Prepositions after "label"

"label as" or "label with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases label as is used

So she started using the word gay, which led to her being labeled as a lesbian.

A kick is clearly defined in the rules where as a strip is just labelled as that.

Values have the following meanings: normal Specifies a font that is not labeled as a small-caps font.

S'pore is fast becoming labelled as a tax haven by developed countries such as Germany, the US and the UK.

She also noticed a swelling in the left side of the neck, which was labeled as an abscess on ultrasound scan.

The second option would be to right click on any open space on the screen and choose the option labeled as ALL APPS.

And no, I did the math right -- drummer Youkyung does not join the dance group, thus being labeled as a ' half-angel '.

You will never win an argument with this woman, and trying will only get you labelled as an oppressive patriarchal pig.

STAR WARS: one last score that is likely to be universally known, even if people deny it in fear of being labeled as a nerd.

In 22% of cases label with is used

I store those items in a file folder labelled with the year.

At times they are labeled with where and when the photo was taken.

The standard ECPs as input from the library file are labelled with just the element name.

The standard ECPs within the nominated program-resident library are labelled with just the element name.

The work shows shriveled, dried up versions of the band members ' members, each labeled with the owner's name.

Note that the standard ECPs within the nominated program-resident library are labelled with just the element name.

Being subjected to verbal harassment, gossip and being labelled with inappropriate names can erode one's sense of worth.

When learning about social situations, young people need the chance to find their own way, without being labeled with ' social phobia '.

Pienaar is an outstanding footballer, one that oozes class and creativity, whilst Baines himself also can be labelled with these attributes.

In 11% of cases label for is used

It covers requirements for care labelling for clothing and textiles.

Nothing could be closer to truth in labeling for Whistler's Cornucopia.

An occupation is defined as a collection of jobs, sufficiently similar in work performed to be grouped under a common label for classification purposes.

In 8% of cases label in is used

It plots the past 19 Congresses (93rd-111th) and a predicted value for the 112th (labeled in purple).

Consumer products in the United States are labeled in metric, and American scientists no longer use the imperial system in research.

Genetically engineered foods are required to be labeled in the 15 European Union nations, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries around the world.

In 8% of cases label on is used

By using the returns label on the front of the delivery note there will be a 3.

I plot it this way to highlight its relation to consumer sentiment, shown in black and labeled on the left-hand axis.

And there's no country of labeling on the products here, and you'll have about 10 different descriptions of an egg here.

A Yes on Prop 37 will require labeling on raw and processed food offered for sale to consumers if made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specific ways.

In 7% of cases label by is used

Post-1971 has not been so easy, despite numerous achievements, the country has been negatively labeled by a group of people with their own motivations.

In 5% of cases label to is used

Apartheid is illegal by international law, and correctly afixing that label to Israel has legal implications.

Do you label your versions and releases in Source Control? TFS takes labeling to a new level unlike VSS which was a point in time label.

This finding according to a study conducted in Britain by the research consortium Food Labeling to Advance Better Education for Life (FLABEL) is worrying indeed.

In 3% of cases label at is used

In areas where grammar schools persists, this is how children are labelled at age 11, with the majority being in the second category.

The British Standard PAS 2050, which was established in 2008, has also been very influential in harmonizing carbon footprinting and labelling at a global level.

In 1% of cases label from is used

Please enclose your delivery note within your parcel, peel off the Royal Mail returns label from the front and attach it to the front of your parcel ensuring any original delivery labels are covered.

In 1% of cases label of is used

What the diarist is describing is a man who liked labeling of food information until he discovered that Obama approved of it and put it in ' his ' healthcare bill.

In 1% of cases label under is used

Very few essential oils are distilled in Australia, most are imported, bottled and labelled under many different brand names (and prices ), even though they come from the same place.

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