Prepositions after "jam-packed"

jam-packed with, into, for, from or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases jam-packed with is used

Jam-packed with expert advice on.

Jam-packed with flavour and fragrance.

The cafeteria was jam-packed with people.

With clean hardware design and materials, a modern os jampacked with bb features.

The whole place is jam-packed with security men who are on patrol day and night.

Anyway we don't need him right now as we're jam-packed with middle order batsmen.

What is the Hot Trend Report? The Hot Trend Report is our free gift to you every month that's jam-packed with.

As Napoleon's life was jam-packed with stress, his short sleep might have been a consequence of his lifestyle.

Fresher's Week for the Literary Society was jam-packed with great events, banter and meeting brand new members.

Autumn is also jam-packed with events, from food and wine festivals to fashion weeks and Melbourne's Grand Prix.

In 2% of cases jam-packed into is used

Also, the electricity jam-packed into the tune is really entertaining.

Want to discover cool and fun stuff on the Internet? KidZui has it all jam-packed into one easy browser.

The buildings are jam-packed into such a tiny space, and all the buildings stretch up to the sky at least 30 storeys.

Chickens are hatched by the millions and jam-packed into cages to grow fat and meaty for us to go to the grocery store and eat them.

The last few seasons have had that stuff jam-packed into almost every episode and it is unrealistic to be able to keep up that pace I think.

Instead the theological truth is embedded within the ' non-religious ' bravery, treachery, sibling tension, bullying, reconciliation and forgiveness which are jam-packed into the stories.

Hundreds of slaves jam-packed into tiny spaces with no light, water or drainage -- there are marks about 30-40cm up the walls which represent the level of human filth that filled each room.

In 1% of cases jam-packed by is used

Felele was jampacked by a huge crowd of sympathisers, politicians, top government functionaries and the ordinary people.

In 1% of cases jam-packed during is used

In big cities like Karachi and Lahore, restaurants of all types and sizes are jam-packed during opening hours.

It's jampacked during lunch hour, the scent of grilled meat fills the air andmade my stomach growl, and most of all, here's one major reason why I have to get in to this restaurant.

In 1% of cases jam-packed from is used

Anything longer is pointless and there is nothing more daunting for a recruiter than to receive a three, four, or five page CV, jam-packed from top to bottom with a wall of words.

In 1% of cases jam-packed in is used

If you eat the tinned variety search for those jam-packed in spring water.

But it was also pretty jam-packed in its own right, as The Governor revealed just how twisted he was.

Jam-packed in the sky, seated on jeweled lotus flower seats, they expound the wondrous Dharma to deliver suffering sentient beings.

In 1% of cases jam-packed of is used

Be jam-packed of confidence and enormous breakthrough will be your mainstream in life all the time.

My husband and I had a lovely weekend, jam-packed of Brooklyn adventures!! Okay, that is partially a lie.

The Business stream is jam-packed of entrepreneurship and investment information that I filled up 5 pages in my notebook while trying to take notes from 3 of Bo's business mentors.

In 1% of cases jam-packed on is used

Instant messaging surprised by how slow your web site jam-packed on my little cellular.

Camacho was red hot at that time, and the gym was jam-packed on that particular Sunday because I had Mark Breland and all of the guys were here training for an international tournament coming up.

In 1% of cases jam-packed to is used

According to the media, there are approximately about 10,000 people in attendance -- stadium was jam-packed to the max.

There are fourteen (14) FDI (Foreign Direct Inventors) hosted in the Montego Bay Freezone which is jam-packed to capacity and bursting at the seams at over 97% occupancy.

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