Prepositions after "jealous"

jealous of, about, for, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases jealous of is used

Katie will be jealous of the baby.

They are also jealous of the wind.

It kind of sounds like he is jealous of the relationship you now have with your baby.

I'd jealous of the freedom they enjoy and the control they have over their own lives.

But His fellow Jews became jealous of His success and sought means to get rid of Him.

They may feel jealous of the attention given to their disabled brother or sister or embarrassed by their behaviour.

I'd glad greengrass that you know so much about my personal situation that you can conclude I am jealous of the 1%.

I want to have great energy and hop all over town and in and out of beds and make people jealous of the way I live.

In 3% of cases jealous about is used

Others may feel jealous about it.

They were completely jealous about me.

He was not jealous about others? success.

What also bother Craig is Aarons girlfriend Nia, who Craig is secretly jealous about.

But it is a woman who will get jealous about time spent with another woman, not a man.

Nobody is jealous about Kennedy Agyapong if he made his fortune through the genuine way.

So don't feel jealous about a great guy who is also Chelsea fan in addition to being one of the greatest manager.

S he was allowed to be around the Jesus all the time, even to the extent that the co-disciples felt jealous about her.

The other Transporters try to show Oliver the positive side, though Oliver soon finds another thing to be jealous about.

He became increasingly jealous about Emily's friendships with other men and even told his friends he had plans to kill her.

In 2% of cases jealous for is used

Is the Almighty jealous for us? Yes.

BUT I am jealous for her company always.

The ex-hubby was jealous for no reason at all.

I am jealous for the truth, but that is quite a different thing to just being angry.

They really make me aware of myself being irrational or getting jealous for no reason.

Someone who truly loves another can not be other than jealous for the object of their love.

And they are jealous for this ' national ' quality of theirs -- at times almost as men are jealous for their wives.

I am jealous for material possessions, for attention, for praise, and mostly, jealous to be the best at everything.

Listen friends, and mark my words in this moment and this hour -- God is jealous for his name for his name is jealous.

NOT!! It just shows how INSANELY STUPID you people really are, not to mention jealous for what we have going up in GB.

In 1% of cases jealous at is used

I'd jealous at the same time though.

I'd just jealous at all the fun they're having.

Siren Angel, I understand the trigger, I feel jealous at times too.

I loved how Perrine had softened considerably, and still jealous at Yoshika x Lynette.

The second point is relating to Indian Bengallis jealous at Bangladesh/Bengali Muslims.

Barnum and Bailey's would be jealous at the three-ring circus her story created down south.

You are so jealous at those that have worked their butts off and are reaping the rewards that you think they should be punished.

Cain is good example of this, he was tremendously jealous at his younger brother, he was spiritually sick and no one could see this.

Do us a favour and grow a sense of humour! Ever occur to you that you are just jealous at the success of this article?? Love <3 P.

He also used to be very strict and jealous at the beginning of our marriage (he would get upset if a cashier smiled at me) and I began to hate his hypocrisy.

In 1% of cases jealous by is used

You can also make your girl jealous by making new aquaintences.

The guy that likes me showed that he was jealous by messing with me.

Some may resort to making their ex jealous by going out with another guy.

When even this doesn't work, she decides to make him jealous by starting to date his friend.

Deuteronomy 32:21 They made me jealous by what is no god and angered me with their worthless idols.

My brother was at the Carnival over the weekend and made me really jealous by posting pics all over facebook.

Obviously jealous by her young looks, the first question was targeted at knowing how old she was and what kept her going.

Many advise that the best way is to make your ex-girlfriend feel jealous by associating with your female friends more than you did.

The personality of some individuals makes them just to be jealous by default and in this case, stopping the act can be really hard.

We ordered a bottle of beer each, talked about our future plans non-too-seriously and made the girls jealous by splashing the water.

In 1% of cases jealous in is used

Because he throws jealous in each other.

I left impressed and jealous in equal measure.

And what would I say if I could? I was jealous in life.

I don't recall feeling jealous in my reverie; just unbearable pain wondering why he had left me.

When she watched the jealous in Sharadamma's face she lost the happiness of getting the fee for her son.

We should expect the MPs who sit on the committees to be proud and jealous in their defence of parliamentary scrutiny.

She may be my best friend but when she interviewed Prince William and Prince Harry I have never been more jealous in my life.

Ours is a religion jealous in its demands, but how prodigal in its gifts! It troubles you for an hour, it repays you by immortality.

In 1% of cases jealous on is used

Re: Are Greeks jealous on Altay tank? They might not be so jealous about the products they see.

On the other hand, I admit that I have tried to make girls I'd interested in jealous on purpose before.

Rate this: +0 -0 Kashi said: (Sun, Sep 19, 2010 12:10:48 PM) Looks like some men feel jealous on women.

And since when did they start giving out free gas for storm victims? I'd a little bit jealous on that one.

And whenever I see people fondly remember their high school days I'd incredibly jealous on what I missed out on.

The Sony Xperia AX gets a lovely looking Turquoise colour SKU that leaves us a little jealous on the western front.

Why can't you just admit that you have a crush on Kristen and you are very jealous on Rob? It's not that difficult to admit.

We also feature free wi-fi on board, perfect for checking your email and posting pictures to make your friends jealous on Facebook.

It's so easy now to hack some code on headless Raspberry Pi! Also I'd jealous on your Falcon 9 sightning, it must be spectacular from plane.

Re: Are Greeks jealous on Altay tank? No score for this post November 16 2012, 10:57 AM I think when it comes to greeks gender does not matter.

In 1% of cases jealous over is used

Men and women get jealous over different things.

People think its cute when a man is jealous over his wife.

So whenever a guy is jealous over me, or I begin to get jealous myself.

But most of the time, there's no compelling reason to feel jealous over a McMansion.

The same rule applies to you though, you must not get jealous over something they are doing.

Ever since we got married he has broken five cell phones due to him being jealous over my ex boyfriends or guy friends.

Kehinde Adesamuye, 39, who set his lover on fire because he was angry and jealous over her relationship with other men.

Lets not mind all our critics, there are only beeing jealous over nothing and believe me the more jealous they get the higher we get.

Meanwhile, Kimberley has rubbished rumours that her boyfriend Justin Scott is jealous over her steamy moves with partner Pasha Kovalev.

In 1% of cases jealous to is used

Carolina sounds a little jealous to me.

He's so jealous to Pacman, i don't know why.

Neighbouring countries should not be jealous to Bangladesh.

Some loser guys are overly controlling, or are jealous to the point of being ridiculous.

And ehmagurddddd yang kau nak jealous to da max ni pahal, does he even want you omg #thatawkwardmoment.

This friend seems jealous to me because she wouldn't let go even though my gf explained everything to her.

I know you probably wish I wasn't My dear, but I find Myself falling jealous to the time you have for everyone but Me.

I can't help but feeling you're sort of jealous to Genneva's gold buyers for receiving 2% hibah, and having gold bar in hand.

But, let me tell you Malay also sometimes jealous to the non-Bumi because they hold the power of industry for example in Penang itself.

In 1% of cases jealous with is used

Maxie attempts to make Matt jealous with Spinelli.

This is nothing else than jealous with developing Sri Lanka.

You are jealous with one another and quarrel with each other.

She definitely looked surprised and I'd very jealous with all the pictures she's sent me.

Turn out the culprit was someone who got jealous with Anwar's attention towards Surendran.

I was kinda jealous with those that got the opportunity to redeem the phone for only Rm66.

I mean he was still easy on Bella even if he was jealous with Bella and Jacob (In some cases that Ive read in magazines.

However, HAI is jealous with MAN, and is anxious when he heard that his dream girl YUAN (Li Chi) falls in love with MAN.

Buy access for the day, surf the net and make your family and friends super jealous with your Facebook and Twitter updates.

Tough Edwrad also jealous with this, but he can't do anything since the only thing that make him hapy is to see Bella happy.

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