Prepositions after "large"

"large in" or "large of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases large in is used

Cities small and large in the U.

Largest in the world, they say.

Disaster looms large in the horizon.

Watch for reporting on the trucking software landscape writ large in the October issue.

As seen in table 2, Canada's proved oil reserves are the second largest in the world.

There was no apparent difference in expression of LARGE in wildtype and knockout cells.

The MasterCard/Cirrus ATM network is the largest in the world, giving you immediate access to cash wherever you go.

Coal consumption in Asia is the largest in the world and that at only 40 per cent level of the world's consumption.

It's very unfortunate and it's not fair to patients when these cuts have been so large in the states and territories.

In 22% of cases large of is used

BTW, just how large of a middle.

In the larger of the 2 bedrooms.

The larger of the two shook his head.

Birmingham, Alabama based Regions Financial Corporation (RF) is the larger of the two.

Lake Huron, which includes Georgian Bay, is the third largest of the lakes by volume.

The largest of the three lightweight carbon-composite aircraft, the A350-1000, is 73.

Once the largest of the group finds his dream home, he kicks out its current occupant and moves into the new shell.

You can see in the picture above how, after midnight on the East Coast, how large of a response that event generated.

As shown in Figure 07-05, Earth is the largest of the inner planets, followed by Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon.

In 9% of cases large for is used

The batch is too large for that.

He also grew up large for his breed.

Early pies were large for all to share.

Capitalists believe in increasing the pie so that the slices are larger for EVERYONE.

Exports account for a quarter of China's GDP, which is large for an economy that size.

The emissivity is larger for dark, rough surfaces and smaller for smooth, shiny ones.

The numbers mentioned sounded very large for the fabricators not realizing that the Muslims will exceed the billion.

It was a fabulous panorama, and I began to realise that the scene was just too large for a standard lens to take in.

If you are considering a breast augmentation, be careful about requesting breasts that are too large for your frame.

The Blue Liner school bus assist some students on a daily basis but the population is too large for this single bus.

In 4% of cases large on is used

Large on the canvas can be brown.

The pressure is a bit large on them.

It's small in size but large on impact.

It has a population of approximately 32,000 people, one of the largest on the island.

The policeman is bearing down on him, seeming to become larger and larger on his bike.

MCVEIGH PHOTO If Facebook was a country, it would be the third largest on the planet.

The man from East Lower made the point yesterday that spending large on players doesn't always guarantee you quality.

As elections loom large on the Ghana horizon, it is germane to ponder over some of the issues which worry Ghana ians.

So why is it that people are spending up large on debt while the Government over-taxes people and rolls in their cash.

Under your limitation, women could not evolve to be smaller and men larger on average -- or to have no beards -- etc.

In 4% of cases large with is used

I would agree in large with Dr.

The room was large with free wifi.

Having it large with David Guetta.

Reach out and intentionally, inspirationally live life large with family and friends.

His chin is getting pointier and his nostrils larger with each picture I see of him.

BEIJING -- China's health insurance program -- the world's largest with more than 1.

The natural phenomena are so large with so many variations that the differences between people are mockingly small.

Michaels does it large with the opening of 7 stores in fall 2012 -- 6 in the greater Montreal area and 1 in Ottawa.

We all imbibe their own rich heritage and elevate the particular bar larger with regards to customer satisfaction.

Superior rooms are the same, but with a sea view, while executive rooms are larger with wonderful views out to sea.

In 3% of cases large as is used

It will be half as large as the original.

The rock was as large as a small motor car.

Cats in Cat Land get quite large as a result.

Give us some of the money making strategies from the large as well as the midcap space.

The dam is the world largest as well as the world biggest hydroelectric power station.

The average daily drinking of one group is about five times as large as the other group.

However, entropy changes are also large as the volume change involved in this phase change are generally quite large.

I approached an iron block as big as a farmer's cottage and broke off a single flake of rust large as a dinner plate.

Each time a level rises to the top, a new level must be added to the bottom, each one twice as large as the one before.

On the right was a log polished by restless seats along the top, but not so large as the chiefs and not so comfortable.

In 2% of cases large at is used

The leak grew larger at 6:30 p.

While it's slightly larger at 12.

The display is slightly larger at 5.

The DUP is the biggest party in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest at Westminster.

That's kinda cool! That makes me smile and I actually feel quite large at the end of that.

You have not eaten all day and you feel like having everything in LARGE at the food court.

Women belonging to higher economic status 7 marry later -- Median values of age at first marriage is largest at 24.

The only description of the van so far was that it was grey, small at the front and large at the back, Mr Bevan said.

The tech bubble is impressively large at the moment, but what happens when it pops? There are two possible scenarios.

A large number of fires also started through the alpine area, with the largest at Mt Buffalo burning 51,400 hectares.

In 2% of cases large by is used

Weta are large by insect standards.

We're large by the standards of a blog.

Nou camp is larger by at least 6 yards.

The bank, Ireland's largest by assets, accounts for 40 percent of new mortgage loans.

He argued that the accepted diameter of the earth was too large by a significant margin.

Then she took the other ball and made her sign for large by spreading both hands over it.

United Kingdom The United Kingdom remains New Zealand wine's second largest market by value (and largest by volume).

It is one of the oldest, and also one of the largest by number of stations (468) and by total length of routes (337km).

Taking up 7,000 square feet, which is large by Hong Kong standards, the designer additionally made smart use of the space.

The Indonesian economy is the world? s sixteenth largest by nominal GDP and fifteenth largest by purchasing power parity.

In 2% of cases large over is used

Waits ' shadow looms large over.

An aerodynamic feel is writ large over it.

The temperature changes are largest over land.

Peterson's personality had seemed to loom large over the trial, at least to outsiders.

Billboards promoting digital TV packages and internet bundles loom large over the city.

And so of course, Blizzard's Diablo III looms large over the entirety of Torchlight II.

China and India comprise 40% of humanity and boast economies that are expected to loom large over the 21st century.

Food portions have grown larger over the decade, which has directly contributed to growing waistlines and obesity.

The largest annual loss was in 1989 -- 90 (19,928 ), and the largest over a five-year period in 1987 -- 92 (69,721).

All of this is a clear indication that the question of how to effectively fight corruption still looms large over India.

In 2% of cases large to is used

In order from largest to smallest.

Drupal for large to extra-large sites.

Maybe it is, but that seems large to me.

The McDonald's donation is one of the largest to date, and brings the campaign to $2.

This is an insult to the integrity of the President and by large to the Nigeria people.

The following works are arranged by length starting with the largest to the shortest.

They appear larger to the eye than the stars, being many million miles nearer to our earth than any of the stars are.

Figure 11-32 Chromosome, DNA The 24 chromosome types in human cells are numbered from largest to smallest - 1 to 22.

What do you consider average? Helen: It's weird because what I think is average, maybe small or large to someone else.

We must move from trying to appreciate the universe as being infinitely large to realizing that it is actually eternal.

In 1% of cases large among is used

The share of women is much larger among U.

The Kayan sub-group forms the largest among them.

The largest among them is the House of Ministries.

Lotus Bath Tivanka Image House Largest among the brick - built shrines of Polonnaruwa.

No risk was found in one study, but the tumour size was significantly larger among users.

In the beginning of the 1990s the export rate was the largest among all of the countries.

Intel's 27% increase in R &D; expenditures was the largest among companies spending $1bn or more on R &D; last year.

Last year, Toyota saw a 15 percent share of the total passenger car market, the largest among non-domestic manufacturers.

Langkawi is naturally an archipelago of slightly more than 100 islands with Langkawi Island being the largest among them.

Tomas Aguirre, founded Banco Filipino to make it the largest among savings and thrift banks in the Philippines in its time.

In 1% of cases large relative is used

Its flowers are large relative to the foliage.

This sounds very small but is actually very large relative to natural variability.

In both categories they are the largest relative to body size among baleen whales 8.

Underwriting losses from mega-catastrophes are often large relative to capital reserves.

Many Eurozone banks were large relative to the size of the economy where they were based.

Compared to other moons in the neighbourhood, our Moon is anomalously large relative to its planet.

The donations were large relative to profits and beyond what could be justified as beneficial to the company.

Furthermore, if the screw diameter is large relative to (the cube root of) the mold cavity volume, variation of 0.

The waist looks larger relative to the hips, and the stomach will likely be protruding over the waist noticeably.

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