Prepositions after "judge"

"judge by" or "judge from"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases judge by is used

Best to Judged by 12 rather than carried by 6.

I mean, judging by the way we're sneaking around.

Judge by this what content and satisfaction he enjoys.

Judging by my inbox and the letters pages, many readers, men and women, do not agree.

Judging by the continued crisis, the gap hadn't substantially closed in the past year.

Fed Up, Judging by your post, your children are growing up in a home that is hate-filled.

Nearly 100 submissions were received and were judged by a panel comprising of CIPR CEO Jane Wilson, PRCA CEO Francis.

And judging by the age profile, it's questionable whether most of the attendees ' offspring would be up to it either.

I don't think I liked them as much as some of the other bronies, judging by the comments, but they wrap things up ok.

This sends a message that you are not afraid to have your mannerisms and demeanor judged by an impartial judge or jury.

In 19% of cases judge from is used

Judging from NASA's satellite imagery, Sandy is no joke.

The supreme court may remove district court judges from office.

Judging from this description, Membertou was most likely a Mtis.

He may not qualify for MOCC anyway judging from his poor EQ and lack of initiative.

How much he poured is a mystery but judging from the smell of Pine Sol in the house.

Especially judging from the stints pulled by both J-Lo and Katy Perry in recent days.

Judging from the extent of big words they use, they also operate at a much higher intellectual plane than the rest of us.

Judging from the character artwork alone, it looks like Iris Heart's character design is based on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Steph O'brien says: 03:08pm 25/05/10 Wow - judging from the number of blogs on this subject, it sure is a matter of contention.

Judging from what we've heard it sounds like classic Shins even if James Mercer is the only remaining member of the original band.

In 9% of cases judge on is used

Now just judging on the leak photos alone.

Allah will NOT judge on your one single act.

God does not judge on some sort of ' sliding scale '.

Every society should be judged on how they treat their less fortunate (poor, ill, etc.

Everyone knows that Democrats aren't judged on their results, only on their intentions.

The simple fact is your philosophy, playing stlye is only judged on the results it gets.

Also see my earlier post arguing that blogs should be judged on how we try to affect the coverage and conduct of this election.

Judging on the response and popularity one can say that this experiment has been successful and it's now time to implement it.

Journal impact (or preprint server impact) could be judged on combinations of all these by some algorithm I hardly dare imagine.

And while we realise that achievements are not judged on awards alone, they are indicative of Sir William's leadership qualities.

In 5% of cases judge for is used

WOLFE Well, judge for yourself.

You have to judge for yourself if this is true? Q.

Thus he was judged for his transgression at the stop sign.

For obvious reasons, any creative will not be judged for quality but will need to support the idea.

The point about good and evil is that there needs to be someone capable of judging for them to exist.

We get nothing, not even guaranteed jobs when we come out of school, so we do what we have to and get judged for it.

We will continue our destruction program with full transparency so that others may judge for themselves how we are doing.

Does she then get judged for not standing out of her crowd - not many are courageous enough to do this without a safety net.

In 5% of cases judge in is used

There were obviously judges in India who were just and fearless in the extreme.

How can I have pride in the country of my birth when we are judged in this way by the rest?

References Chin MW: Genetics and law: a challenge for lawyers and judges in the new millenium.

Posted by lvent on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 5:01 PM (EDT ): The just judge will judge in the end vinny.

Actions are judged in terms of physical consequences rather than in terms of psychological interests of others.

Consent (and being of an age to do so) is the only factor we should judge in assigning newsworthiness to any persons sex life.

He turned out two Irish judges because they were Protestants, and he put in two Englishmen, Catholics, as judges in their place.

Yet despite the setbacks and draining international support, judges in one corner of this gale-blown city have made history this week.

The attorney I'd working with says while that is true many judges in this state have ruled in favor the plaintiffs in summary judgements anyway.

Girlanda said he believed that her playing music was a sign that she was confident that the decision would be overturned by appeal judges in Perugia.

In 3% of cases judge according is used

God judges according to the intents of the heart!


In one category the poems will be judged according to their absolute spiritual height.

And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books.

Savile and others will be judged according to what lies within their hearts and the motives for their actions will be exposed at the Judgement.

During the transition period this council would act on the principle that every immigrant Jew was to be judged according to the laws of the country he had left behind.

In 2% of cases judge between is used

To judge between people when they differed; 3.

God will judge between us by the light of Christ we live by.

We need discretion to judge truth from error and to judge between what is good and what is best.

In 1% of cases judge against is used

That being said, despite the flaws that are being mentioned, Sleeping Dogs is being judged against a very high standard, and it is still a good game in its own right.

Wanganui will be judged against towns and cities from the US (3 ), Australia (3 ), Canada (4 ), Taiwan (3 ), Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Finland, Estonia, China and Albania.

In 1% of cases judge as is used

And you are judged as a programmer on what films you play.

No longer are freelancers judged as the people who can not get a permanent job.

Not judging as a sufficient and forgiving as a necessary condition: -Matthew 7:1-2 -Judge not, and ye shall not be judged.

Islam? s eschatology places Allah? s role as mankind? s judge as the progression from His role as mankind? s Creator, and man will be punished or rewarded for his deeds in Allah? s universe.

In 1% of cases judge at is used

Unless is almost perfectly judged at every point.

The quality of the staff in turn can be judged at the outside by the behavior of the people, because every single action contributes to the success or failure of the whole.

As David Colquhoun has pointed out, there are several Nobel prize winners who would have looked pretty dismal had they been judged at the time of their prize-winning work using such techniques.

In 1% of cases judge of is used

You shall judge of it yourself, when you have heard all that passed from the time I left you, till he came to the execution of his wicked plan.

In 1% of cases judge under is used

Why does the turn end in the first case but not the second? A nswer: In the first case, he did not play any sort of croquet stroke; so he is judged under Law 4(d) (1).

In 1% of cases judge with is used

Use your rational brain to override the rat brain impulses and allow yourself time to measure and judge with logic and reason.

This is clearly open to abuse -- the companies with the right to sanction us act as judges with non of the normal legal responsibilities.

Speaking in a news conference, he dismissed critics ' accusations that the court is stuffed with officials loyal to Hosni Mubarak's ousted regime or judges with a political agenda.

In 1% of cases judge without is used

It is hard to judge without knowing the true volume and characteristics of the matter, but visually those appear to be quite extraordinary.

In commandeering the drone assassinations in Pakistan, Obama has taken on himself to judge without legal process and to kill with impunity persons he thinks ought to die.

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