Prepositions after "lay"

"lay on" or "lay in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases lay on is used

I lay on the shores of a new world.

Try laying on the floor for a week.

As I was laying on my side in my bed.

Corpses lay on the streets, covered by a cloth or blanket in front of crumpled buildings.

It wasn't nearly as one-sided as the 92-0 beatdown South Korea laid on Thailand in 1998.

When the sheet was laid on the adhesive, the stress will lead to the formation of air bubbles.

A NEW OIL FIRED HEATING SYSTEM HAS BEEN INSTALLED - it has been painted and new carpet laid on the stairs and landing.

What is your best childhood memory? I was probably five and my grandfather was laying on the couch in the living room.

Laying on the thickest spy accent I could muster I told him I was from Moscow and I had been to Zanzibar many times before.

He slid his leggings to the floor and lay on the bed waiting, wanting to get the act over and done with as quickly as possible.

In 23% of cases lay in is used

Ahmad lay in his bed fast asleep.

Villas-Boas's gameplan lay in tatters.

Well, the answer simply lay in resources.

Sit or lay in a comfortable position and focus on your surroundings for 15 to 30 minutes.

For Weber, statehood lay in the achievement of a monopoly on the legitimate use of force.

It didn't get to me so fast, but as I lay in bed after coming home it hit me like a train.

I remember many, many nights when I would lay in bed and think to myself that Andrew had not spoken a single word all day.

Their headquarters lay in ruins and their staff were forced to look for the dead and missing from their own ranks as well.

Erskine Childers, in an estimate of Andrews, judges that the charm of the man lay in a combination of power and simplicity.

What Went Down I lay in bed, still half asleep in Glen's arms when I said- I really need to spend some time on myself today.

In 7% of cases lay off is used

I got laid off from my job in December.

I've been laid off four times in my career.

We have about 100K people laid off this year.

You don't want to be the company that lays off people at the start and end of projects.

Moreover, for months the media has been laying off her precisely because she is his wife.

Companies began laying off people and continued to downsize through the economic downturn.

I have one significant gap from October 2010 (when I got laid off) to July 2011 (when I finally found contract work).

One woman who came to the food pantry just last week said she got laid off three weeks ago and her husband got laid off last week, Rowe said.

Also, Espinosa has made a noticeable effort to lay off the junk people have been getting him with all year but his swing is still way too long.

Joining them in the job hunt are the millions of Americans who have been laid off, are unemployed, and have been looking to get hired for weeks, months, even years.

In 6% of cases lay at is used

Sorry, this is all laid at Romney's feet.

The changes in north Africa and the Middle East can be laid at their feet.

The body is laid at the State House for filing past by selected dignitaries.

David Cameron must be praying this ' fiddles as Rome burns ' issue isn't laid at his door.

So the error is rectified by replacing the balls where they lay at the end of the third stroke.

At least this idiot admits that they can be lied to and still lay at their feet of thier beloved.

This will be followed by a wreath laying at the Cenotaph in Whitehall at 1100 and service in Westminster Abbey at 1200.

Three years ago, when we boycotted the winter session of Parliament over 2G scam, the same accusation was laid at our door.

As the rest of the party conversed with each other, Glaucus lay at the feet of Ione silently, until she broke the pause between them.

In 6% of cases lay before is used

The letter had been laid before him at the supper-table.

I had taken on a heavy responsibility and a vast field of work lay before me.

The SI still needs to be formally laid before Parliament before it is enacted.

Information was laid before the Committee for the Advance of Money against him 12 Feb.

An app that will open my door and let me see the endless possibilities that lay before me.

It is simple: if you fear your private communication will be laid before the world, you will write it quite differently, or not at all.

The way that millions of German youth were led to their deaths in Russia confirms that Hitler was following the plan that had been laid before him.

An anonymous information was laid before me containing a charge against several persons, who upon examination denied they were Christians, or had ever been so.

The challenges laid before him were swept aside almost effortlessly, and yet there has never been a time when the manager seemed to rest on previous successes.

In 4% of cases lay by is used

John Baptist's was laid by the Very Rev.

The foundation stone was laid by the Viceroy of India, Lord Minto, in 1909.

Hopefully the foundations laid by SAF will be followed through by the next manager.

The foundations for Elizabethan and Jacobean lute playing were laid by Philip van Wilder.

Don't fall into the trap laid by Maharaja: -) 2 People Had Something to Say about this post.

And thus, wise parents think about what foundation is being laid by the toys that are given to their kids.

The crisis motivated developments in the foundation that was laid by technology for contemporary spray foam applications.

You can also rest assured that the meat is organic and the eggs have been laid by one of their 600 happy, free-roaming chickens.

The foundations for the EU and ultimately the Euro single currency were laid by the secretive Bilderberg Group in the mid-1950? s.

The origin of Nagpur can be traced back to the year 1703, when its foundation was laid by the Gond King of Deogad, Bakht Buland Singh.

In 4% of cases lay with is used

So I asked him why I got to play with the fun stuff.

A minute longer he lay without moving, his hands clinched.

In Britain sovereignty, ultimate power, lay with the parliament.

The first step in helping Insiders lays with the program itself.

Deciding the future lay with the Arabs, he turned gradually against Israel.

There are other positions you can try like laying with your head in his lap etc.

It was in a way Anwar who made me ' see the light ' that the future lay with Islam.

He lays with them, plays with them, and puts up with their annoyances better than I do.

You understand better why I am irritated when we loose our global investments due to a virtual play witht the monney.

I'd sure if God grants me with a successful career I may get involved in different aspects of the industry, but my loyalty will always lay with music.

In 4% of cases lay to is used

America, finally laid to rest, by her own traitorous Yanks.

Alam Kausar, another friend of mine, was laid to rest in that graveyard.

I stopped by the Moravian Cemetery where my parents and a brother were laid to rest.

Hannah O ' Shea sang The Rose of Mooncoin at the graveside as Michael was laid to his eternal rest.

Wherever he is laid to rest, at least he will be given the respect and decency of a Christian burial.

Following the mass she was laid to rest in Maghergallon cemetery in a plot alongside her husband, Joe Johnny.

Like his predecessors, he was laid to rest in the plaza of the Tomb during a ceremony that received national coverage.

Other hacks will follow that selfsame well-worn tabloid line unless the issue is laid to rest before Britten-100 begins.

The old adage from Wannamaker that he knew 50% of his advertising didn't work, but not which half, should be laid to rest.

He was laid to rest at the Presidio (San Francisco National Cemetery) in full dress uniform on a hill overlooking the city.

In 2% of cases lay for is used

However the foundations are laid for future success.

Don't grieve for me, for now I'd free I'd following the path God laid for me.

In doing so, I will also look at where the responsibility lays for the defeats.

He lay for a while in the silent dusty rubble to which most of the room had been reduced.

Now that the religious groundwork has been laid for the film, consider now Andy's escape.

I didn't know it was your table, ' said Alice; it's laid for a great many more than three.

Why can not they simply state this price is available and will be laid for this sum of money.

Well, Ronnie told me that there is nothing to panic as the roads are laid for a comfortable speed of 80 to 100 Kmph.

The foundations have been laid for richer content streams, special interest areas and enhanced user experience over time.

Except it was never exclusively on that platform, quite a bit of groundwork had been laid for others, U8500 &; it's progeny as just one example.

In 2% of cases lay against is used

No charges will be laid against this man.

Serious charges were laid against all Weatherman leaders.

The DPP subsequently ruled that charges be laid against him.

I certainly would not support that charge being laid against him.

He was both clever, highly intelligent but also totally innocent of any of the charges laid against him.

Its dazed occupants lay against the back wall of the cabin, and listened to the voices on the monitor speakers.

Charges have been laid against AECL by the Nuclear Safety Commission (formerly known as the Atomic Energy Control Board) in connection with this incident.

The situation doesn't look good for the News of the World, with a host of other high profile cases set to be laid against the paper for breach of privacy.

After review of all statements from all members concerned it was found that NO charges were to be laid against anyone and no one had anything to answer to.

In 1% of cases lay beneath is used

Until Jurassic times, it lay beneath a shallow sea, dotted with volcanic islands.

What did not lay beneath ice was a largely cold and desolate desert landscape, due in large part to the colder, less-humid atmospheric conditions that prevailed.

Necessarily, Amory's acquaintance with him was in the way of three-minute chats, walking to and from lectures, so he failed to penetrate Burne's one absorbing interest and find what lay beneath it.

In 1% of cases lay between is used

I believe the majority still lay between Animals /Humans.

The key crossroads of Quatre Bras lay between the allied armies.

It is almost exclusively vegetarian and feeds on sea grasses, algae and occasionally sponges, and lays between 80 and 150 eggs per nest.

Young Dandelion leaves make delicious sandwiches, the tender leaves being laid between slices of bread and butter and sprinkled with salt.

In 1% of cases lay about is used

It lay about 120 miles east of Mount Hua.

Aladdin, who was overjoyed to be so well clothed, looked forward to the pleasure of walking in the gardens which lay about the town.

Then a actual briefs, alias boy shorts, will lay about the waist, cover both rear and also the front but will be more similar to the type of shorts.

Lay about 3/4 ounce cheese on one slice of the bread; top with 2 ounces turkey meat, 2 tablespoons relish, about 5-6 arugula leaves and an additional 3/4 ounce cheese.

In 1% of cases lay behind is used

Laying behind them were deep notions of contentment.

It is this political perspective that reveals what lays behind the UVF mass acquittal.

But it was clear that particular regional dynamics lay behind the extent of this emphasis.

They were told an image, which could be erotic, lay behind one curtain and they should guess which.

Ron said it wasn't luck, or even judgement, that lay behind his successes -- he was being ' guided '.

Often it lay behind a plate glass window, people in white gowns attending it, and those who wished to use it did so through intermediaries.

He believed that religion existed, but he did not agree that the reality that lay behind it was the same reality that believers thought existed.

Much of Fathia's experience in Ghana first lay behind the Castle walls, and later within the confines of the presidential palace, Flagstaff House.

You keep brooding over them trying to make sense as to why they happened and what curious logic lay behind the actions of those who were involved.

Except for Jessie Wilson, who was unable to be present, there were no fishing enthusiasts who could appreciate what lay behind my announcement that I had caught the salmon myself.

In 1% of cases lay into is used

Simon Hughes himself was among the first to lay into Phil Woolas after the verdict.

The most recent time I really tried to lay into him, and I could tell I'd struck him and it felt disturbingly good to feel my barbs sink into his kind soul.

In 1% of cases lay around is used

I keep this kit, two 50 foot polar extension cords (buy high quality cold weather capable, 14gauge extension cords specifically for the emergency kit, and forget all the rest laying around the house.

In 1% of cases lay along is used

Huge pieces of the figure lay along the harbor for centuries.

The road segment from Nagas handiya to Horana Matugma rd (15km) is laid along a country side.

By now wounded men by the score were being brought back and laid along the track, all sorts of wounds.

In 1% of cases lay over is used

The Ganesha Shankh is laid over a red colored cloth and placed on the altar.

An earlier video from the same team imagines greenhouse gas emissions as a Carbon Quilt, laid over the Earth.

Various designs such as the pakudus or cross pattern are created with split nito or red-dyed buri laid over strips of buri.

In 1% of cases lay under is used

How: I laid under the jump and motor-drived the action at 9fps.

Here and there a napkin, crushed and bedraggled into an unrecognizable ball, lay under a table.

This was the foundation of the mine which we have laid under the GOY people, I should rather say, under the GOY peoples.

WOLFSIE: What are pillow lavas? ZINDLER: Pillow lavas are lavas laid under water, under great depths of water, and they form like pillows because the lava congeals so rapidly.

In 1% of cases lay upon is used

Austere and cold thou deemest me - such is the love that I venture to lay upon thy shrine - thou canst receive it without a blush.

Ahmad lays upon a bed of a material made only for the pious, watching above as small gem like leaves float around in all directions, releasing a beautiful scent attaching to anything it touches.

In 2 Kings 4 we are told that a child had died and his death had been well made sure when Elisha came in: And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed.

In 1% of cases lay across is used

Get a mirror and put it on top of a cart so it lay across it.

He understands, does Edgar, that any old railway line - as long as it's really old - though laid across grass has the city's shine.

Vibhishana had joined the forces of Rama and with the help of king Sugreeva, a huge army was raised and a bridge laid across the sea to reach Lanka.

They shot and tomahawked Timothy Sullivan, one of Grice and Walker's farm workers, who had been sent out with others in a cart to make fascines to lay across a swamp.

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