Prepositions after "labour"

labour in, for, with, on or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases labour in is used

No mention of Labour in the story.

S Secretary of Labour in the 1930s.

Labour inherited a public debt of 42.

For the first time ever I didn't vote Labour in the local elections earlier this year.

The lead would translate into a landslide for Labour in an immediate general election.

It's the sheer lack of competence and integrity in the Labour Party which is why I will not be voting Labour in 2010.

The Herald poll today has Labour in front by a sizeable margin and all the minor parties falling below the threshold.

But the SNP did not take Glasgow, its key target, and ended up with fewer seats than Labour in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

In 14% of cases labour for is used

Well done Labour for your awful PFI.

I haven't voted for Labour for years.

I voted Labour for well over 50 years.

And the male leadership of Labour for 13 years did nothing to improve that situation.

New Labour for a Nuclear Future??? Of course the Tories have always been pro-Nuclear.

A member of the Tory camp was blamed Labour for encouraging voters to vote tactically.

PS: I've never been a member of a political party, and haven't given my party vote to Labour for a few elections now.

I may have missed it, but I have yet to see the BBC even acknowledge the Labour for Independence movement even exists.

Labour in opposition allowed the Tories to get away with blaming Labour for the whole of the world-wide banking crisis.

But the problem there is that the current system inside Labour for getting people together in a room is hopelessly dated.

In 7% of cases labour with is used

But not to Labour with a capital L.

Nor do they trust Labour with the economy.

In NSW that is LABOUR with a Hard in front of it.

Secondly, National inherited the books from Labour with very little government debt.

Robert, you typify all that is rotten in Labour with your sneering lack of morality.

Also really sad to see so many people here equating Labour with socialism or the Left.

He is New Labour with a promise of fiscal competance, perhaps a winning formula, but that is the spirit of our age.

Several trends have converged to present Labour with an unprecedented opportunity to win the loyalty of such voters.

Mr Goff needs all the help he can get to reconnect Labour with voters - the big challenge still confronting his party.

Groundskeeper Willie By 2014 the polls will show Labour with a substantial lead and on track to win a general election.

In 7% of cases labour on is used

I no longer trust Labour on the NHS.

You can't trust Labour on immigration.

Thats what they should attack the Labour on.

National under Key is much closer to Labour on race relations than it was under Brash.

Jimmie Got ta wonder if this is the trigger that sets Labour on Bill English's record.

But for democracy I don't want to have nobody but Labour on my ballot paper when I vote.

I rebulked him flatly and said we would have no democratic paper but a Socialist and Labour one - boldly proclaimed.

Currently, there's a possible coalition that doesn't involve National, which is an improvement for Labour on last year.

And politics for Labour on government has been about delivery alright -- delivery of FG policy with added hand wringing.

The poll shows the Conservatives on 34 points (no change ), the Liberal Democrats on 30 (up 1) and Labour on 28 (down 1).

In 6% of cases labour to is used

That broad approach carries over to Labour today.

It commits Labour to a politics of the Common Good.

This old guard clique led Labour to its worst defeat.

Mr Robertson, the critic, led Labour to a honourable third place in Wellington central.

In 1992 Spring would lead Labour to its then largest electoral success securing 33 seats.

It remains a specialized Court, but removed from the Ministry of Labour to the Judiciary.

There surely is no point in making its reduction a priority if it leaves a gaping hole for Labour to charge through.

First you say we should prop up Labour to keep the Tories out (even though the Labour Party itself won't allow this).

Two things will happen, Julia Gillard will lead Labour to its most crushing defeat in Labour history, this is a certainty.

Yes its part of a concerted strategy by the Leadership team and its puppeteers (King/Mallard) to take Labour to the right.

In 5% of cases labour at is used

This is also true for Labour at the moment.

He is representing Labour at the convention.

Things are becoming very fraught in Labour at the moment.

For the first time, the two parties have united to attack Labour at a press conference.

Those who voted Labour at the last election must be thinking they have been sold short.

Fleeing justice on foreign soil, is okay if your connected to Labour at the highest levels.

Stuttering, waffling or saying bugger all doesn't seem to be a a hugely successful strategy for Labour at the moment.

Astonishingly, the Ministers seem to think this will make people more inclined to vote Labour at the next general election.

They failed to ban postal voting, which, through fraud, must have secured at least 30 seats for Labour at the last election.

Nobody in their right mind will vote for Labour at the next election, because nobody wants to return to a TUC-run government.

In 4% of cases labour as is used

But Labour as a party here has a dilemma.

This was then used by Labour as a negative.

The Realists see Labour as a political party.

There were many people in Labour as opposed to PR as the most die-hard Tories, he insisted.

This is true for any of the political parties--and yes I'd naming Labour as part of the mess.

I say Rise up Nigerians!!! Organize Labour as a body of masses defender should react immediately.

He said that the first three questions referred to policies vowed by Labour as part of their pre-election programme.

Kind of what happened in our nearest hospital during the reign of Labour as a result of their introduction to PFI in NHS.

I was actually with the Federal Ministry of Labour as a clerk when it was decided that I would go to England to study law.

But what's also been remarked upon is the air-gap between Cunliffe's statements and the policy vacuum in Labour as a whole.

In 2% of cases labour of is used

Labour Of Love II, released in November of 1989.

Mr Clegg accused Labour of playing politics with the issue.

Life and Labour of the People in London Volume 1 (London: Macmillan, 1902) pp.

Someone ought to remind Labour of the old saying: you have to cut your clothes according to your cloth.

Following the huge success of their covers album, Labour of Love, all tracks on this album are self-penned.

I firmly reject our critics who accuse Labour of having an economic policy little different from National's.

And surely, the great and multiplied Labour of framing abstract Notions, will be found a hard Task for that tender Age.

The bog standard approach taken by FG and Labour of ' sure something might turn up ' guarantees that nothing will turn up.

However, I have yet to hear from anyone, be they Conservative, Labour of Liberal Democrats what the advantages are of staying in the EU.

Charles Booth, Life and Labour of the People in London: Final Volume--Notes on Social Influences and Conclusion, New York, AMS Press, Inc.

In 2% of cases labour under is used

But Labour under Clark is a consevative staus quo party.

He was one of the 12 secret donors to Labour under Mr Blair's regime.

The Conservatives were ousted by Labour under Tony Blair in 1997, after 19 years in power.

But Labour under Crossman and Shirley wanted equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity.

That will put Government TDs Paschal Donohoe of Fine Gael or Joe Costello of Labour under pressure.

I think Lib Dems should shed Nick and Pact with Labour under Vince and get PR instated and Lords reformed.

A coalition between the Liberal Democrats and Labour under a new leader is anything but a done deal at this stage.

In NZ the right wing has declared class war and Labour under Goff is still blithely acting as if its business as usual.

Propaganda maybe? Nightmares are worse if you yet know they are nightmares, Labour under Blaiir was a nightmare we did not yet know.

Can you say that about Labour under the boy Miliband? PS If you think the Coalition was defeated in the recent vote then think again.

In 2% of cases labour over is used

I do understand the criticism of Labour over this issue.

There has been highly corrupt goings on in Labour over the years.

In fact we are a thorn in the side of both National and Labour over superannuation.

We've seen it also with the caving into supporting Labour over excluding Mr Wilders.

I think the msm have been restrained, kind even, to Labour over Shearer's leadership.

And the revelation of secret talks with Labour over the weekend has incensed many Tories.

People may drift away from Labour over Iraq, but there isn't enough political energy to force a split in the party.

The Lib Dems picked up many votes from people who deserted Labour over Iraq - but look who deserted and who didn't.

Especially the part where the PM has the temerity to castigate the Department of Labour over its inadequate oversight.

Unless you see resignations from Labour over the Savita tragedy it's business as usual for Labour three years of more power.

In 2% of cases labour into is used

I think the comments have galvanised Labour into thinking again.

This paragraph gives all the reason for sending Labour into exile.

Balls was already rumoured to be committed to taking Labour into Opposition.

It is Shearers own actions that make us doubt he can lead Labour into the next election.

In autumn 2004, Blair declared he would fight the election but not lead Labour into a fourth one.

But the political environment was such that it pushed Labour into carrying this out comprehensively.

She was a superb London Mayoral candidate, building a profile from nothing and nearly knocking Labour into fourth.

The president sought to close the window of corruption by removing subsidy but the cabal misled Labour into a protest.

So, what impact did the inclusion of the Conservatives and Labour into the recipe contribute? The answer is -- not a lot.

Ms Shortall's resignation has plunged Labour into its biggest political crisis since it entered Government in February 2011.

In 2% of cases labour from is used

Little distinguishes Labour from Labour lite.

She was Minister of Labour from 1929 until 1931.

The important thing is to eject New Labour from government asap.

They were the party that made big predictions that they would sweep Labour from power.

He spoke to a party that spent much of the last decade attacking Labour from the left.

This doesn't excuse Labour from doing other things that opposition parties should be doing.

Not that that has stopped Labour from stuffing the electorate after polling a minority vote the last couple of times.

There is a mix of fatalism and ostrich-like denial that is preventing Labour from facing up to its daunting prospects.

The acrimonious split saw him become an independent councillor and vote with the SNP group to oust Labour from office.

There's no credible defence of aggregate donations to Labour from unions that wouldn't then apply to such a CBI scheme.

In 2% of cases labour by is used

He has managed to create bad headlines for Labour by.

Lamont wants to unite Labour by cancelling devolution.

Yeah, looks like we'll get Labour by default next time round.

And would probably be joined in a flood back to Labour by the movementist activist left.

Some of these readers can be glimpsed in a social survey, Boy Life and Labour by A rnold Freeman.

Instewad its more than amicable to help Labour by puting out Labour releases in order to divert attention.

Nor was the ILP largely unchanged: by 1936 it was a shrunken shell and replaced as an alternative to Labour by the Communist Party.

If I recall, it used to be a public company until it was sold off to make the Government at the time (Labour by any chance?) a quick buck.

Recent polls show that women have been wooed away from Labour by popular pledges including cuts to stamp duty and inheritance tax, as well.

But It seems to me that the next election will see a reactionary swing towards Labour by the same people who (finally) voted them out last time.

In 1% of cases labour after is used

Whoever leads Labour after that will have a very difficult job.

Everyone should start telling pollsters that they will vote Labour after the budget.

UKIP man responded after 15 minutes, Labour after two days and the Independent after three.

It started under Labour after Hutton and has continued apace under the auspices of the Tories.

None of the component countries look likely to be giving much support to Labour after a breakup.

The meeting ended amicably and Mrs Duffy told reporters she was definitely going to vote Labour after all.

It saddens me that Ken rejoined Labour after serving his first term as London Mayor as an independent candidate.

She's no longer Minister of Labour after resigning that yesterday, but says she deserves to stay on as a minister.

Labour's strategy seems to rely on other parties (a) getting the votes and (b) supporting Labour after the election.

Of course, the BBC was disappointed when the Lib Dems didn't throw in their lot with Labour after the last election.

In 1% of cases labour out is used

But they haven't kept Labour out of power.

People have simply tuned Labour out of the economic debate.

Only the susprise exist would have gotten Labour out of this hole.

Actually if played properly it looks like a clever long term plan to kick Labour out of their strongholds.

If he'd succeeded in his brand of social Toryism I think he could have put Labour out of business for a generation.

The first kept Labour out of power for four elections, the second the Tories for three? a scarring experience for both parties.

In the 1996 election, the first under MMP, he lost his seat when New Zealand First candidates swept Labour out of the M? ori seats.

Would those on 50,000 be next? Fear of how the government might tax you is a potent force in British politics, and one which Mr Blair believed had kept Labour out of power for too long.

Today's GDP figures should snap Labour out of its complacent dreamland Lulled into a false sense of security by the polls, the Labour Party has been in desperate need of a reality check.

In 1% of cases labour rather is used

Clegg framed his attack on this negotiating position by focusing on Labour rather than Tory MPs.

The remainder look set to be filled by Labour rather than the many big local independent figures the Tories had wanted.

Perhaps, then, the problem you identify is more one that has affected Labour rather than the thinkers and movements beyond it.

MOHAMMED AMIN: At the next General Election we need the Liberal Democrats to take votes from Labour rather than taking them from us.

But because we attach so much significance to our reasons for what makes us Labour rather than, say, Tory we similarly assume the same motivations in others.

In fact where the local authority unemployment rate is 1pc higher, controlling for all other factors, respondents are 8pc more likely to vote Labour rather than Conservative.

In 1% of cases labour through is used

I have the character to lead Labour through tough decisions and back to office.

You can get support from the Department of Labour through its free phone 0800 20 90 20.

The Act is administered by the Ministry of Labour through its Industrial Relations Division.

One was Peruvian Ministry of Labour through its Construyendo Peru programme, which provided US$.

I choose to provide any strategic advice I may or may not have for Labour through avenues other than the Kiwiblog comments section.

I was raised to be a labour supporter, my Father having spent his working life at Ford in Dagenham, and I have supported Labour through the years.

Whereas in 1940 nearly 75 percent of the unionised workforce were affiliated to Labour through their unions, by 1975 only a little over 42 percent were.

So I've spent a solid worthwhile 30 years of voting Labour through good and bad and about twenty years of helping organise for them donating my time, skills and money.

NHS Needs to be taken totally back into public ownership with no compensation for those companies donating to the Tories (Tories don't think twice about those donating to Labour through union levy).

In 1% of cases labour during is used

Yan donated $5000 to both National and Labour during the 2005 election campaign.

Morgan Reynolds was the chief economist for the US Department of Labour during 2001 -- 2, George W.

He was called on by Labour during the banking crisis to review the conduct of the City and the pay of bankers.

Download the application forms or request the forms from the Department of Labour during business hours on 0800 20 90 20.

Currently their case is: ' manufacturing not doing too much worse than it was under Labour during the global financial crisis.

Remember what happened last time Tories ousted Labour during an economic crisis? Maggie Thatcher and the destruction of our industrial base.

Among other things he was Minister for Labour during record layoffs and Minister of Health during massive Nursing layoffs, shortages, and the longest strike in history.

In 1% of cases labour before is used

Sinn Fein need to hammer home the lies told by Labour before the election and really target their working class base.

Harlow followed the national story, staying Tory until 1997 when it became Labour before reverting back to the Tories in 2010.

The seat was Labour before and, presumably, after the little, temporary Mensch hiccup or blip or whatever it was, will return safely to Labour again.

When I made my $400 donation to Labour before the last election I got an A3 envelope emblazoned with Labour in the mail that I didn't ask for or expect.

If your shop is in the premises of a show or exhibition or your shop sells souvenirs, then you are strongly advised to contact the Department of Labour before assuming you can open.

This form is used by constructors or employers to notify the Ministry of Labour before beginning a Type 3 asbestos removal operation and certain Type 2 asbestos removal operations in Ontario.

In 1% of cases labour without is used

One of Toynbee's main arguments is always that the right-wing media distort the truth and attack Labour without any sense of restraint or principle.

The article in which he focused on the future of Labour without mentioning Gordon Brown ensured that the noise around the leadership question got a lot louder.

I fear that there is a perception that Chch Central will shift towards Labour without much of a challenge, and that Wigram and the Port Hills will stay with Labour.

But related to that is the notion that because a party has traditionally done a thing, it can expect the voters who like that thing to vote Labour without question.

So why don't we press these points? They would be constructive improvements to the Bill, and they'd leave Labour without a leg to stand on if they wanted to carry on playing dirty politics.

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