Prepositions after "land"

"land on" or "land in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases land on is used

Jonathan landed on the mattress.

With OWS Channel landing on iTV.

Anyway, he manages to land on his feet.

He landed on a cape which he named Cape Cod from the abundance of codfish found there.

Anyone?) I landed on Sense and Sensibility, which did nothing for my missing of Devon.

In the above image, you are landed on a page to make the membership fee payment of $30.

I got a couple of those when the crank snapped going uphill, and the bike rolled over with me and landed on my chest.

April 25, ANZAC Day, was the day the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.

They rest flat against the surface in the pool to ensure that if they fall in they are going to land on a solid surface.

Then doubling the cape and sailing to the southward he landed on a small island about six miles southeast of Gay Head.

In 33% of cases land in is used

This work landed in Firefox 16.

You will land in your account area.

Harris and landed in Digby, via S.

China Street was within the area developed first after Francis Light landed in Penang.

Since the day King Khan landed in the Valley, she has been following him like a shadow.

I'll be landing in Palmy in February or so, probably looking to rent in the outskirts.

The male camel died on the voyage from Muscat to Sydney via India, and the two females landed in Sydney in May 1841.

It's as simple as breaking a rule and landing in jail or getting fined heavily and, in severe cases, being deported.

Anyway, this time I landed in the middle of a ' phone in discussion -- a repeat as it happened -- about human sexuality.

Fortunately most of this junk will land in the sea or some remote area away from human habitation but it isn't guaranteed.

In 15% of cases land at is used

The 2nd Canadian Division landed at Dieppe.

He landed at art school and hated art school.

Lt Turner's platoon was to land at Omaha Easy Red beach.

On September 10, 1862, he landed at Weeroona Bay and found his way up through the scrub.

This was under the leadership of Captain Munro who landed at Carrickfergus in April 1642.

In June 1840, a fleet of 40 warships and 4,000 soldiers landed at Guangzhou, south China.

The album's lead single Diamonds landed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart last week, giving Rihanna her 12th No.

But when the Union was turned back at Bull Run, and the Allies first landed at Omaha Beach, victory was very much in doubt.

However, during an emergency such as an engine fire during take-off, it is permissible to land at its maximum take-off weight.

He had occupation duty following the war for six months, landing at Sasabo on the west side of Kyushu Island in September 1945.

In 4% of cases land with is used

They would land with bullet holes in the fuselage.

Being landed with extra, unexpected responsibility at work.

I landed with a job teaching English a week after arriving.

While the fortress is exploding, Joe performs an emergency landing with the Phoenix.

Only three experienced an ' away ' fixture, trips to HQ aside, while Westmeath were somehow landed with four.

This simple Tweet resulted in him being landed with a 45,000 fine by the FA, and warned about his future conduct.

Had he landed with the ladder pointed due west, he would have been in the LM shadow throughout the LEC operations.

Pluvial Flooding Surface water flooding is caused by rainwater run-off from urban and rural land with low absorbency.

Luckily the duffel bag containing our hiking clothes landed with us, otherwise the following day's schedule would have been upset.

Pabon had to intervene once more after the third once Chisora landed with a hard left hook as the rivals had failed to hear the bell.

In 1% of cases land as is used

If the weather is good, then the pilot has no problem landing as the pilot can see the runway.

In 1% of cases land by is used

According to an informant, Hitler had landed by submarine in Majorca, and had holed up at the Hotel Formentor with a group of nuclear scientists.

Monument Point was not a quarter mile offshore but was connected to land by a narrow peninsula over which a wagon could be driven as shown in the contemporary A.

In 1% of cases land for is used

He was not making an approach to land for the reasons stated above.

The 4,500,000 Palistinians need that land for their own people and interests.

CPC officials routinely steal peasants land for development and turn a blind eye to industrial pollution and deforestation.

A SURE SIGN that your message is landing for your audience is the degree to which you are enjoying the delivery -- if you are not enjoying it, you can be rest assured neither is your audience.

In 1% of cases land from is used

Live videos captured at the time of the attack show Israel soldiers landing from a helicopter, while Israel gunboats encircled the ship.

On 24 October the first scheduled commercial flight flew into Shannon, as an American Overseas Airlines (AOA) DC4 landed from the United States.

The runway of choice As a general rule, pilots have the choice of landing from two directions on any single runway, depending on the wind existing at the time of arrival of the plane.

Excerpts: Your Excellency, what is your reaction to the fear being expressed on your perceived intention to go back to PDP? As I am speaking with you, I have just landed from the US into the UK.

In 1% of cases land near is used

Eighty survivors came through a hurricane to land near Galveston, Texas.

This nap was disturbed by a tawny rajah who decided to come and land near Jackie's feet.

If you are driving down the street and one lands near your car, the fragments penetrate the sheet metal.

With the mast broken and the sails torn,? Anne? landed near Kottiar Bay (estuary of Mahaweli Ganga,) on November 19, 1659.

In 1% of cases land upon is used

Lent's one of the most ridiculous concepts ever landed upon those eejits who accept the doctrine of Catholicism.

Re: What would you give up for Lent? Re: What would you give up for Lent? Lent's one of the most ridiculous concepts ever landed upon those eejits who accept the doctrine of Catholicism.

In 1% of cases land within is used

The 32-year-old recovered well on the third with a brilliant chip from behind the bunker that landed within a couple of feet of the flag.

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