Prepositions after "inundate"

inundate with, by, at, for or under?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases inundate with is used

We were inundated with calls last night.

They were that inundated with applications.

They are being inundated with calls from voters.

The media and academic journals had been inundated with the reports for the past 12 years.

In today's marketing world, which is inundated with spam and unpopular opinions, this is crucial.

We are inundated with race and religion issues that mire the country in dealing with non-productive matters.

Now the firm is the fourth Irish borrower in just eight days to be inundated with offers of cash from the bond markets.

Recently considerable evidence has been uncovered to say that the Pyramids were inundated with water at some time in the past.

Joanna is understandably inundated with requests for support, and with so much that ' touches me a lot ', her diary is always full.

These days employers are inundated with job applications therefore you have to be prepared to sell yourself and stand out from the crowd.

In 8% of cases inundate by is used

From its founding in the 1850? s through the 1960? s, parts of Winona were repeatedly inundated by spring floods of the Mississippi River.

This year, tens of thousands of Nigeria's farmlands are under water, having been inundated by floods from heavy rainfall and releases of water from some dams.

A number of depressed basins are found in the district of greater Mymensingh and Sylhet which are inundated by fresh water during the monsoon that gradually dry out during the dry winter season.

In 1% of cases inundate for is used

Flora Red lily Where floodplains are inundated for two to six months a year grasses and sedges such as spike rush occur.

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