Prepositions after "issue"

"issue by", "issue in" or "issue to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases issue by is used

A receipt will be issued by the police.

According to the report issued by the U.

A report issued by Human Rights in China (http: //www.

Child's original computer generated birth certificate issued by the local authorities.

A full license issued by your country of nationality must be produced by December 2012.

Karan Thapar: Now the formal statement issued by the BJP on Tuesday went a step further.

If you happen to be a rising teen star in film or advertising, you can get a special licence issued by the Government.

Oh, and a stop-work order issued by BOEMRE against a Canadian university they had been funding to conduct research on.

New work permits were issued by the NYC Department of Buildings in 2008 and work finally resumed, but then stopped again.

In Singapore an End-User Certificate is issued by the Trade Control Branch under the Director-General of Singapore Customs.

In 14% of cases issue to is used

The cite is issued to the driver, not to the car.

The DPL Passport issued to Karuna by the Sri Lankan Govt.

Taxi and Livery, Class E: Issued to drivers age 18 or over.

For each certificate of registration issued to a trust for charitable uses, ten pesos.

So far, there is no postmortem report issued to her &; the media, like in the old days.

Payments will automatically issue to these applicants in the week commencing the 16th July.

They were so called because the splendid certificates issued to holders of the stock were ornamented with gilt edges.

However, he didn't say whether the arms would be issued to the villagers to defend themselves against future attacks.

Individual electronic tickets may not be issued to you prior to travel due to the group nature of the air/flight booking.

It is a version of events the FA reject completely, with Horne confirming a formal complaint has now been issued to UEFA.

In 12% of cases issue in is used

Similarly, the N 500 note was issued in 2001.

We are talking about teachers issue in this forum.

Similar warnings have been issued in this country.

Under this law, the two types of drug issued in an emergency will get the PBS subsidy.

Peace bonds are issued in criminal court; restraining orders are issued in civil court.

We are therefore unclear and concerned as to why a stamp 0 has been issued in each case.

Once issued in the Court of Queen? s Bench, the judgment can then be legally enforced through the office of the Sheriff.

Ensure that completed audit reports are issued in a timely manner and made accessible to the public with minimal formality.

The Diploma Supplement is issued in a widely spoken European language and is free of charge to every student upon graduation.

In 7% of cases issue for is used

Patents are issued for anything.

It is issued for a maximum of two weeks.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

In all of these cases, a ticket with the status code AAA would be issued for the article.

Here's why -- all cities will argue that taxi licenses are issued for consumer protection.

They came after a lapse of several years, due to the travel warnings issued for American travelers.

A temporary order of protection has been issued for the actor who has denied any ' physical relationship ' with her.

A few other CRSids (duplicates issued for testing purposes, course identifiers and so on) also appear in the directory.

If the late night noise then becomes and issue for residents, they then put on the pressure for a curfew - freight flights.

A warrant has been issued for her arrest by the Mexico City attorney-general and Mexican border security has been alerted.

In 6% of cases issue on is used

That means if the visa is issued on Feb.

Up to 4 one-way awards can be issued on one ticket.

The Committee's report was was issued on 30 November 1989.

You will be unable to board the coach without the Return Ticket issued on your outward journey.

His private pilot's licence was first issued on 15 February 2000 and expired on 14 February 2005.

A revised schedule issued on Sunday shows him slotted for an appearance with his wife on Thursday night.

In a statement issued on December 11, 2003, the Bangladesh Foreign Office strongly denied the contents of the CSIS report.

In a statement issued on the eve of Obama's visit, the Myanmar government also said it would invite the UN High Commissioner for Human.

Visa Extensions Visas can be renewed at immigration offices during normal office hours, and extensions are usually issued on a same-day basis.

This charge will be applicable to all membership tiers For all Domestic and International award tickets issued on or before November 10, 2011, (i.

In 6% of cases issue with is used

We have recently had two clients issued with stamp 0.

Licensed trailers are then issued with a licensing card.

Officers will also be issued with hand-held metal detectors.

They are issued with new writs of summons to the next Parliament during dissolution.

We were issued with shirts, that had the station logo proudly emblazoned on the front.

Qualified Kenyans have a right to be issued with ID cards whenever they apply for them.

Students graduating after July 2002 and before 2006 were issued with a Student Transcript and Degree Certificate at Graduation.

The woman who has been issued with a divorce also has the right to receive food, clothing and shelter until the end of her? iddah.

Then after a few other formalities the voter is issued with a ballot paper whereupon he/she proceeds to mark his/her ballot paper.

Coming back to the story, once you get the signature and the rubber stamp of the OIC, you are issued with a copy of the complaint.

In 4% of cases issue under is used

A nominal coinage was issued under John Balliol c.

An advance license is issued under the duty exemption plan.

The director may cancel or suspend any licence, authority, or permit issued under this Part.

It was the first payment issued under the new IRS tax whistleblower law, and set a record for money awarded to whistleblowers.

Last year, our department officials issued I think 11,000 Temporary Resident Permits and then I issued under my authority about a hundred.

These requirements have their foundation in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act; the Codes of Good Practice issued under that act, and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act.

In 3% of cases issue from is used

A wave of protest issued from Jakarta.

Hurricane warnings were issued from east of Morgan City, La.

This is issued from a government shipping office under the merchant shipping rules.

Some people on the net claim they saw balaclavas and fireworks being issued from the police vans.

At length the glittering cross, borne aloft by the crucifer, was seen issuing from the college vestibule.

Jamaican citizens must bring an original version of the child's birth certificate issued from the Registrar General's Department (RGD).

Pay scale of officers and men of the Philippine Army, per decree of President Aguinaldo issued from Bacoor, Cavite Province on July 30, 1898.

Through its very existence, therefore, the human spirit works in Subsequent Creation in this manner, because it issues from the Spiritual Realm.

Although bank notes began to be issued from the late seventeenth century, they did not come to predominate over coins until the nineteenth century.

In 2% of cases issue at is used

A mayday emergency signal was issued at about 11:30 PM.

The proceedings under the Act were issued at this juncture.

Only in exceptional cases may visas be issued at border crossing points.

However, multiple-entry visas can not be issued at the point of entry and must be obtained in advance through Tanzania's embassies.

Seems like no matter what you issue at PRWeb there are dozens of sites that will republish your release, creating dozens of new links.

In addition, information about protection against FGM/C will be issued at the birth of every girl and incorporated into school curricula.

The high court has not issued at Temporary Restraining Order at this time, citing that it first needs to study the issue and the appeals.

A statement issued at the end of the conference held here on Saturday did not mention the debate on which party should lead the coalition.

Where Can Indian Visas on Arrival be Obtained From? The visas are currently only issued at four major Indian airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

The summons, which carried no legal obligation for Kissinger to appear, was issued at the request of William Bourdon, a lawyer representing the French victims.

In 1% of cases issue after is used

Your Australian passport issued after 1 January 2000 that was valid for 2 years or more; or 2.

One parent's Australian passport, issued after 20/8/1986, that was valid at the time of the applicant's birth; or 4.

Another key note is that CLN's are issued after backing by a SPV (Special purpose vehicle) which initially starts with an AAA rating.

This too, is rooted in an event in Muhammad's life, specifically in his injunction issued after the campaign against Banu al-Mustaliq.

The final Certificate in Lower Limb Orthotic Technology will only be issued after confirmation from the supervisor of successful completion of the clinical attachment.

In 1% of cases issue against is used

A Red Corner Notice was also issued against him in May.

A Red Corner Notice (RCN) was also issued against him in May.

Foreign currency such as notes and TCs should not be issued against an IEFCA.

An electronic coupon will be issued against the advance payment made for pre-booking of Galaxy Note II.

He's a hero in Pakistan for bringing them nuke capability, but he is held in house arrest to appease the international criminal warrants issued against him.

The performance and maturity of the CLN depends upon the performance of the specified underlying asset pool (reference asset) from which the CLN is issued against.

In 1% of cases issue as is used

This grouping came together in 1992 for an American tour, which was recorded and issued as an album.

This type of insurance is usually issued as a basic plan and the premium is paid in one lump sum at the onset of the policy.

This balloon or birds-eye panoramic view of London was issued as a supplement to the Illustrated London News on 9 February 1861.

It is usually issued as a rider on a basic plan and the premium is payable every year, together with the premium of the basic plan of insurance.

He kept it in his wallet to be issued as a press release if the D-Day invasion of the European mainland in World War II turned out to be a failure.

This increase, after allowing for the increased number of units issued as a result of the 2010 capital raising, ensured that we delivered on the guidance for the 2012 financial year of 7.

In 1% of cases issue without is used

Shares are issued without nominal or share value.

For every seven medals issued without a clasp there were approximately five issued with the clasp.

This is the temporary work permit visa and is not issued without reference to the Comptroller - General of Immigration.

Eventually a new version of the ' Independence Day ' DVD was issued without this problem, and it is this new version I used in this comparison.

Shinde ordered security department not to issue routine terror alert until unless specific intelligence input received because these alert has been issued without any input which were worthless.

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