Prepositions after "kick"

"kick off" or "kick out"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases kick off is used

The event kicks off Thursday, Sept.

Kicking off NPM this year, Ready.

Lightweight concepting kicks off the process.

In the Arsenale, Birnbaum kicks off the show with an installation by the late Lygia Pape.

Three other games, including Saturday's game against Ole Miss, have kicked off at 3:30 p.

The Tanga side kicked off the league wobbly and spent five rounds at the base of the table.

Veikkausliiga already kicked off a few weeks ago, but I Went for the Ball! ' s season guide arrives late (as usual).

Raikkonen is due to kick off running of the new car for the first two days of the test from February 7, before handing.

There's even a photograph of the possible moment that kicked off David Hockney's enthusiasm to make art with a computer.

In 22% of cases kick out is used

They weren't kicked out they left.

The first day of school, he was kicked out of class.

Young males are kicked out when they start to grow manes.

When he is kicked out of Swan's estate, he tries to sneak back in disguised as a woman.

After the Tet offensive Cronkite collapsed (even tho the VC got the crap kicked out of it.

Of course, none of them take this into consideration until they are kicked out of the club.

It was ruined even more when we got the whole lot of them kicked out of the pub for ' racially motivated violence '.

This fascist slave driver of China should be kicked out of the country, along with all the rest of the Neo-con traitors.

Thereafter they roam as nomads, often with a brother kicked out at the same time, sometimes with a chance-met acquaintance.

In 15% of cases kick in is used

And I doubt you could kick in it.

NZ kicks into daylight savings on 25th Sep.

Jet lag is kicking in exhausting and fast.

My suspcions kicked in when he wanted to proceed to upgrade, charge my c/card etc and I refused.

Then the terrible little ending kicked in -- cha-cha-cha! -- and I collected myself and drove home.

Who raided (the place )? A raid involves acts of ransacking, kicking in doors, and throwing things around.

But if the government offers to kick in $1B for the first project then it becomes (a) make a $9B investment that will bring a $1.

Each side endeavours to keep possession of the ball, which is tossed a short distance by hand, and then kicked in any direction.

Along with point and click adventure elements, it also kicks in inventive role-playing gameplay which is accompanied by 16-bit graphics.

In TIGER II, HUD kicked in $40 million to encourage transit-oriented development (one part of livability according to DOT's definition).

In 5% of cases kick into is used

NZ kicks into daylight savings on 25th Sep.

But Scott's round kicked into gear on his second nine.

Which is, till the evening tennis leagues kick into higher items.

The economy has not even kicked into high gear yet, and people are already calling on its demise.

The Government has been kicking into a gale in the first half, but has put some good points on the board.

It starts off with a 60m freefall followed by a 200m arc that happens as soon as the swing kicks into action (Thankfully it did).

Therefore, in the meantime -- while negotiations sputter and rhetoric kicks into high gear -- I will occupy my time with everything but the NHL.

Just like the recent Ajax-Real Madrid clash, the plastic ball will probably pop a couple of times during the game after being kicked into a thorn bush.

Turning 26 was a little harder because that's when my quarter life crisis kicked into high gear and I started questioning everything I was doing, from little to big.

In 5% of cases kick to is used

Next, kick to the front with left leg.

He could kick to Price at the top of the key.

Kick to the knee by Cody and the drop-down slap.

Your votes will decide which band stays and which one gets kicked to the curb.

White stick or not, he was kicked to death by teenagers while waiting at a bus-stop at night.

In fact regarding the Meadows, I don't like anyone being alledgedly being kicked to death for.

The fake trusts and criminal enterprises on the middle should be kicked to the curb, handcuffed and sentenced to serious slam time.

I had eggs thrown at me at New Plymouth and tomatoes at Stratford, and had my soapbox kicked to pieces by an angry policeman in Hawera.

Saturday, November 3, 2012 Rifling through my Halloween candy got me to thinking about what sweet treats have been a party in my mouth and what candy needs to be kicked to the curb.

On 18 April, 2008, three youths aged 16, 19 and 21 were sentenced for having kicked to death an unfriendly adult, 47-year-old father of three Mark Witherall, who had caught them burgling his house.

In 3% of cases kick at is used

Kick at a comfortable height so you don't hunch over.

Perhaps they took a few classes, got their butts kicked at the brown belt level, and gave up.

He hung onto the guardrail of the balcony, he kicked at them and screamed and twisted his face.

Wife worried abt parents being to old, her mom passed at 75 and her dad is still kicking at 84.

In 3% of cases kick by is used

Roosevelt said it felt as if he had been kicked by a mule.

They have been kicked by all and sundry these past five months.

The ball was kicked by Bill (passive) There is no change of meaning.

They too were beaten and kicked by police and paramilitary personals.

They also slaughtered their way across Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Rumania, and needed their butts kicked by the Poles.

Had the ball NOT touched Inglis's forearm after it was kicked by farah then yes it would be play on, six more tackles &; a try.

When I look at my life and all the things that I have been through and I am still alive and kicking by the grace of God, it tells me that God has not finished with me yet.

In 2% of cases kick against is used

There is no use in kicking against necessity.

In fact, it was when the soldiers turned their guns and anger at civilians that we kicked against them.

In 2% of cases kick around is used

Wilson had been kicking around Austin since being discharged from the U.

A War Powers Bill has been unhappily kicking around the Australian Parliament since 1985.

I did just that last weekend, loaded up the dog and spent the afternoon kicking around town for Pacific's football game against Pacific Lutheran.

A debate is under way among ministers, kicking around the alternative vote (AV) system, which allows voters to name their second as well as first choice.

In 2% of cases kick for is used

I lived with Rizzle Kicks for a while and Emeli Sand supported me.

When the penalty came, Argentina elected to kick for posts closing the gap to 19-9.

You think you have problems with kids on a plane? Trying being in a seat one of them is kicking for six hours.

Behind them, they have traditionally had very conservative backline play, based on kicking for territory, kick and chase, and kicking for kicking sakes.

In 1% of cases kick down is used

Hong Kong was like living in a clattering tin can being kicked down the street.

In the Navy at least, just about every major weapons program was kicked down the road.

This is a situation that should be kicked down the road and worked on next year in a reformation of the entire tax code.

The economic data I cite above should give weight to the argument that indeed there is a fiscal mess that politicians are predictably kicking down the road.

In 1% of cases kick of is used

Now, it's time to kick of Miz TV.

A farewell party had been organised for all the Sail Croatia boats at one of the local bars to kick of at 9pm.

The match kicked of with 11 v 9 but was back up to 11 v 11 within three minutes as the required red tape had been located and applied by the Stockport Sports kitman.

In 1% of cases kick on is used

Now, it needs to be kicked on another level.

Regal starts unloading punches and kicks on Show.

In 1% of cases kick with is used

March another three beats (left, right, left) and then kick with right leg.

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