Prepositions after "intimate"

intimate with, of, in, to or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases intimate with is used

We need to be intimate with him.

I can be intimate with my husband.

Do not become intimate with anyone.

Finally, she has an issue for u bt u can't get intimate with d mother of ur child.

The son of her boss took a liking at her and they became intimate with each other.

But I met a girl just hangin out and have fun but never once Be Intimate with her.

That one must keep away from them, from those who associate with them and from those who are intimate with them.

Dr Mahinder Watsa tells you what to expect (and what not to expect) the first time you get intimate with someone.

Of course, you must already be quite intimate with her, if she's discussing this kind of personal stuff with you.

When her husband tried to be more intimate with her, she would back to a corner of the bedroom and push him away.

In 9% of cases intimate of is used

But I was never the intimate of those in the back row.

He was the intimate of many famous families of his day.

As a former intimate of the family, I do not believe this is true.

The missionary position is the most comfortable and the most intimate of sex positions.

Some warm, some cool, others tingle and some even stimulate the most intimate of erogenous zones.

This most intimate of spaces where the drama of our lives is played out becomes a layered symbol.

People will begin to disconnect and reconnect in the most intimate of ways that allow for new strengths to emerge.

The atom of Democritus is a perfect existence created by God, so that it may be regarded as the intimate of matter.

Connections with other human beings, particularly our most intimate of relationships, is the true substance of life.

From this unlikely premise, a long discursive conversation ensues, in which they share the most intimate of thoughts.

In 6% of cases intimate in is used

This is how one is intimate in villages.

But we're intimate in our circles, both of us.

He thought they were not too intimate in a sense.

Those meetings often were intimate in nature, involving a handful of people at most.

Your coverage of Rory is intimate in a way most writers never get into their subjects.

Jen says her sex drive isn't the same as his, and they can be intimate in different ways.

We started to talk about things we had never talked about, and we became intimate in a way that we never had been.

Anyway it only took a couple of takes but I think Eddie (Ed Thomas) really captured something intimate in the vocal.

It's an exquisite piece, smaller and more intimate in scale than many pre-Raphaelite works, and softer, too, being more dimly lit.

I knew that getting my waxing done would not deter from getting intimate in fact it would encourage playtime (might as well right?).

In 3% of cases intimate for is used

Jluu and Jana like to get intimate for the shot.

We have not been intimate for about two months now.

It seemed too intimate for a girl who keeps men at arms length.

We need to see this, ' I wouldn't have done it because it was -- this was intimate for us.

But what really hurts is that he told me he was impotent and was afraid of getting intimate for that reason.

The court found that a woman's relationship with her own body is simply too intimate for the state to interfere.

It was a little too intimate for me and I was completely creeped out at the time, but put it behind me as another weird experience.

Get Intimate A recent research and survey has revealed which even one of the six doctors recommend is getting intimate for insomnia.

One last thing: Make sure you type in the site's URL correctly, unless you want to order something intimate for your wife or girlfriend.

Buzz is that I insisted on certain scenes being cut in the Hindi version because I found them too intimate for our still conservative audience.

In 3% of cases intimate to is used

They have become more intimate to us.

But your Self is intimate to you and you are always aware of it.

Haeri is his mentor, and was a close intimate to Sadr's respectable father.

Not only the actors, but their wives have started getting intimate to each other.

As we had to collect some in-depth information so we supposed to be intimate to them.

His nourishing gospel melodies always touched my heart, bringing me so intimate to God,.

Sex happens on a spectrum, from the most intimate to the most objectified, the most unique.

He spent 20 minutes running through a range of Horowitzian repertoire, from the intimate to the bombastic.

By choosing to abandon this trend, Romesh Shil made kabigaan much more intimate to the lives of its audience.

In 1% of cases intimate about is used

There's something much more intimate about it.

There is something very intimate about handmade.

There's just something super intimate about when the peen enters the nani.

I especially like the bears - there's something very intimate about them, and they remind me of being with my boys.

I wanted to have the conversation always be factual / objective and never move into something intimate about myself and my life.

By RANDALL MELL Twitter feels like a more intimate way to communicate directly with your audience, but there's nothing intimate about it.

In 1% of cases intimate at is used

The two were caught getting intimate at the pool.

I think things are getting a bit more intimate at the moment.

I guess it was an achievement for you to Be Intimate at 14, not everyone thinks the same way.

We did have a close relationship and it was intimate at times but mainly one sided as I was never mentally there in a sexual way.

The Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater within the playhouse is intimate at only 115 seats, or parlor armchairs, arranged on low graduating tiers in a half circle.

A few people may complain that it was more intimate at Volo, but the fact is that Cask Days is now at a point where it can reach a lot of new beer drinkers in one swoop.

Regular patrons will be aware that this was a very good house indeed particularly for an evening of classical music where the ambiance tends to be more intimate at this venue.

Remember to put each other first, it can seem impersonal to be intimate at specific times of the month and the pressure to fall pregnant can cause your partner incredible amounts of anxiety.

In 1% of cases intimate on is used

Once you and your partner feel more intimate on an emotional level, you may.

She's a fun-loving cam girl from South Africa who's always eager to meet new folks and get intimate on a webcam.

I and she have been intimate on many occasions, never having sexual intercourse, but we have engaged in everything but sex.

Could be that asking means we're weak? Maybe asking for helps means you will allow someone into your life; it means a willingness to be intimate on some level.

And then comes the most authentic display of affection from an actor who's romanced a bevy of beauties in dozens of mushy flicks and famously refused to get intimate on screen.

It is, as somebody says, getting out there with a loudspeaker and blaring away to an audience because it's hugely difficult to be intimate on television, even with a camera close up.

In 1% of cases intimate without is used

This group argues that you can be as intimate without sex as you are with sex.

You enjoy being intimate without becoming overly worried about your relationships.

If he persists (which he should n't) she should let him know that she was intimate without getting into any details.

In order to avoid confusion, it is advisable for her to circle or mark on a calender the days she is not to Be Intimate without protecting herself.

Moreover, you don't even need to worry about the girl misunderstanding your move because the escort is a professional so you can be intimate without any strings attached at all.

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