Prepositions after "itch"

"itch for" or "itch in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases itch for is used

I am just itching for the new board at the ABC.

But now that it's been raining here for two weeks I am itching for blue skies again.

After two silver medals at the Worlds in recent years I'd say he's been itching for a big win,.

XICONICX-GHOST wrote: people be on this site like its their job just itching for people and posts to hate on.

It was a great experience for me, though I must admit that by the end I was itching for a burst of hell-for-leather, tear-up-the-rulebook playing.

ALLAN McGREGOR is itching for the chance to prove he is a better penalty taker than his Rangers team-mates who twice missed from the spot against St Mirren last week.

The drumming is akin to soldiers trudging their way through muddy fields, the emotion and passion that seeps out from each bang of the skin will leave you breathless and itching for more.

In 23% of cases itch in is used

This is coupled with itching in the penile area.

They die from their mistake but cause a severe itch in the process.

In 10% of cases itch of is used

I snuggle one last time into that relaxing fleece, feeling my muscles itching of anticipation.

In 8% of cases itch at is used

Little traitress, my fingers itch at thee: and so to leave only a bowl of water, too! Had it been wine, it would have been some comfort.

In 3% of cases itch from is used

They can also ease itching from things like hives, chickenpox or insect bites.

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