Prepositions after "intolerant"

intolerant of, to, towards, in or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases intolerant of is used

The spouse is intolerant of adulterey.

I am completely intolerant of everything.

He was very intolerant of false teachers.

The reason is they are so intolerant of those that do not believe the way they do.

A religion that is intolerant of others is a religion that has no place in the US.

I was intolerant of people's failings, just as I was intolerant of my own failings.

In particular, some tolerance advocates are particularly intolerant of those whom they believe to be intolerant.

And you know, I'd known around these parts as someone who's intolerant of children, but Mohammed broke my heart.

Ilyas's followers were intolerant of other Muslims and especially Shi'ites, let alone adherents of other faiths.

There are some very big issues at play -- the question of what should liberal societies be intolerant of is HUGE.

In 14% of cases intolerant to is used

Also intolerant to eggs and dairy.

And Islam is intolerant to these values.

Intolerant to eggs and not sure about soya.

These are an ideal solution for people who are intolerant to injections and tablets.

You left-wing facists are by definition intolerant to any view opposite to your own.

Jude quickly, and painlessly, identified that Polly was intolerant to wheat and corn.

Return when the horse crotch seems intolerant to the kind of small step slow pacing of the rhythm, a Sahuan ran.

Of course, some people are indeed intolerant to wheat, and for them avoiding it requires vigilance and planning.

Intramuscular methotrexate (15 -- 25? mg, weekly) was used in patients unresponsive or intolerant to azathioprine.

People who claim to be intolerant to lactose, the natural carbohydrate in milk, often swap cows ' for goats ' milk.

In 4% of cases intolerant towards is used

But Europe is intolerant towards Muslims.

Other Mughal rulers were intolerant towards Hindus.

We are intolerant towards other religions, sects and cultures.

They can still continue to be intolerant towards it or do whatever they want.

Conservatives are intolerant towards free speech and will do anything to make the U.

I say yes, Islam is intolerant towards bribery, towards corruption, towards injustice.

Now we have not only turned from that promise but we have become excessively intolerant towards our minorities.

This violation is the product of religious and social practices that are intolerant towards human rights issues.

You are right of course that their culture not involves being intolerant towards non-muslims, but actively encourages it.

He never returned and saw with his own eyes how Europe has become more and more intolerant towards migrants in the last 20 years.

In 2% of cases intolerant in is used

I am not being intolerant in my remarks.

Dawkins is getting remarkably intolerant in his old age.

Modern secular states can be intolerant in the same way that theocracies are.

Sure it's being intolerant, but only to those who are intolerant in the first place.

The papers blazed with accusations from both sides -- League and Congress equally intolerant in their attacks.

The enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe; they are intolerant in practice because love.

It does not mean when people reject your antics or ploys they are intolerant in the correct use of that word in political parlance.

Christ Himself was intolerant in this sense; so were His Apostles; and so were all the great champions of historical Christianity in every age.

I commented on one of these, something about how I thought the Guardian were walking a tight line regarding preaching tolerance of religions that are themselves instrinsically intolerant in nature.

In 2% of cases intolerant with is used

But we are simply intolerant with our kith and kin back home.

I was born in a Pakistan that was getting more intolerant with every passing minute.

Such people normally become intolerant with african mango plus others, they can't bear others point of view.

I disagree with his being intolerant with others, and I disagee with others being intolerant with him in response.

Roger V am I the only one who is intolerant with random telesales? pitching back to them is a great idea - most would run a mile I guess.

One only has to read the numerous HP comments which are racist in intent to realize which party welcomes the most intolerant with open arms.

In 1% of cases intolerant about is used

Quite often they are so intolerant about other views.

Tell me exactly where my ignorance lies and WHAT I'd being intolerant about.

However, I never did find out exactly what they found intolerant about my talk.

But the other thing about spending your own money is that you tend to be more risk intolerant about the big things.

Children learn to be accepting or intolerant about other differences in people by watching adult reactions to them.

Why is that? There is nothing intolerant about merely expressing a different view to someone else no matter what the topic.

There's nothing intolerant about sitting out a religious ceremony that is contrary to your values, or providing honest answers when asked a question about your decision.

In 1% of cases intolerant for is used

Older sapiens would be lactose and gluten intolerant for a start.

But it makes me sad that society can be so intolerant for so you, James Randi.

Hydrolysed whey is suitable for those who are lactose intolerant for the same reasons.

I would rather be called intolerant for exposing the bloodshed of Atheists through history.

Baron Tata 25 Apr 2011 01:19 AM To nyansapo and koklodeka, no nation has survived in an environment of charged intolerant for other tribes.

Made with several varieties of black tea and evaporated milk, this rich velvety beverage is not for the faint of heart or the lactose intolerant for that matter.

In 1% of cases intolerant like is used

Sounds silly, but not if you are gluten intolerant like I am.

The communists could be equally intolerant like the fascists though many of them were better educated.

As for what is Vedic or not, let us not be intolerant like other faiths have shown towards difference within their ranks and towards other faiths.

I am surrounded by people, friends who are either completely ignorant or secretly hateful, racist and intolerant like the ticket they are voting for shrugs.

In 1% of cases intolerant toward is used

It's you who are intolerant toward Pakistani culture by walking into Pakistan and demanding your moral code to reign supreme.

Tougher official line He Weifeng, a renowned law professor at Peking University, noted recently that the government has become increasingly intolerant toward protests.

Lindquist is part of a local group called the Parent Action League, an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center has declared a hate group, and intolerant toward gay people.

When you have a group of people that are intolerant toward anybody that does not believe the same as they do and encourages death to those same individuals even makes his argument more valid.

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