I let her live with me and she was a second reason to kick my husband out besides his lazy out of work man he was for a year even though he had income.

I came to the conclusion after writing this, well in truth before writing it, that actually Arshavin is the least lazy out of all three and we as a club are wasting a talented player.

In 1% of cases lazy during is used

Good luck! My cat is very lazy during the day.

He certainly never appeared to be LAZY during matches.

People don't get more lazy during a recession - they need.

At that time, we will wish that we had enormous number of fasts and recitations of the Holy Quran to present to Allah, had we not been lazy during Ramadan.

She does not intend to be lazy during the coming months and it is planned that new recordings and revised mixes of some previously recorded material will be released at the end of the year.

In 1% of cases lazy because is used

I don't call her lazy because of it.

Governments have become lazy because of aid.

All Black people are not lazy because of welfare.

Children tend to be lazy because of their young age and the maturity of their minds.

More often than not plans are made, and eventually everyone gets lazy because of the tiring week behind them.

Children have become obese because of it, adults lazy because of technology and it has made the people materialistic.

Should you be feeling lethargic or very lazy because of your major depression and would want to feel a lot more inform, you should think of releasing far more proteins to your diet.

In 1% of cases lazy after is used

Sloth: I am lazy after excessive eating.

Or they're too lazy after work to go anywhere.

Eye Patching If one eye is found to be lazy after examination, then patching treatment may be required.

Since i was sleeping late those times, i could not get up early also and i was too lazy after getting up that late.

Further, many people have become flaccid and lazy after 55 years and are not angry and hungry enough to surmount the razor sharp wires.

Do nt normally like tough days on Fridays, do feel lazy after the week but I also finish an hour early from work, means making use of an extra hours daylight.

And since we've been a bit lazy after the last two thrilling wins over the Trojans, such an iconic game deserves to be forever remembered by another iconic name.

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