Prepositions after "invaluable"

"invaluable to", "invaluable for" or "invaluable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases invaluable to is used

Desley has been invaluable to me.

Their service was invaluable to me.

Your book will be invaluable to them.

That in itself is invaluable to the me and to the start of my architecture career.

Winning a man of the match award once every 3 games, he was invaluable to the team.

Each article offers unique insights invaluable to the scholar and lay reader alike.

The services of the DONA are so invaluable to many powerful Nigerians that it was not expedient to redeploy him.

I'd guess every club has one or two players whose efforts are invaluable to their team but largely go unnoticed.

The knowledge and skills you develop will be invaluable to you as a lawyer in many of the key areas of practice.

Tom capably chairs our board, and brings with him business and financial skills that are invaluable to the Trust.

In 31% of cases invaluable in is used

It is invaluable in that situation.

I found it invaluable in helping me.

Metalwork is invaluable in the garden.

Combat experience gained throughout this long campaign would be invaluable in the.

And his help was also invaluable in the reports having such an impact in the media.

Although giving them what they need can also be invaluable in times of emergencies.

They said the help the rest of the community gave them was invaluable in helping with their fundraising process.

But what if you lack the required focus? Well then, this tool is invaluable in your search for self improvement.

Real-time information sharing was also important and the use of a simple listserv was invaluable in this regard.

Tools such as LastPass and 1Password are invaluable in helping users create and manage unique, secure passwords.

In 24% of cases invaluable for is used

This has been invaluable for me.

These are invaluable for support.

It's invaluable for your parents.

It's invaluable for anybody interested in buying a new or second-hand Canon lens.

As a coach, I am learning all the time and those months were invaluable for that.

This is invaluable for those economies suffering from foreign exchange shortages.

Freedom, a software programme that locks you offline for between 15 minutes and 8 hours is invaluable for this.

This knowledge will be invaluable for pig breeding and exploring fundamental questions in biology and evolution.

Working with The Pink Kit resources is invaluable for preparation and management of the pain and fear of labour.

And while recording everything is overkill, keeping a basic set of records can prove invaluable for many reasons.

In 3% of cases invaluable as is used

Matty has been invaluable as a messenger.

It's invaluable as an energy saving device.

That's going to be invaluable as the economy tightens.

This feature is invaluable as the use of mobile devices is continuously increasing.

Time spent at this initial stage is invaluable as a design is only as good as the brief.

Not only were the placements amazing, but Sefa was invaluable as a resource to plan weekend trips.

It is, moreover, invaluable as a repertory with references to almost everything which has been published on the subject.

The quality of this information will be invaluable as the health service continues to meet the many challenges facing us.

I am closely monitoring my improvement using my Garmin Forerunner 910XT which continues to be invaluable as a training tool.

In 2% of cases invaluable at is used

The factsheet is invaluable at this time.

Invaluable at times of self-called crises! Always.

Once again their help is invaluable at the Kilmeedy race.

Opening the back reminds me why photographers find assistants invaluable at some times.

The late Merata Mita was invaluable at the time in driving our script development objectives.

This test is invaluable at diagnosing DMICS and is nearly always painful for the patient with DMICS.

If there are others, and we can learn anything at all about them, that information might be invaluable at some point.

Depending on the time of year, a waterproof jacket will never go a miss, mine has been invaluable at all times of the year.

The internet becomes invaluable at this point, too, for downloading prospectuses and gathering facts about seats of learning.

A CRM tool can be invaluable at this stage and will also help to keep your perfect client profile up to date as needs, tools, services.

In 1% of cases invaluable during is used

This experience proved invaluable during her subsequent Fleet Street career.

Their help and support can be invaluable during what is a difficult decision to make.

Their support is invaluable during your transition from corporate to stay-at-home Mom.

The request was granted and the facility proved to be invaluable during Sandy, Connacher said.

Marco mapped out the sights on a map that proved to be invaluable during our stay in Florence.

They had been invaluable during the war; now that they had served their purpose they could be discarded.

The leadership, discipline, and self-confidence you gain will prove invaluable during your time in the forces and beyond.

Post UCD internships The knowledge gained during her master's program at UC-Davis proved invaluable during her internship with Louis M.

Their loads included a truckful of camel tanks -- large water containers -- which proved invaluable during subsequent treks around the arid desert.

In 1% of cases invaluable on is used

These have proved invaluable on MERT helicopters.

These sweaters proved to be invaluable on the cold seas.

Saving Space Storage space is invaluable on a motorcycle.

It would have been invaluable on a stick -- especially at night.

I found this book invaluable on a recent tour with Leger Holidays.

I knew it would be invaluable on walks, at the park and on vacation.

It brought me to tears!! The book proved invaluable on a number of occasions.

I already have the LifeProof case and it has been invaluable on my global adventures.

When you have created value together with your staff; you have become invaluable on behalf of the company.

These things have been invaluable on my resume, and I have not been unemployed for even one day since my graduation date.

In 1% of cases invaluable with is used

You have been invaluable with your advice and guidance.

To begin with, these are invaluable with regard to storage area of issues that aren't presently used.

Public forums are really invaluable with themes services because the whole community tends to get involved.

Kim came to Forever Angels in September and was invaluable with her advice about our children with Special Needs.

On-line coupon web sites will be invaluable with regards to discovering savings for the things that you simply purchase regularly.

Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation tractor operator, Joe, was invaluable with his skill hauling the rocks out from under the brambles.

Your accountant, attorney, or banker can be invaluable with corporate and financial concerns -- but it is your partners who are your greatest assets.

Here are a few things that can help people deal with depression, it is important to note however, that professional therapy is still very invaluable with serious depression.

A Linux based wireless router or plug computer is perfect for such a job, and, as with any remote VCS, can be invaluable with helping to recover from mishaps on your development rig.

I stumbled across you guys (in late 2009) while in Australia when we were planning our return back to New Zealand, and your site was invaluable with getting our old Optus iPhone 3G's up an running.

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