Prepositions after "jump"

jump on, into, to, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 18% of cases jump on is used

This figure is poised to jump on Aug.

And before any of you jump on me for this.

Newton's dog, Diamond, jumped on his papers.

We jumped on the back of a passing nosimon and proceeded full speed ahead to Panigram.

Jumping on stage and shouting his lyrics, Tanto Blacks got a bit quiet after he fell.

Some jump into Lake Union and others jump onto the adjacent parking lot of Adobe Systems.

Phantasy Star phanatics should jump on this game, but you could definitely make a case that the routine's getting old.

For to do so would mean jumping on someone else's bandwagon and picking up your rifle when the war is already over.

I wanted to try to jump on it the first 100 and see what happened, but I think our backstroke we let off a little bit.

I grew up jumping on baddies ' heads, shooting them to pieces and sniping them from craggy outposts on alien worlds.

In 15% of cases jump into is used

Even Bob Rennie jumped into the act.

Well, let's jump into the band and the tour.

The dog responded and jumped into the water.

Even before it suddenly jumped into my second favorite genre I was still digging it.

It literally felt as of something tried to jump into my body and hold me down this time.

Personally, I dislike anyone who jumps into my vehicle wearing the same dirty clothes and boots they just played in.

After our day of activities, it was so soothing to jump into the shower and then slip into the tub with a glass of wine.

O Yang Hyun-suk does so it's probably not a good idea for me to jump into the entertainment business as an entrepreneur.

You are only supposed to provide her with a solution, and not to jump into matters and start helping her with everything.

In 14% of cases jump to is used

Jump to page: The most perfect formation is.

Now my mind is jumping to the next person.

Click on the image below to jump to the video.

So poeple should stop jumping to conclusions about people because of their music style.

At about fifty per cent coverage hospital attendance has jumped to astronomical heights.

With the completion of each volume, a student?? s reading ability jumps to a higher level.

It was found that goalkeepers jumped to the left or the right significantly more than was useful in preventing goals.

So if 500 generators of one kilowatt were being used, now that requirement has jumped to 500 generators of two kilowatts.

AOL Travel reports A 51-year-old Chinese man jumped to his death after apparently losing more than $386,000 in the casino.

By 1920, after only 6 years of Federal Reserve shenanigans, the Federal debt had jumped to $24 billion, or $226 per person.

In 11% of cases jump from is used

I'd going to jump from the plane.

Meanwhile, remittance jumped from about 2.

From 1947 to 1980, enrollments jumped from 2.

He jumps from buildings, zooms on his bike through crowded alleys and dodges bullets.

Electricity consumption jumped from 25 billion kilowatt hours to 84 billion by 1990.

Coast Guard is searching for a 31-year-old man who authorities say jumped from the ship.

Zazen is used to hone the mind to one single subject of thought, not letting it jump from one randemness to another.

He admitted he was a Jew, and again he was put on a train but somehow he succeeded to jump from the wagon, at night.

The largest difference could be seen from the television and media revenue receive, jumping from 16 million to 43.

I was a little upset that Julia seems to be jumping from guy to guy and we get no idea where her heart really lies.

In 8% of cases jump in is used

If only I'd jumped in boots and all 10 years ago.

Marty jumps in the DeLorean and travels to June 13, 1931.

There are about 100 bison (buffalo) jumps in north America.

If I jump in this fountain, will I be forgiven? Chorus: We all had our reasons to be there.

This also may result in your child jumping in said substance, spreading mess even further.

Once a boy even drowned and died, when Osho seduced him to jump into the whirlpool of a river.

The Maasai sang many songs for us and were very animated, jumping in rhythm with the drum beating in the background.

Maybe;) Fair play Darragh - I did a bungee jump in NZ (from slightly less than 4km!) back when I was still scared of heights.

Jayawardene also jumped in defence of his skipper Virender Sehwag, who hasn't played a long innings so far in the tournament.

Though the numbers are difficult to verify, over 600 people reportedly killed themselves by jumping into its crater in 1936 alone.

In 8% of cases jump out is used

Baumgartner jumps out of the capsule.

You don't have to jump out of the way.

I had to jump out of his cab to escape.

I won't soon forget that day I got into the shower and it jumped out of the tunnel, like usual.

Trevor can be seen jumping out of a military jeep as he drives off a FLYING airplane into the sky.

The mortars can be found inside this garage right after you spot Menendez and jump out of the window.

Jumping out of the bed, taking a quick shower and skipping breakfast as usual, I began my journey to my workplace.

I can't even bring myself to feel anything when Janni tries to jump out of her second-floor bedroom window one night.

The reality was they needed dummies to jump out of a plane carrying a large load of C4 to blow up some hill in Vietnam.

I've even seen some stories written in first person suddenly jump out of the consistent POV into another character's head.

In 7% of cases jump at is used

He should jump at this oppertunity.

Thus when the time came, I jumped at the chance.

The Rembrandts, however, jumped at the opportunity.

I jump at the slightest sound, and it seems to me that we are watching out for soldiers.

Many of them are committed management who will jump at to be able to be qualified by you.

New Options Young people have jumped at the chance for professional employment in-state.

He thinks people will jump at the chance to trade in their reproductive ability for the chance to own a car or color TV.

But those gigs are declining, so he jumps at the chance to write a song and record it with reigning teen idol Cora Corman.

They wouldn't learn much language but they would learn about a culture very different from their own, and they'd jump at it.

You'll love this job because you can say you worked for ME, and that should be enough of an incentive to jump at the chance.

In 4% of cases jump off is used

The ball JUMPS off of this stick.

He'd jumped off the roof and killed himself.

By accident these springs can jump off the hook.

Apparently this place is called lovers leap as many lovers have jumped off this cliff.

While his stuff doesn't jump off the page, he knows how to pitch and generally throws strikes.

The name that jumped off the page (or didn't jump off in this case) to a lot of fans was Josh Sale.

While living in the SF bay area-I saw a lady jump off the Golden Gate bridge onto a passing container cargo ship below.

I saw blue arcs of electricity jumping off metal to zap someone, and changing your bed really gets things charged up.

I spent summers bodysurfing, riding black surf-o-planes; jumping off the rocks and watching the older guys catch waves.

On July 1st 1908, Leach jumped off the Upper Steel Arch Bridge using a parachute to become the fourth (4th) person to do so.

In 3% of cases jump through is used

They ask that these people jump through their arbitrary hoops and act as though the $10.

One of Florence's most famous tricks included jumping through paper hoops (called balloons).

Up to now I have had the tedious job of having to jump through hoops when I have to change prices.

Sadly, I suspect he's more likely to admire his reflection in the glass than have the guts to jump through it.

No more clunky interface or jumping through stupid hoops when ordering a domain, or going through a bunch of b.

I have paperwork after paperwork, report after report and jump through hoops to account and vouch it went in this project.

Once you jump through all the hoops and do meet the criteria, they will tell you that they don't have enough cash to give you.

To cut a long story short we see a 75% speed drop, phone BT, jump through umpteen hoops and they reset the profile at the exchange.

Derrick is able to leap out of the water, a necessary skill to jump through the flaming tires required to unlock the next continent.

The discrepancy is further exaggerated by lenders increasing upfront costs and making buyers jump through hoops to get the best deals.

In 2% of cases jump onto is used

He smiled at me and jumped onto the bed and kissed me.

Jumped onto his bike, she asked the policeman what was happening.

For buying branded shoes at the best prices, you can jump onto Dukanee.

This allowed me a little rest before jumping onto the one hour banca ferry to Sabang.

Once you clear the last tile, your penguin will jump onto the platform and kick the gong.

Some jump into Lake Union and others jump onto the adjacent parking lot of Adobe Systems.

We do nt love Rajapaksas but we love our country!! Then he made the second mistake by jumping onto the band wagon with the JVP.

Say what you like about the songs that greedily jumped onto the mambo fad and onto the charts, at least they were original songs.

She was shocked as the policeman rushed to her with a panic frenzy, opened her car door, and ordered her to quickly jump onto his bike.

But as he was driving from outside the pub one of those ejected earlier jumped onto his vehicle and pulled off the aerial and a windscreen wiper.

In 1% of cases jump across is used

I remember jumping across stepping stones in the water.

I would jump across the wall to meet her but, when we got caught, she had to leave the orphanage.

As sparks jumped across the gap between the balls, sparks were also observed jumping the gap in the receiver.

I learnt styles of climbing from watching him brace, stretch and sometimes jump across the indoor climbing wall.

At one point the tracks swapped sides by simultaneously jumping across the river on two bridges, one under the other.

Indian stories had always fascinated me, and the story connected with that formation of rocks of how the braves used to jump across the high place above the swirling waters delighted me.

In 1% of cases jump between is used

Those taxpayers will see their state income taxes jump between 10.

Lotard developed the act to include turning a somersault when jumping between the two trapezes.

The player has to jump between the lanes dodging enemy attacks, whilst ' firing ' their own shots when they reach Rick Rocket.

It still jumps between characters in traditional Call of Duty fashion, but each character is meaningful and each conflict is more directly tied to the overall plot.

The unified experience of the entire platform makes it easy for anybody to jump between devices because other the difference screen sizes, most other things remain the same.

In 1% of cases jump by is used

The average value of real estate in Dublin jumped by 1.

By 2012, this figure is expected to jump by 20-25 per cent.

The Comedy Network's Saturday average has jumped by 56,000 viewers; TSN by 50,000.

Economists have noted a steep rise in Western Australia's unemployment rate, which jumped by 0.

RevPAR is up 20% and overall revenue has jumped by more than a fifth on the same period in 2011.

Natural gas prices have jumped by 42 per cent since hitting a 10-year low on April 19 as supplies declined.

The need for electricity in British Columbia could jump by 50 per cent in 20 years, without taking into account conservation, BC Hydro believes.

Sales from pure-play foundry GlobalFoundries are forecast to jump by a strong 31% while foundry giant TSMC is expected to show a healthy 17% increase this year.

In fact, a friend of mine on Facebook recently posted just last week that his brother was jumped by a small group of skin heads in front of a pizza restaurant.

Journalist: Minister, the Refugee and Migration Review Tribunal says its caseload has jumped by more than 50 per cent in the first three months of the financial year.

In 1% of cases jump for is used

I did bungee jumping for the first time in my life.

Whenever somebody offers you something, you jump for it.

But before reading this, jump for a moment back to verse 5.

EA really can be cheeky sods sometimes, the sad fact is some people will jump for this.

If at that time he would have eaten fries (chips) we would have been jumping for joy.

I will jump for joy the day all Sri Lankans are fluent in all three languages: English, Sinhala and Tamil.

The artist within me was jumping for joy! I have always felt that my life was my canvas and that the way I chose to live it, is my art.

Jamaicans of African, Indian, Chinese and European descent jumped for joy as shown in the photograph of the folks in my office posted on my Facebook page.

The Scorch Shot is another downgraded Detnoator, but allows bouncing shots and detonator jumps for less HP, though to get the same airtime you need perfect timing.

In 1% of cases jump over is used

The Lemmings have jumped over the cliff and they won't be coming back.

Maybe if he works on his verticals a little more he can jump over the line.

The crocodiles seem to be full and are not anymore jumping over the Gnus.

So, this arithmetic exercise gets us essential zero hit from jumping over the fiscal cliff.

After his save, Weaver jumped over the advertising boards to celebrate with the City faithful.

Government officials have reviewed the footage and determined that the guest jumped overboard.

MSNBC reports a passenger jumped overboard yesterday into the Pacific Ocean and was quickly rescued by the ship's crew.

UPDATE: Subsequent reports indicate the woman jumped overboard at 6:08 AM Tuesday morning based on video surveillance equipment.

In fact teaching Kerry folk how to mingle and flirt is a bit like Jedward teaching Stephen Hawking about how the cow jumped over the moon.

Coast Guard says it has suspended a search for a 30-year-old female bartender who worked aboard a cruise ship and jumped overboard near Puerto Rico.

In 1% of cases jump with is used

Milada jumps with an initial velocity of 95.

I was jumping with joy and Mak ran to me and hugged me.

Ruth jumped with joy and laid flat on the stage after she was announced the winner.

If you really want to develop your ability to jump with power, then try doing the plyometric pogo jump.

In another second, he fell down flat on his back, having jumped with athletic alacrity from his chair.

Whatever the good news may be, we in Asia have not learned to jump with joy, unless the fruits of our labor are seen.

Biochemists jumped with joy when they didn't have to work with proteins anymore, which lose their activity very readily.

My brain and mouth savoured the flavour of the goats cheese, my whole body jumped with delight at the pesto on my bruschetta as it sparked off a rush of excitement.

Finally there is the ocean fished dagaa where they dry those little fishies that you can spot jumping with joy, usually at sunset, if you are having a sundowner anywhere along the bay in Dar.

It may be through something read, heard, witnessed and your soul will jump with joy, you will know an excitement within that is beyond description for you will have found your purpose for being.

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