Prepositions after "knock"

"knock on", "knock off" or "knock at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases knock on is used

They knocked on Czarina's room.

It's akin to someone knocking on the door.

The following evening he knocked on her door.

You see, my grandmother, aged ninety-four, is in incredibly good health (knock on wood).

When I was growing up there was nothing to do but knocking on doors and running away.

When Nayeem Gahar knocked on the door a gentleman with a smiling face opened the door.

If you don't have a garden or you don't like knocking on your neighbour's door to ask to use theirs, go to a park.

I'd scared my parents will knock on my door in a few minutes and try to talk to me, or my sister (I'd in my bedroom).

My nan is basically knocking on death's door, and it really is a matter of time before the unthinkable comes a reality.

So far, Ricciardi said, no other organization has come knocking on his door to hire him as a GM or reasonable facsimile.

In 13% of cases knock at is used

Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House.

Anyway, 9:30pm and China is knocking at my bedroom door.

Some day the younger generation will come knocking at my door.

Jamal If u will see that madam then u will also hear the enemies of ur country knocking at ur door.

My blog to record a girl thing, her body was burned, wearing a mask and glasses, knocked at my door.

With visitors knocking at the door, friends and family on the phone and kids and pets demanding attention.

I came to know the Lord in 1976 when John Watson and Juliette knocked at my door and patiently loved me into the Kingdom.

They do nt knock at my neighbours who are always in but they can leave it at the nearest post office to me at a cost of 50p.

Conversely, you could also just move to an inland sanctuary like Kansas, although then you'd have tornadoes knocking at your door.

Funny how I was working in my hall the whole time, and never saw or heard a vehicle, no ring or knock at the door and certainly no cards.

In 11% of cases knock off is used

Jeff is knocked off himself by Ken.

She said: ' Bradley Wiggins has just been knocked off his bike '.

City, meanwhile, have been knocked off their perch atop the league.

Hotels and other structures suffered cracks in walls and saw items knocked off shelves.

He knocked off Jennings (who was supported by many R 's) but lost mostly everything else.

Campbell's brain was knocked off loose from his skull and was pronounced dead the next day.

Avenger really only seems to hit 3 arms occasionly and you run the risk of being knocked off the ledge too easily.

And for those knocking off VR: How come they offer a 16-35 mm F4 VR for FX but nothing similar for DX? The 10-24mm F3.

For example, in Pennsylvania the other day one 65-year-old man was suddenly knocked off his bicycle by three teen thugs.

Dimon's bank is one of the few not knocked off its feet by the subprime loan crisis and resulting worldwide credit squeeze.

In 9% of cases knock out is used

Second season knocked out of champions league.

Ask Ricky Hatton how he likes getting knocked out by Mayweather, Pacquio, etc.

Although United esd knocked out of the Capital One Cup, fans saw plenty of positives in the game.

Because sometimes we may have to fly to other landings, but we can never be knocked out of the sky.

Not only that, I get a major shift in the colors being displayed and the audio get knocked out of sync.

In the Santa Margarita game, one of the targeted players was knocked out of the game with a mild concussion.

This is what happened when the USA were hyping a game against Italy and they got knocked out by the other teams.

It was the Monday after a league match, and they'd already been knocked out of the Cup, so there wasn't a mid-week game.

China, Argentina and the United States have already been knocked out of contention, leaving Southern Africa and Australasia.

Now lets watch football and by that I mean WATCH Barcelona or R Madrid, four of the current top will be knocked out of CL &; EC.

In 3% of cases knock to is used

They were knocked to the floor and sitting on their tushes, they burst out laughing.

The Main Stand would be knocked to the ground (sentiment's wonderful, but it's not fit for purpose).

Watching boxing is fine when Katie Taylor is winning, but I find it to truly horrible to watch Joe Nevin, my country man, being knocked to the floor.

The Honda was knocked to the left into the northbound lane of the highway and collided with a northbound Mercury sedan driven by Madge Walker, of Greeneville.

Even worse, if someone has had their ' house of cards ' knocked to floor, then the strength and wisdom to rebuilt something from scratch may well have been destroyed along with it.

In 3% of cases knock in is used

He also scored five runs and knocked in 12.

Knock in edge The edges require special attention.

Knock in Face After the oil has been applied, the knocking in process can begin.

Knocking in is the process of hardening and conditioning the blade's surface.

Bat Care - Knocking in Why &; How to get the best performance out of your new bat.

A good bat correctly knocked in ideally would last about 1000 runs including net use.

At L &W,; we strongly recommend having your bat knocked in professionally when you purchase it.

A bat pressed heavily will have a small middle and the ball will not travel as far it would from a bat pressed lightly and knocked in by hand.

Knock in Toe Gradually compress the face of the bat around these dents so that the face of the bat is level and you can not see the initial dents any more.

Minutes later, the Bulldogs tied the game on a goal by Gallagher, who was stationed in front and knocked in a rebound after a shot from the blueline by Patrick Holland.

In 2% of cases knock over is used

PURPOSELY knocked over a few things to uh.

Edgar jumped a little as two other Haddocks knocked over the other chair, and yet another brushed against his leg.

In 1% of cases knock with is used

Crme brule -- not amazing and the shell on top did not have that satisfactory crack when knocked with a fork.

In 1% of cases knock about is used

On a motorway run I get nearly 70mpg wth 50ish knocking about town.

But there's no question that there are a few players knocking about who would add some excitement and a certain level of professionalism to those much overlooked roles.

In 1% of cases knock through is used

Gloucester did not learn from that warning as they struggled to clear their lines and Morgan knocked through another kick on 59 to lead 18-13.

Ospreys came back straight away with their forwards taking it to the visitors in their own 22 and that pressure brought a penalty which Morgan ignored to knock through a drop goal on 20.

Despite the home crowd's whistles, Burns kept his composure to slot the kick and lead 13-6 but two minutes later Morgan ignored his penalty advantage again to knock through another drop goal.

In 1% of cases knock into is used

With his elbow, he knocked into his mother pushing her over.

They didn't get a photo of it when it was right next to their paddles as they were concentrating on not being tipped out if it knocked into them.

In 1% of cases knock from is used

I left it with main dealer to look into and also the grinding/knocking from the clutch which they aid was likely to be clutch bearing.

In 1% of cases knock for is used

After knocking for a few minutes, she realised that he was probably at work.

And so when suffering does not come knocking for him, he goes looking for it.

In 1% of cases knock down is used

You can't just knock down the wall separating toilet and shower because the rest won't hold.

When Kathy Cotter arrived to take up the post of Principal of the Junior Primary School, she didn't just knock down the interior walls.

In 1% of cases knock by is used

Think about how furniture gets worn by everyday use; chairs fall over, a chest of drawers is knocked by an overzealous vacuum cleaner, armrests are worn down by constant use.

In 1% of cases knock before is used

This upsets Renato, who immediately closed his laptop, asking her to knock before entering to which Angelika replies she didn't know she had to knock first at her own room.

Some of her rules were: Knock before entering, no weapons (really? ), ring the bell and she will bring you food or drink from the menu (she made a menu of everything listed in the fridge).

In 1% of cases knock around is used

With Dempsey on his way, Dembele gone and no more ageing English strikers knocking around the trendy London club, Berbatov could be a hit.

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