Prepositions after "isolate"

"isolate from" or "isolate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases isolate from is used

Eventually I felt totally isolated from everything and everyone.

I hate being isolated from people, but they just don't understand.

In a normal theatre, you're watching something that's isolated from you.

Those of you who want to be isolated from the world and live in the 7th Century A.

C pneumoniae was isolated from CSF in 64% of MS patients against 11% of OND controls.

There were periods when he was arrested and was completely isolated from the movement.

Their friends urge them to join in the habits least they be ridiculed, rejected and isolated from their company.

During Tropical Storm Irene, the bridge collapsed, which left Woodford largely isolated from services and stores.

Mr Salmond urged the region to ensure that its voice was heard or it risked being isolated from markets in Europe.

Thirdly, pigments don? t seem to have any mouthfeel properties? even complex pigment structures isolated from wine.

In 18% of cases isolate in is used

Now we are isolated in our cars amongst our own neighbors.

Macia is isolated in alldirections as well, but not flooded.

Ghana is not isolated in pushing for increases in taxes paid by miners.

Audiard has always shown an empathic fascination with those most isolated in society.

The journey taken into the world of the atom has not remained isolated in laboratories.

The subject is not to be neatly isolated in a world of its own apart from any interaction.

Assad is the president of a country that is increasingly isolated in the international community and is widely unpopular on the Arab street.

Until now, the most likely outcome was that the Brotherhood would be isolated in Egypt, and the Military would retain control, removing the Brotherhood when the time was right.

Let me suggest that the unprecedented threat from global warming has been ignored by people who spend their time in front of a TV or computer isolated in an air-conditioned space.

Those who were isolated in the process formed the kernel of the group of Muslims that was eventually to create the establishment of a distinctly separate movement in Islam, namely the Shi'ah.

In 5% of cases isolate at is used

He's found that working at home, although cheap and potentially good for productivity, is slightly anti-social and isolating at times.

Resources I felt isolated at work, I was not understood and stopped sharing my thoughts I started to disengage and my productivity declined.

We don't want to feel isolated at a festival, and there's a definite shared experience to Fun Fun Fun Fest, which took place for the second year at Auditorium Shores in Austin.

In 5% of cases isolate by is used

Some fellows commenting here have no idea of what is means to be isolated by the international community.

Kalonzo has in recent months been isolated by Uhuru and Ruto with whom they had formed the G7 Alliance which appears to have collapsed.

This next clip shows how far away Brown has gone from the Triangle, but shows how easy it is to get Pau isolated by using Kobe's presence on the floor.

It also studied the dwarf mammal populations on islands that had become isolated by rising sea levels, including some in the Mediterranean, Jersey and the Channel Islands of California.

We can't treat our HIV if we're constantly singled out and isolated by society, if we're dying in prisons from tuberculosis and other preventable illnesses, if we're dying from overdose.

In 4% of cases isolate to is used

It can not be isolated to any regions of Sri Lanka.

The resistance is isolated to this one area of raising the arm.

Rob Crowther My general rule is if it is isolated to the individual, they can do as they please.

K have reported the same issue with the Surface's screen suggests that it is not isolated to a single manufacturing batch, the Guardian notes.

In 3% of cases isolate within is used

Many of these farmers are women -- who are isolated within their own societies.

The names of roads bear no semblance with their locality and are instead isolated within biased definitions of those that contributed to India's creation, and recreation.

In 2% of cases isolate for is used

Besides, in the 2012, pakistan is isolated for its terrorist activities, and has an economy that desperately needs to be looked after.

In 2% of cases isolate with is used

And the most advantageous factor is that the transmission device isolates with sand and water, which greatly reduces the failure rate.

It is obvious, that when enlightened people, like Osho or myself, are isolated with their own imaginations, we are subject to gross error.

In 2% of cases isolate as is used

The chances of your success look as remote and isolated as the next distant village.

You're not so isolated as an artist that you have a moronic interpretation of failure.

In 1% of cases isolate behind is used

Everyone should try to stretch himself; otherwise the great would remain isolated behind a barrier.

Without adult guidance or the support of her peers, Dinky drifts from one humiliation to the next, isolated behind her sarcasm, shrouded in her black scruffiness.

In 1% of cases isolate inside is used

I think ipc0nfig has a fair point - you could run an date-adjusted infected machine in a VM, isolated inside a virtual network, and monitor any disk/network activity.

In 1% of cases isolate like is used

Discuss how your daughter would feel if you moved to a new town and she was isolated like that for no real reason.

Jones was not left on his own as he went down the pitch to apologise; not isolated like some England players might have been in the past.

In 1% of cases isolate such is used

Some may, at times, feel isolated such as when you are out on the ranch working alone or feeding.

In 1% of cases isolate among is used

Sort of a joke, but based on my experience as a widow isolated among young people, and our general denial that death happens.

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