Prepositions after "interview"

"interview by" or "interview for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases interview by is used

She was interviewed by Mac-talla.

I'll be interviewed by any police force.

Sally Grindley is interviewed by Clive Barnes.

Shutdown of Youngstown Sheet and Tube - Clingan Jackson; interviewed by Philip Bracy.

Saturday morning, bright and early the Queens were interviewed by our three eminent Judges.

Upon his arrival at the workers ' compensation department, he is interviewed by an assessor.

In March 1,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 were interviewed by research agency YouthSite for the study.

On his deathbed he was interviewed by national newspapers and private individuals, and refused to recant a word.

This poll was conducted among a random sample of 1,224adults nationwide, interviewed by telephone April 15-20, 2011.

According to sources interviewed by Dawn, security forces arrested 25 suspects in different raids throughout the city.

In 19% of cases interview for is used

Inwould love to be interviewed for free.

I'd interviewing for the job with eyes wide open.

She declined a request to be interviewed for this article.

Sonru has replaced phone interviewing for many graduate recruitment programmes.

You will be tested and interviewed for four days, following the day of your arrival.

You are not interviewing for a hip creative web-design company or a painter PA position.

Professional business clothes are always appropriate, regardless of the type of job you are interviewing for.

In the first, they had 47 female undergraduates read a short scenario about a woman being interviewed for a job.

Co-op work reports must be submitted prior to students being interviewed for their subsequent work term placements.

To this day, I email out personalized thank-you notes whenever I interview for a job or pitch a consulting engagement.

In 14% of cases interview on is used

Today I have been interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire.

The CEO of the Foundation was interviewed on NPR yesterday.

She reiterated her point when she was interviewed on NPR recently.

The silver went to a young member of Team GB who I heard interviewed on the radio.

He says that Box roughly phone screens 100 people to find ten to interview on site to make 1 to 2 offers.

Last night a former cell mate of Knox was interviewed on Italian TV and said: ' Amanda is a very good person.

He was recently interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio about his 30+ years of experience teaching on the block plan.

Here's a follow-on from that now-notorious labrador video as Cesar Millan is interviewed on UK television: http: //www.

Both companies also pay bonuses if their drivers drink their caramel-flavored sugar water when being interviewed on TV.

My Dad dropped me off at Leicester square, and I got interviewed on air (probably a bit awkward) but it all went well I think.

In 10% of cases interview in is used

Interviewed in mid-2008 by the U.

Dodd was interviewed in 1982 by G.

Fifty-nine percent of the rioters interviewed in the study who were.

Really I have no idea why he was interviewed in the first place, must have been a slow news day.

This is reminiscent of the experiences of prisoners of conscience whom I interviewed in Insein Prison.

She picked three dozen of those to interview in great depth, and choose but three of those stories to present to you here.

Every private bank interviewed in this feature has a dedicated team within wealth management devoted purely to NRI or South Asian wealth.

Politicians and the ordinary citizens interviewed in Kuching the past two days say that it is common knowledge that Taib is a very wealthy person.

Response Time: In all the group discussions and through all the respondents interviewed in the village, one thing that emerged out as a major concern was delay in external help.

In 7% of cases interview with is used

When I interviewed with the CEO of Care.

Do code katas and practice interviewing with friends.

I recall many years ago hearing a radio interview with her.

I mailed personalized letters to every person I formally interviewed with.

I have however, heard a radio interview with the author on a foreign channel.

Both women were interviewed with their husbands by Oprah Winfrey for the November issue of O.

Law students weren't even allowed to interview with those bigger firms unless they met those requirements.

You'll see your confidence grow and that confidence will shine through to all of the people you interview with.

However, let me interview with the manager of the department needing employees or better yet, the owner of the company, I will get a job every time.

Based on your observations and suggestions, I would do very well if I was to interview with you for a job with one exception: experience and salary.

In 4% of cases interview about is used

Interviewed about it, some Kenyans said.

Mothers were interviewed about the care of their children at 1.

There, in front of about 160 people, Harry was interviewed about his career by racing commentator Tony Lee.

I interviewed about you people who were very close to osho from 1974 to his death and they did not know you.

Patients were interviewed about their underlying heart diseases and other co-morbidities and about their medical and specific arrhythmia history.

In 4% of cases interview at is used

I interviewed at our local prosecutor's office a couple of months right after Melendez came down.

Appalled at the woman interviewed at Normanby Hotel who constantly sought sex with footy players.

In New Zealand, 38 individuals with schizophrenia and other schizophreniform disorders were interviewed at age 21.

My mother interviewed at a nearby school in Islamabad last year for a teaching position for elementary level kids.

Kerry Katona, herewith known as THE GODDESS, was interviewed at the Soho Theatre about her new novel (discussion to follow) by, um, me.

Detective Sergeant Gary Kelly told Fiona McGowan BL, prosecuting, that Mr Cole was interviewed at his home on the date that garda seized his personal computer.

Five shortlisted candidates for the position, which became available when Mr Dodd announced his resignation last summer, were interviewed at Tate Britain this week.

In 2% of cases interview during is used

Eighty-nine per cent of members of the scheme interviewed during the survey said they had easy access to government Clinic.

Some of the people interviewed during the Tamwa research said that forced and early marriages should be fought because they disrupted the girls ' lives.

In 1% of cases interview after is used

As of 100 Ghanaians interviewed after the launching of NDC and NPP manifestos, only 5 people said they had read them.

In 1% of cases interview ahead is used

Almost all the soldiers DN2 interviewed ahead of the fall of Afmadow said they had not written a will.

In 1% of cases interview as is used

What workplaces were included in the survey? Around 1,750 employers that were still operating during September 2011 were interviewed as part of the survey.

Each member of the family, including the child, will be interviewed as part of the process to fully understand their experience of the child having a dream fulfilled.

In 1% of cases interview before is used

The survey of 32,000 people in England interviewed before and after the ban took effect found the decline in smoking had accelerated.

In 1% of cases interview from is used

Chief province is a very good example? deferred to interview from the case about only 3? 4 months? greatly exceed the expected in speed.

In 1% of cases interview over is used

Thevasahayampillai's visit appeared in the Uthayan, and he was interviewed over BBC (Tamil Service) late in the evening.

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