Prepositions after "kill"

"kill in" or "kill by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases kill in is used

You can't kill in the name of it.

Greene was later killed in 1955.

Campbell who were killed in action.

The victim, who died from birdshot wounds, was the first person to be killed in Egypt.

Another person was killed in another vehicle -- a car -- that was targeted by a drone.

Tim, manslaughter is killing in cases where there is mitigation, making it not murder.

A dozen other people were also killed in the explosion, among them clan elders and senior Somali security officials.

John Witherspoon, also of New Jersey, saw his eldest son, James, killed in the Battle of Germantown in October 1777.

He was killed in a raid on a Farc stronghold in the Macarena mountain range in the eastern Colombian region of Meta.

Who's they? (did nt watch the vid- usually try to avoid anything that mentions President and Kill in the same sentence.

In 27% of cases kill by is used

One control was killed by a hyaena.

He was killed by a passing motorist.

Ali was killed by a Kharijite in 661.

It was reported that more troops were killed by illness then by the hand of the enemy.

Hundreds of thousands of people murdered by muslims every year aren't killed by a few.

James was shot and killed by unknown assailant's in his community yesterday afternoon.

Around 50 AIM supporters and members were killed by Wilson, and his private army that received funding from the FBI.

We found many tiger prints and scrape marks in the area, and also the remains of two Malayan tapirs killed by tigers.

A referee was to follow each of us on horseback when we entered the herd, and count the buffaloes killed by each man.

It appears that each student was killed by a separate soldier and probably at one precise time, perhaps on a command.

In 5% of cases kill at is used

He was hit by a single shot and killed at 10.

Thirty-Five minutes later Neelan was killed at 9.

General Shuwa has just been killed at his home in Maiduguri.

There are four main classes: Archers do as you'd expect, using bows and arrows to kill at range.

Boko Haram or whatever they are called can continue to kill at the northern part of the country.

I expected to be killed at any moment, but even at that I was not sorry that I was where I was.

Hein Sietsma and Berendina (Diet) Eman, engaged to be married, were Dutch rescuers of Jews and were killed at Dachau.

The Heath part comes from Roy's father-in-law Gerald Heath, who was killed at the age of 42 in an industrial accident.

The results were staggering: 10,000 Jews were killed at Trawniki, 18,000 at Majdanek and an additional 15,000 in other.

The lives of those who took Flight 0992 have been lost, some other persons have been killed at the site of the disaster.

In 5% of cases kill for is used

Cara Baarendse had 15 kills for the.

No God will ever ask people to kill for him.

In Canada women can get killed for cheating.

What I DO N'T accept, because it's NOT a law of nature, is the killing for ' sport '.

A farmer who would kill for you if it was needed or kill you if the tables were reversed.

What does this imply? The article deliberately confuses killing for eating and cruelty.

How we killed for Allah Back to my story, I joined with the jihadist group in Kano and learnt how to kill Christians.

They passed a unanimous resolution to have a public trial of Musa to get him killed for his deed against an Egyptian.

The historian Josephus (c 37 to c 100) wrote that Herod had John killed for fear of a rebellion that John might raise.

Jay Olmstead had six kills for Alberta in the fourth set and four more in the fifth to lead their offence to victory late.

In 5% of cases kill on is used

Olmstead finished with 19 kills on.

Policemen never got killed on duty.

Gordon William Bent was killed on Nov.

We have slipped back into accepting people being killed on the streets of the country.

If there was no one to betray Our Lord Jesus, He wouldnt have been killed on the cross.

Aubry had an outstanding game for the Bears, with 13 kills on just 19 attacks and no errors.

However, the Gaza Ministry of Health said at least 27 people were killed on Tuesday in result of the Israeli attacks.

When she informed David that she was pregnant with his child, David arranged to have Uriah killed on the battle front.

A soldier from 1st Battalion, the Grenadier Guards, was killed on Friday by a roadside bomb in Nahr-e Saraj in Helmand.

Police confirmed one man was killed on the spot and that another was in a stable condition in hospital after the incident.

In 2% of cases kill with is used

These days people kill with that anti-joke joke stuff.

Nepal motherland can be killed with the ailment of four diseases.

Muslims there are being tortured, burnt, killed with extreme prejudice, hate, and bigotry.

Those who were guarding the house ran away and those who were defending Uthman were killed with him.

Algeria has had at least 3 killed with hundreds injured since January 8 when riots started there as well.

The story goes, he was killed with an arrow in the throat, whilst he removed his beaver to take a drink of wine.

In the first incident, the victim was Dhanesh (aged 24) who was killed with swords while going back to his home.

Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, pestilence and by wild beasts.

He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.

He was killed with another lad, from Durham that boy apparently, instantly, and neither of them would have felt a thing.

In 2% of cases kill during is used

Marshal Lannes was also killed during the battle.

Malone was killed during the fight for Chunuk Bair on 8 August 1915.

Karstagg was killed during the events of Bloodmoon, but his castle still stands.

However, Police Spokesman Eric Kiraithe said 14 people were killed during the attacks.

I can't believe 1,558 Canadians were very badly hurt or even killed during the Korean War.

Gadafi was killed during the final phase of fighting on the Vanni east front in early 2009.

Abu Bakr Yunis, former defence minister Killed during the attack on Gaddafi's convoy, according to NTC official.

Some people have even been stabbed and killed during a purse-cutting crime gone wrong at these two ' holy ' sites.

NPP members even go further to say that the people who were killed during their time in office deserved to be murdered.

On January 19th 1985, Karel Soucek was killed during a free fall stunt at the Houston Astrodome in front of forty-five thousand spectators.

In 1% of cases kill from is used

During the course of the battle 72 people had been killed from the opposite side, and 88 people had been martyred from Imam Husain's side.

My understanding is that Zinn came away from WW2 with a sense of disgust for the cowardliness of war -- especially of killing from 3,000 feet +-.

Rhino are even more critical, with almost 500 rhino killed from January -- November 2012 in South Africa alone, out of around just 25,000 in the wild in Africa.

In 1% of cases kill without is used

Tar, that lurks beneath the ground, Uproots and kills without a sound.

The government of Chile might have believed this American could be killed without negative fall-out from the U.

As a result of the Moro-Christian wars, the Mangyan of Mindoro were taken captives, sold as slaves, and sometimes killed without mercy.

The US government can't sent its troops off to kill and be killed without congressional approval, although presidents have sometimes ignored the requirement.

Anyone who criticised the UNP government and president then in power suffered the same fate as thousands of innocent civilians picked up and killed without any judicial process.

For instance, it would be unthinkable for me to rob someone in order to buy a ticket for Hajj, or to attack a whole army with the help of two friends and getting killed without achieving anything.

In 1% of cases kill under is used

Whatever the future of the Tamil people, Neelan and all those killed under the pretext of alleged treachery will not be resurrected physically.

Santino Spinelli's poem A long time coming The idea of erecting a national monument in remembrance of the European Sinti and Roma killed under National Socialism dates back to 1992.

Police also discovered that he was being sought in India on a murder charge In Kashmir, where more than 68,000 people, mostly civilian, have been killed under a controversial state Law.

There are claims that 140 people, many of them protestors against the regime, were massacred at the prison when grenades were thrown into their cells while others were killed under torture.

In 1% of cases kill since is used

More than 110 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed since then.

And Mexico's human rights commission lists 81 journalists killed since 2000.

The UN estimated the death toll is at least 5,400 people have been killed since March 2011.

Fighting the Fed is a loser's game and the shorts have gotten killed since March ' 09 trying to outmaneuver the Fed.

The 153 mock coffins took up the entire lane of the bridge, testament to the huge number of journalists killed since press freedom was.

It appears the stowaway stoat was a pregnant female, since at least three stoats have been found and killed since then, and the birds are doing fine.

These were the first known names of civilians reported killed since October 31 2001, although other civilians have been reported killed in this period.

In 1% of cases kill of is used

There was killing of innocent hindus too.

If a person undergone in a coma due to kill of brain cells.

Their penalty kill held strong and killed of the Moose's advances.

One of the restricted items during the state of Ihraam is killing of insects.

But the existence of these inequities and prejudices in society do not automatically equate to some desire to kill of northeasterners.

The boys in charge don't give up that easily and have looked after enough people along the way to get out of all sort of corners that would kill of mere mortals.

While eugenic killing of adults has been associated with some campaigns of genocide, it is more commonly practised as killing of young children and the newborn.

Don't go overboard and kill off your brain cells! 17) Being a chronic negative thinker -- The act of simply thinking negative will not cause any sort of brain cell loss.

How to regenerate the starter? If you do not use the sourdough starter for a few days then the level of alcohol's will rise until they eventually kill of most off the micro-organisms.

In 1% of cases kill like is used

Noo matter what they did should they be killed like this.

I think it was something else but no matter what it was wrong for them o be killed like that.

He gave Jona favour sometime in UST Rivers state and you know favour kills like bullet you must pay back so Jona picked him and drop him there.

See its not hard DAT community is already cursed cos dos are innocent bloods, NO MATTER WHAT their crime was nobody deserves to be killed like DAT Na habaaaaa.

You don't need another journalist to get killed like Lasantha, Sivaram or Nimalrajan to understand that the negative climate for media still remains the same as in the past.

In 1% of cases kill after is used

My father was killed after some fighting at our village.

Of the 711 rape victims, 119 were victims of gang rape; 54 were killed after their rape.

SHROPSHIRE 1989 A jungle cat was killed after being hit by a car in a remote part of the county.

Meanwhile, the CBI team handles the murder of a young woman who was killed after meeting someone in an online chat room.

The photo showed Masharawi carrying his 11-month old son, Omar, who was killed after a missile hit their family home in Southern Gaza City.

In 1% of cases kill before is used

Horman had already been killed before his father arrived in Chile.

It was whispered around that it was not all over yet -- five or six more were to be killed before night.

You incited different tribes as well as the Jews to fight the Muslims and many of them were killed before my eyes.

The strange thing is that some of the men in the first picture were killed before the second one could be staged and taken.

Because Pentangeli's protective custody was so secure, Michael knew he would be unable to have him killed before the trial.

We had quite a few hours to kill before our flight home that night so Jesse White and I looked for ways to entertain ourselves.

Many officers told AFP reporter, 11, the soldiers were killed before shooting through the Internet news release transfer motorcycle.

Therefore, if I die or am killed before making it back to the States, you can rest assured that what I've already set in motion will never be stopped.

Beagle Channel, Ushuaia I'll do a proper trip report when I'd back in Buenos Aires, but since I have a few hours to kill before my penguin tour later today, I thought I would do a quick update.

In 1% of cases kill because is used

They are killing because the other lot killed their fathers.

So too, if one person is killed because of race, it is sufficient for genocide to be made out.

No exemplar of any other religion that I can think of ended up getting killed because of his beliefs.

It will be recalled that very many Kenyans have been killed because of challenging corruption in Kenya.

They are not killing because of religion itself, but because of political grievances, often justified.

It's now suspected the popular businessman who also owns the Dynasty Hotel in Guwahati was killed because of a failed extortion bid by the militants.

Whatever happened to civility? The poor woman could have been needlessly been killed because of quest by an overzealous bunch of hooligans to extract what it thought was justice.

In 1% of cases kill as is used

Over 200,000 people were killed as a result.

What we see are people losing property, being injured or maimed, or even killed as a result of crime.

Do not forget the increasing number of workers who have been killed as a result of the flouting of safety regulations.

Approximately 10,000 Batwa were killed as a consequence of the genocide and the ensuing war; this death toll accounts for 10 percent of the overall Batwa population.

With a bullet lodged in Renard? s brain after a failed assassination attempt by 009, Renard will eventually be killed as the bullet slowly works it way through his brain.

But I think if we hadn't entered the village at that point, then stones would be thrown the next day and perhaps the next time someone would be wounded or killed as a result.

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