Prepositions after "keep"

keep in, to, on, at or away?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases keep in is used

Let us keep in touch because I.

Just something to keep in mind.

It's one thing to keep in mind.

However, keep in mind the remaining term of your loan before rushing headlong to switch.

Yet, they fail to keep in their view the overwhelming disadvantages of this convenience.

Horses kept in yards do not have the same freedom of movement as those in open paddocks.

Assisting the client to stay focused and keeping in check the surroundings also form part of the coaching function.

According to him, mall developers should tie up with the government to acquire the right land, keeping in mind the.

The major economic decisions are taken by his government against his will keeping in view Political Considerations.

We both knew we had been kept in the daily prayers of our brothers and sisters back home, as we had kept each of them.

In 8% of cases keep to is used

I insisted they keep to their word.

Keep to all that, and heaven is open.

This also meant I kept to myself a lot.

The stated aim was to keep to a minimum the number of men employed on these special days.

The person who could mix well socially suddenly becomes isolated and keeps to themselves.

Each kept to his own, begrudging enough if he found himself walking past the other's shop.

It sounds as though, because of what your mum said, you are having to keep to yourself all the feelings you are having.

Keep to the same naps but not necessarily at exactly the same times -- so for example if your child usually wakes at 6.

I prefer deep conversations and I'd perpetually afraid of how people view me, so it's easier if I simply keep to myself.

On all these grounds, it makes sense to argue that governmental interference in the economy should be kept to a minimum.

In 7% of cases keep on is used

No files are kept on the C drive.

You just got ta keep on livin ', man.

They should always be kept on a leash.

We often say ' yes ', but it is nice to be asked and helps us keep on top of the inboxes.

Therefore, it is important to keep on top of what the market is focusing on at the moment.

The last songs of the ceremony need to promote the mood and sees the audiences kept on toes.

Ganja is kept on a few shelves on the wall behind the counter next to a mural of a giant, joint-smoking (and therefore.

Or, to put that another way, the more time you spend not doing something, the easier it is to just keep on not doing it.

Items of significant value such as jewellery and portable electronic devices should be kept on your persons at all times.

In 5% of cases keep at is used

I might keep at 5 for a few weeks.

My new religion is keeping at it.

Keep at room temperature for 12 hours.

I did get plenty of positive feedback, mostly classmates, which inspired me to keep at it.

Costs, it seems, are being kept at stupidly high levels despite a fall in crude oil prices.

The Conference of Parties has been firm on ensuring that tobacco industry representatives are kept at a safe distance.

The guards were insistent that the crowd keep at a respectful distance and they had little trouble enforcing their wishes.

However, it has kept at its heart, the core of its offering: great food and drinks, prepared simply and served impeccably.

Until recently, Ms McCarthy was not aware that a remembrance book including peacekeepers ' names was kept at the War Memorial.

In 4% of cases keep away is used

Please keep away from this!! 12.

One should keep away from water too.

Why go on, just keep away from them.

They did give me a booklet, which included the advice to keep away from coughs and colds.

As long as you act like muslim and keep away form acts of kuffar Insaallah you will succeed.

Keeping the area clean and fresh plays a crucial role in keeping away from yeast infection.

He threatens the Admiral, and when Dick and Esther appear from the station, offers her money to keep away from Dick.

It also emerged Savile was kept away from the annual fund-raiser because of? rumours? of his interest in young girls.

It's the kids who already have problems with violence or depression who perhaps should be kept away from Death Metal.

However, we try to keep away from uncomfortable thoughts of death; so are the British people who do not talk about death.

In 4% of cases keep for is used

This is why it is best kept for marriage.

This record must be kept for three years.

One possibility is to keep for gold online.

Why do we need to elect them based upon promises that have never been kept for 50 years.

And whatever cares press upon the mind, let time still be kept for the things of the Lord.

You think he actually has the number? Or little slides that he actually keeps for himself.

On account of the peace of mind of having a assured and secured investment, there's surely no doubt but to keep for bullion.

Shi (the better half of the lady traveller) brought out his treasure -- cigars which he kept for very special occasions only.

In the EU records are kept for two years by your mobile phone provider - to be handed over to law enforcement when requested.

She takes on custom-made orders and is always sad to part with her pieces, but there's only so much she can keep for herself.

In 3% of cases keep from is used

God has called you to walk godly and keep from sin.

Its contents have been kept from Alyse her entire life.

The possibility must be kept from happening at all costs.

If you can keep from running over the lines, you have a good chance at a full recovery.

In some areas, the organization says it has seen women being kept from airing their views.

The continual infusion of caffeine into my system also Moncler Jackets helps me to keep from crashing.

He had to do what he could in the few hours available to him to keep from getting overtired both mentally and physically.

At the pub, Rafe (finally) realized that there's more going on and asked Will what he's been keeping from him about Sami.

The results are being kept from us on the slithery ground that the recidivism figures must be kept secret on privacy grounds.

I found it hard to keep from looking at the Queen all the time, and the men on either side of me were having the same trouble.

In 2% of cases keep by is used

That dhoti afterwards was kept by us.

The invoice is to be kept by the client.

A record of the discussions would be kept by the mediator.

This is a very important club fundraiser, where 50% of all fees collected are kept by our club.

The exotic animlas kept by circuses can never exercise freely like they can in zoos &; safari parks.

He bases his claim on data from the longest continuous record in the world, kept by The Met Office, the U.

The narrative mainly takes the form of a journal kept by a young parish priest during the last year of his troubled life.

The prosecution's case relied heavily on a diary kept by Pauline, in which she detailed the girls ' plans for the deadly assault.

They are also responsible for poultry and ruminants kept by the family, and for looking after children and performing household chores.

The foreign currency so retained shall be kept by the Authorised Dealers in? Special Exporters? Account? outside their? Exposure? limits.

In 2% of cases keep out is used

We kept out of his way though afterwards.

But you keep out of trouble, Gerry Fegan.

Be sure to keep out of their way and all will be well.

Graphic TV programs, sexually explicit magazines and alcohol all must be kept out of reach.

It was kept out of the MSM because Blair appeared in court under the name of Charles Lynton.

Articles and books such as you are now reading are kept out of schools, libraries, and book stores.

Little was known there of the contents of The Jewish State) for it had been kept out of these areas by Russian censorship.

Since we know that most citizens will not accept the validity of religious reasons, these must be kept out of public debate.

Being slow on the uptake: he was kept out of the active plot because it would've been utterly blown if he was at all seriously engaged.

AMC consciously has been kept out of any of these categories; and has been carried as a stand-alone element called IT Support &; Services.

In 2% of cases keep under is used

But that, for the time being, is being kept under lock and key.

The visibility of soil on the carpet should be kept under check.

The sentencing powers available to the courts are being kept under review.

I do have the intention to make something else, that I've been keeping under wraps.

He has to be reeled in sometimes, in order for his enthusiasm to be kept under control.

But, the Supreme Courts allowed Sarath Fonseka to be kept under arrest for a further period.

Horses kept under intensive management in stables and yards must be inspected, fed and watered at least twice a day.

My boyfriend hasn't gotten rid of a set of weights that he has kept under the bed for the past year without using them.

CSG is naturally kept under some pressure within cracks and pores in underground coal seams by the action of water molecules.

You can also warn her, inform her parents that she intends to interfere in your married life and should be kept under control.

In 2% of cases keep with is used

Whatever is kept with you, keep it safely.

I just keep with my programme, wish and hope.

Think about writing a birth plan to keep with your notes.

My wife is of the view that our daughter showed be kept with us since she was also thrown out.

In conclusion, pick up this book, keep with it through the first half and enjoy the rest of the ride.

The friends who surrounded him and kept with him till the end, were, without exception, genuine parties.

One copy should be posted in a prominent place in the workplace and the original kept with the records of the committee.

Birds are flock animals and are more likely to be content and remain well balanced through puberty when kept with avian companions.

Filing resolution 136(2) A copy of every resolution referred to in subsection (1) shall be kept with the minutes of the meetings of shareholders.

Q: Did you have the opportunity to sit with Matt Damon and talk about keeping with the Bourne legacy? I mean we spoke for like literally thirty seconds.

In 1% of cases keep as is used

The other is kept as a spare in case the first deer is caught too soon.

I think I am going to print off your response to keep as a reminder to fully live now.

After he passed it was one of the possessions that my mother wanted to keep as a memory.

In Ireland the law remains lax and there are plenty of big cats being kept as ' power pets '.

India must be protected and kept as the homeland and center of the Vedic heritage, Sanatana-dharma, Hinduism.

Clearly once kept as a pet, she was given the name Felicity and taken to a wildlife park, where she lived for five years.

In situations like that, those key stories should have been kept as part of the foundation to build from so things could move forward.

Although the rifle had a magazine, this was supposed to be kept as a last reserve and individual bullets were chambered after each shot.

I had read somewhere or heard from some great man that worship should be kept as a guarded secret as the love of a noble lady with the Czar.

Another interviewee was found to be paying 400 each month into a debt management plan, of which 300 was being kept as a fee by the debt management firm.

In 1% of cases keep of is used

Records are kept of the spending of these donations.

There's a central record kept of who's doing what all the time.

It is recommended that a record is kept of the above assessments.

For payroll purposes a daily note was kept of each worker's working hours.

It is up to the association whether it also wants minutes kept of any discussion.

Once you have left the site, the cookies are deleted and no record is kept of them.

Records were also kept of the amount of television advertising associated with the campaign.

Research Now you must a motivation folder, guess what happens you need to keep of the old furniture, you've got a floor plan along with a grocery list -- the next thing is research.

Purchase House windows 7 Expert if you are dealing with your work at home, Windows 7 License Key, in order to keep of a associates and also work companions over the computer, twitter.

In 1% of cases keep within is used

The blood must be kept within strict pH controls (7.

Here are some tips to help you keep within your budget.

It is a great thing to value the freedom we now have and to continue keeping within compass.

The owner has one month after getting the notice of classification to make sure that the dog is kept within a securely fenced part of the owner's property.

The aim of economic development must be to bring humanity into the safe and just space, ending deprivation and keeping within safe levels of resource use.

The time and energy you invest in this homework can make a real difference in terms of the success of your project and your ability to keep within your budget.

Because it is impossible to please everyone and also because it is not feasible for us to ask people to produce birth certs we would suggest you keep within the age guide below.

The Commission further advises that the issue of Iran's nuclear programs be kept within the purview of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council along with Germany.

He or she then deposits the now folded ballot paper in a ballot box provided by ECK for that election and which is kept within the sight of the presiding officer and all other occupants of the room.

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