Prepositions after "last"

last for, from, until, in or through?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases last for is used

Yoga classes last for one hour.

This lasted for about two hours.

Each Session lasts for 30 minutes.

The new schedule commences in Kolkota from July 20 and will last for more than 10 days.

Training can last for up to two years as most employers demand experience and maturity.

I mix of ma the dance all night bash of natural; elements and laser effects last for me.

In the largely empty, benign environment of interstellar space, these craft are likely to last for millions of years.

I didn't even last for seven days! On a hot summer's day I did something that turned the direction of my life around.

Beginning five hours before the debate and lasting for another hour after its conclusion (it ran from 9 to 10:30 p.

All you need if for the temp increase to last for enough time for the water vapour to have time to effect the climate.

In 7% of cases last from is used

First Asante War lasts from 1824 to1831.

The whole thing lasted from 2:30pm-6:00pm.

The ensuing battle lasted from 21 to 26 July.

The effects last from a few minutes to an hour depending on the compound and the dose.

His trades last from a few seconds to the whole day and in my opinion he is rather good at it.

Most graduate interns will be involved in programs that last from between four months to a year.

North of the equator the rainy season is from April to October, the dry season lasting from December to February.

This syndrome is an acute stress reaction to a life-threatening situation that can last from two years to a lifetime.

According to the original agenda, the working dinner was due to last from 8pm till 10pm Brussels time, followed by a press conference.

Cluster headaches can last from 15 minutes to 3 hours (if not treated) and can occur up to 8 times a day over a period of several weeks.

In 5% of cases last until is used

This command lasted until 16 June 1749.

The process is projected to last until 2017.

Place over a year, it lasted until March 2008.

This global cooling period lasted until about 1850 but was especially severe this year.

His tenure, which lasted until 1918, stressed indirect British control using local rulers.

The FIFA World Cup, taking place in South Africa, began yesterday and will last until July 11.

Shares are now available to buy, but the issue will only last until November 17, where Oviedo's fate will be learned.

The appointment will commence immediately once appointment is confirmed and will last until the end of the Asian Games.

The British crown did not gain full control of India until 1858, which lasted until 1947, which is less then 100 years.

Others suggest this Global Warming period lasted to about 1 AD when a Global Cooling period set in that lasted until about 1830 as recorded in Alberta.

In 4% of cases last in is used

I met my true love, Michael, on May 8th last in Hub bar.

Some things will last in time a little while longer than others.

Market socialism, I predict, will not be able to last in long term.

Agreed, Kia can't expect the brand to last in Australia for very long with the current supply.

Since he is second to last in chips he may find it hard to catch up with the rest of the players.

No matter how long they last in captivity the will always be happier in the ocean where they belong.

However, under Abdurrahman the last the decendent of the Muawiyun who escaped the massacre to Spain that lasted in 1492See the Map.

It is one thing to kill the king and oust the ancient regime, something very different and much more difficult to put something better and lasting in its place.

Because a certain depth of purpose is a prerequisite for interesting writing, and because dynamic writing, writing that lasts in the mind and stands the test of time is rarely monochrome.

The Hoosiers rank dead last in the Big Ten in scoring defense, total defense, rush defense, and are second to last in passing efficiency defense, ahead of only our good friends from Illinois.

In 3% of cases last through is used

They have lasted through time, illness, marriage, and distant moves.

In America, that lasted through the 1970s and then the situation reversed.

They make great mostly watertight containers that last through many weather conditions.

The period formally lasts through the Easter season and may be marked by a parish celebration on or near Pentecost.

Which sucks, because my current laptop usually doesn't have enough battery power to even last through a 2 hour flight.

I don't know if I am reading your threads right but I wondered if your husband throught he may not last through Christmas.

This situation lasted through the Great Depression until World War II, when the era of passenger shipping was once again halted.

The pandemonium lasted through CNN's subsequent call, though alas everyone here was denied the pleasure of seeing Fox News call the race.

Each cartridge is designed to last about as long as a pack of cigarettes, while each atomizer is designed to last through the equivalent of a few packs of cigarettes.

In 2% of cases last between is used

That lasted between 1963 and ' 66.

This period generally last between 5-7 years, although 8-12 years is not uncommon.

Travelers can hike on three different circuits, which last between 3 and 5 days, and sleep in huts and rustic shelters.

When you EAT cooked cannabis, it gets altered by your liver and becomes 3 times as potent, and the effects last between 6 - 8 hours at least.

A fishing trip lasts between 3 and 6 days so the growth of a young fur seal is rather irregular and weaning happens later than with other species.

Stomach Ulcer symptoms The major symptom of an ulcer is a burning or gnawing feeling in the stomach area that lasts between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

Although standardised records of call duration were not kept, it was usual for most calls put through to counsellors to last between 5 and 15 minutes.

The Spanish rose in revolt what was to be called a Guerrilla war with the major conflict becoming known as the Peninsular War, which was to last between 1808-1814.

There are a number of signs you can look out for, but most are not apparent until your bitch is well into her pregnancy (which on average lasts between 61 and 65 days).

Our forces must be psychologically and materially prepared for the long haul, a war that should last between 10 and 15 years to give room for young Somalis to be weaned out of the war mentality.

In 2% of cases last about is used

Well, you'd last about a microsecond in a kitchen.

It applies smoothly, is very pigmented and lasts about 6/8 hours.

When they say thank you to me, I just want to shout ' Don't thank me, THANK YOU! ' It was definitely my 15 minutes of fame, only it lasted about a month.

We lasted about two months, then I broke up with him in the art corridor at school, saying very seriously ' I just don't think this is going to work out '.

In 2% of cases last into is used

The scent lasts into the next hour, until someone flushes of course.

They have taught your child to make mis-informed food decisions that will last into adulthood.

All 204 nations, predominantly in alphabetical order, though with Britain as hosts last into the stadium.

The Hillbilly Boogie period lasted into the 1950s, and remains as one of many subgenres of country into the twenty first century.

Since Rahu moves quite slowly, this was one of the main sources of the ongoing conflict in government that lasted into January 1996.

The one thing I really like about wraps is that is has a longer shelf life than bread, lasting into a couple of months before the printed expiry date.

Just as there occurred a shift in the general inflation climate in year 1999-2000, or the paper vs hard asset trend, very similar to what happened after the Vietnam War, lasting into the seventies.

In 2% of cases last on is used

Last on the list of Este Lauder review products are their nail polishes.

It got people in to see what was going on, but no band can last on a gimmick alone.

What one eats on a regular basis can affect the way a fragrance smells and lasts on a person's skin.

Make sure the children create huge signs to last on the side of the trail to let people know what you really are up to.

I have emailed lipsy and so am hoping for a reply tomorrow, but as for sending another, the one i ordered was sadly the last one in stock in a size 8.

Recover Time: 11 turns *Note: Lasts on field for 5 turns *Note: Can protect against all attacks S rank and down *Note: User can use arms to attack enemy with a gigantic punch, swing etc.

In 2% of cases last till is used

The meeting had lasted till late evening.

Semakau Landfill is expected to last till 2045, 36 years from now.

Semakau Landfill started operation on 1 Apr 1999 and is expected to last till 2045.

PROBLEM: - If the woman is pregnant, then the Iddat will last till the delivery of the child.

In the UK, we put bedding plants out around May, and hope that they might last till the end of September.

On such reckoning, the correction could last till the second week of November and end in the vicinity of $80.

The new deal is expected to last till the end of 2015, and will see regular CSF payments to Pakistan during its duration.

As per him there is enough funding for now on from the EU-IMF bailout program that is more than enough to last till that time.

On 4th June Napoleon secured and Armistice, which lasted till August and in this rest period both sides, built up their forces for the final clash.

In 1% of cases last without is used

Maximum time it can last without fragmenting.

It had lasted without a break for twenty-four years and is the longest, most unintermittent, and greatest war we know of.

His behavior is awfully suspicious, so you may be right in not trusting him, but either way relationships can not last without trust.

In 1% of cases last with is used

Now, as you very well know, the furthest the boom can last with most of us is a week.

Long lasting with a slow even burn, this cigarette is the perfect specimen of what other smokes strive to be.

It also packs a fairly large replaceable 2,100 mAh battery, but of course we wonder how long it lasts with the equally large screen.

Not sure how long United could last with this problem and it might be worse if United does not stop Chelsea in the clash between both teams.

Why did they leave their magnificent cities which were built to last with massive blocks of stones? Only three Maya manuscripts, the so-called Codices, were spared in the burning of the books.

In 1% of cases last up is used

These seizures at times could last up to an over an hour or two.

The acute phase begins immediately and lasts up to several days after the attack.

Cheaper options include waxing, hair removal creams, and razors, with results that last up to a few weeks.

If stored in a sealed bag or container between uses, the World's Largest Gummy Bear will last up to a year.

These episodes of sleepless nights may come and go, last up to weeks, or be long-lasting (chronic) for many of us.

In 1% of cases last to is used

Who will last to the end credits is anyone's guess.

Not only our friendship has lasted to date, I owe him for the Islamic belief he gifted to me and my father.

Sky recently announced a financially improved Scottish Football deal to last to 2014, to replace the collapsed former Setanta deal.

Others suggest this Global Warming period lasted to about 1 AD when a Global Cooling period set in that lasted until about 1830 as recorded in Alberta.

At one of those famous gatherings, that usually started in the early afternoon and lasted to early night, we were celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the ordination of Bill Daley.

In 1% of cases last throughout is used

This can last throughout your entire pregnancy.

The APC lasted throughout 1984 with postponements and long delays between meetings.

The age-set thus formed is a permanent grouping, and lasts throughout the life of its members.

Unlike others, Organic Argan Oil will give your skin a healthy glow that will last throughout the day.

These off-the-cuff conversations can last throughout the day, with breaks for going to class or having dinner.

If fragrance is applied in the morning, will it last throughout the day? No, fragrance is not formulated to last all day.

Even though life changed forever the moment you became a parent, the stresses of the first weeks don't last throughout babyhood.

In 1% of cases last past is used

The man didn't last past a few months, but I stayed nearly five years.

Must be just stupid beginners luck if the farm lasts past the first dry summer.

In 1% of cases last beyond is used

Falling Skies will not, I believe, last beyond next June.

This theatre tradition did not last beyond the first decade of the twentieth century.

The implication is that complete intellectual recovery may be possible if deprivation does not last beyond the first six months of life.

Along the way, we'll discuss (and discover) common pitfalls and obstacles to writing trustworthy automation that lasts beyond the current release.

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