Prepositions after "lax"

"lax in", "lax on" or "lax about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases lax in is used

Laws were lax in the early days.

People like Robert Lax in Greece.

But they were also lax in other areas.

Had a layover at LAX in August of 2012 while waiting for a domestic Virgin America flight.

It is quite noticeable that for some time now, many have been lax in this particular field.

He said that strict action would be taken against doctors and officers found lax in this regard.

The Templar order has broken away, claiming the church has become too lax in policing the dangerous powers of the mages.

Football teams have lost many games because a couple of players were lax in there ball carrying and fumbled the football.

A person should not be lax in this matter, and should always remember Allah, repent and fear the punishment of the grave.

Perhaps they have but media/others, were simply lax in reporting such as un-newsworthy, being un-Sevco, Un-Celtic related.

In 15% of cases lax about is used

Generally they're pretty lax about it.

I have to admit that I am sometimes rather lax about this.

The mine owners were particularly lax about gas and coal dust.

Our businesses and farmers are curiously lax about energy and fertiliser efficiencies.

If you lived in an area that was lax about that, you would still get your federal rebate.

Sukin: It's more that unlike me and perhaps some others, you are not lax about this point.

Schools are good to great, depending on your perspective, and if they are lax about arithmetic it is easy to supplement.

The housework can prove to be a larger issue if you are both a little lax about housekeeping but don't want to admit it.

Then I got sort of lax about using my machine, and my skin started acting up again, a few breakouts and general dullness.

Unfortunately, usual input facilities are limited, difficult to use, and often are lax about checking their inputs for validity.

In 13% of cases lax on is used

I am going to the LAX on Sat 9.

I jumped but was lax on the others.

Here's the loose plan: Flying into LAX on Thursday, Oct.

Weather permitting, Endeavour will arrive at LAX on the back of the Boeing 747 midday Sept.

As we drove to LAX on the last half day of our trip, Monsieur and I dissected the gala dinner.

Or steaming veggies &; i always feel like a bad cook or foolishly lax on the health front when I do.

Some quarters are saying the administration has been lax on him in order that he would add to votes to ouster Gutierrez.

He likewise held in abeyance the job orders of those agencies who have been lax on regulations or had cases of runaway maids.

We're usually pretty lax on deworming her in the winter months, but she'll get a couple of doses of dewormer alongside the puppy.

According to TMZ, Justin asked a driver to take him to LAX on Wednesday, November 14 to pick up Selena, then headed to her house.

In 9% of cases lax with is used

Customs are fairly lax with foreigners.

She believes British parents are lax with their children.

But David's so lax with his grading I'd not even worried about it.

Sadly, more organizations these days are getting lax with the quality of their service.

Do your research though as some of the dive operators are a little lax with their safety checks.

I've been a bit lax with blogging too and blogger doesn't seem to be redirecting my old blog to the new one.

Would it kill them to be honest up front? They shouldn't be surprised when women are a little lax with their follow ups.

I do not see them being lax with Elizabeth in London, nor so impressed with wealth they would trust Elizabeth to just anyone.

I've been very lax with my blogging of late and, probably as a direct consequence, I've also been lax at visiting blogs I follow.

Disciplinarians begin to get lax with their use of the tool for fear of the state taking over the school and the loss of their jobs.

In 7% of cases lax to is used

The flight from LAX to Papeete was great.

They passed it without charge from LAX to Florida.

Pilot Bob JBU672 just landed LAX to JFK 4 hours 27 minutes flight duration.

From LAX to IAH, it's about a little over 3hrs, then from IAH to SJO, it's about 3:40hrs.

For most of the players the flight from LAX to Toronto was their first noncommercial trip.

They have a wonderful five night stay package that includes air fare from LAX to the island.

Even if you want your first stop to be Vegas, book a return to LAX then book a flight with Southwest from LAX to Vegas.

I have a trip in January and the OW fare from LAX to HKG is $1000 in PE, which I think it is reasonable and may consider it.

Flying BNE-LAX-JFK (code share Delta from LAX to New York) and coming back MCO-LAX-BNE (code share Delta from Orlando to LA).

Last spring I saw a random tweet that a newer airline was offering $250 round-trip tickets from LAX to Lima, and I jumped on it.

In 4% of cases lax at is used

We are flying in to LAX at 10 pm on Friday night.

In practice, however, this seems to be pretty lax at Disneyland.

Lax at players in at side (Nalet) and standing in front of hindmost feet close to ruck.

The shuttle, perched atop a modified 747, is scheduled to land at LAX at around 11:00 a.

We had to leave LAX at 1am, which meant that I had to pull sleeping children out of their beds.

Yeah I know, I have been really lax at putting in new content here at GeePlease, and I have a lot of stuff I needed to share.

I've been very lax with my blogging of late and, probably as a direct consequence, I've also been lax at visiting blogs I follow.

Aside from posting my own articles here (something I've been lax at recently) I rarely use my personal blog to promote work stuff.

Irish immigration can be a bit lax at times, but having 2 passports, with different birth dates, is sure to earn you some special treatment.

Admittedly, even as we've stepped up our efforts at careful crediting and sampling of images, we've been lax at times, and the boundaries have shifted dramatically as well.

In 4% of cases lax for is used

The Flyaway at Union Station will get you to LAX for only $7.

And the notion that security would have been as lax for an Indian tour is questionable.

We were in LAX for just over 2 hours before boarding our second Air New Zealand flight to London.

That will likely continue as well for some time, simply because social rules look to be very lax for quite some time ahead.

I bought a couple of complex tickets and the silver bird took to the sky and deposited me safely in LAX for my first brief stop.

In the kitchen, I immediately snagged a large cache of Michael Lax for Copco -- the kettle, baker, ramekins, and gratin dishes are great.

Go on, do it! We all love being detained in LAX for nine hours as the police and immigration services think you are there to blow up their country.

My baggage was lost and I needed to run and get some makeup, essentials, etc, to try to put myself together after a red-eye flight from LAX for a work meeting.

It was also small enough (thanks to the Focus platform) to sit in mall parking spaces, and the boot coped with my suitcases on the trip to LAX for my flight home.

However, the rules are more lax for foreigners, so if unsure about your appearance just speak English while you're passing the club's entrance, and you're guaranteed to get in.

In 1% of cases lax after is used

Everyone's connective tissue at the midline is lax after childbirth.

Be afraid, be very afraid that the hold over Scotland becomes more lax after each passing day.

My JetBlue flight had just landed at LAX after a five-hour flight from JFK and I'd randomly turned to CNN as my plane was taxing toward the gate.

In 1% of cases lax as is used

They become intellectually lax as well as morally decadent.

Murray also recognises that selling LAX as a destination is a non-stop effort.

Now I'd not saying casual as in non-tournament stream I'd just saying they're more lax as to what can be said.

In 1% of cases lax before is used

Fortunately I had six hours in LAX before my onward flight so there was no stress except for waiting in line interminably.

It was long speculated that OJ had dumped it in a trash bin at LAX before getting on a plane, therefore it ended up in a landfill site.

In 1% of cases lax by is used

However, travellers venturing to LAX by car between 11 a.

In 1% of cases lax during is used

The job can be very challenging on busy days to very lax during morning/lunch shifts and easy.

CHRIS BROWN: Look at the time it was very lax during the period that Mr Thomson was the national secretary? 2002 to 2007.

The effort failed in part, however, because church authorities came to think that religious discipline had grown too lax during Crowther's episcopate but especially because of the rise of prejudice.

In 1% of cases lax from is used

From flying out to LAX from DIA with a loaded.

It was a short ride to LAX from West Hollywood and a quick breeze through check in and security.

I'd going to LAX from Woodland Hills, San Fernando Valley on Sunday 30th in the morning from the 101.

In 1% of cases lax of is used

A wild rabbit terrine packed lots of flavour while a gravad lax of sea trout with beetroot was lighter and brighter.

It almost seems that parking meter ticket officials are lying in wait for you, though, having had one ticket it does seem a little lax of you to have incurred another in such a short space of time.

In 1% of cases lax over is used

Every morning, lean in to the mirror, and say I love you! -Robin Leach Admit it, Mom and Dad: You've gotten lax over the summer.

In 1% of cases lax under is used

That was before Obama took office and at a time when regulations and taxation relatively lax under Bush.

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