Prepositions after "international"

international in, at, for, on or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases international in is used

International in Bangkok and Mr.

The audience is international in scope.

It is the only one international in scope.

Bob Cooke, Finance Manager Bob Cooke joined Hand in Hand International in 2010.

He also said the mutilations are not only nationwide, but international in scope.

Many, according to Michael Smith, of Conservation International in Washington, D.

The News International investigation should be laughed out of court, not that it is ever likely to get there.

Albert Asher was an international in rugby union and rugby league, as well as working for years as a fireman.

This is international in scope and is reflected in the economic integration of Europe that we all know about.

The reason I mentioned this is because I think Ferguson could use the 15-capped International in this manner.

In 8% of cases international at is used

Fourth One-Day International at Hambantota.

Try international at Mc Donald 's, Cafe Coffee day,.

We landed at Norman Manley International at 11:20 am.

What are your dreams for your blog? I'd love to take it international at some point.

He has also posted a 2 nd place finish at the Crowne Plaza International at Colonial.

Of the leaders of the International at that time, Pierre Frank influenced me the most.

Hickstead also won the richest event in the sport, the CN International at Spruce Meadows, for the second time.

Some hostels have age restrictions or dorm-style rooms, but sites such as Hostelling International at HiHostels.

Sri Lanka defeated Australia by one wicket in the opening one-day international at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

It leaves Harwich International at 07:50 on Mondays to Saturdays arriving Ipswich at 08:17 and Cambridge at 09:39.

In 8% of cases international for is used

Spurs signed the Portugal international for 6.

Amnesty International for so so so many reasons.

Gulf Oil acquires Houghton International for $1.

We asked Deutsche Asset Management and Fidelity International for their views.

The VISTAFJORD/SAGA RUBY was a too international for something like that, alas.

He has won several awards local and international for his contribution to radio.

One year on how much has changed? We haven't seen an updated article from Amnesty International for 2012 yet.

Bit of an awkward time for Gray to be taking action against News International for alleged phone hacking too.

Arsenal have compiled a report on the Uruguay international for Wenger, and it must make interesting reading.

Ivan Stewart, the chairman of BethanyKids International for the past five years, to become Executive Director.

In 7% of cases international on is used

Watch on CNN International on Saturday, June 16, at 4 a.

Rebekah Brooks resigned from News International on 15 July last year.

West Indies also play five one-day and a Twenty20 international on the tour.

Pulis wants to sign the former England international on a pay-as-you-play deal.

I highly recommend checking out Childreach International on their website, www.

It is just logic when you only have two games going into an international on Friday.

This car parking must be pre-booked before the event by calling the Brisbane International on (07) 3120 7930.

Also check out Global Foods Market in Kirkwood (http: **28;3513;TOOLONG) and Jay International on South Grand.

Unlike certain recent internet vids, Maher's movie went international on the big screen (for a day or 2) and DVD.

Trotsky actually founded the fourth international on the basis of the failures of the communist movement in Germany.

In 6% of cases international with is used

Projects are often international with many clients located in Asia.

He's also a French international with 18 caps despite only being 21.

Cellswapper -- This site is fairly international with support in the U.

An International with 27 caps to date, he was made captain of his country in 1964.

Lava also plans to go international with its XOLO and upcoming Smartphone line-ups.

The ASB Classic field for 2013 is truly international with 16 countries represented.

Van Bronckhorst? won everything in Scotland, was a full Dutch international with big tournament experience.

Most club games used 15 players during 1876 and the first international with fifteen players was England vs.

The Samoans have been in Cardiff all week ahead of their international with Wales on Friday night local time.

The Bosnia-born striker conceded that this year's Suzuki Cup may well be his last international with the Lions.

In 5% of cases international against is used

India lost the T20 International against New Zealand by 1 run.

This will leave many worrying for next week's international against South Africa.

In 2009, Hines was called up by Jamaica for their friendly international against Nigeria.

Broad made his first England appearance in the T20 International against Pakistan in 2006.

How important is the Twenty20 International against India in Chennai? It's very important.

Brendon McCullum's 91 is the second-highest score in an Twenty20 international against India.

He made his international debut in a One Day International against Zimbabwe in November 2008.

India play five one-dayers and one-off Twenty20 International against Sri Lanka starting July 21.

India play five one-dayers and a one-off Twenty20 International against Sri Lanka, starting July 21.

Yusuf last played for the country in a Twenty20 International against Zimbabwe in Harare on June 13.

In 5% of cases international as is used

International as part of Song Camp 301.

Tambo International as well as Pretoria.

We do not need international as &holes; to monitor that.

Habitat for Humanity International as an organization was born at this meeting.

It is due to the markets we sell to which are international as well as domestic.

I'd be happy to match you in a donation to Computer Aid International as a thank you.

In fact, I started my career at Rockwell International as a full time employee, and worked there for 6 years.

In September 2004, Steve joined Stirling Communications International as the Manager of Corporate Development.

You are now a well-known Chinese shoutcaster and you attended the second edition of The International as such.

His concerns are international as well as domestic, and he is keen to talk about the US presidential election.

In 5% of cases international to is used

Transiting from International to Domestic was fine.

These threats of programs can international to technologies and needs.

Yet there are no dictates from Amnesty International to law enforcement.

Afghanistan is currently transitioning from international to Afghan? led security.

International to domestic, or domestic to international is the worst I have ever seen.

This year the survey covered over 200 airlines, from international to domestic carriers.

Abdul Wahhab has authored three books and also 35 publications, both national and international to his credit.

A sleek, hermetic, climate-control bridge links the passenger terminal of Hong Kong International to the Regal.

This is despite reports linking the Dutch international to both Manchester City and Juventus the entire summer.

In 5% of cases international of is used

Mulford is now Vice-Chairman International of Crdit Suisse.

So invited to the international of concealed agent purchasing.

Dec 1971, vs Rest of the World XI, second international of five.

Michael College and VOPAK through the Connect International of The Netherlands.

Side of basically current data can reach the level of the international of 90 time.

As a company, we are an affiliate of Venture South International of Geneva, Switzerland.

We have a responsibility to support the efforts of the teams of international of scientists committed to this work.

Friends of the Earth on specific environmental campaigns, or Amnesty International of specific human rights issues.

The Hard Rock International of Orlando, Florida, has also expressed direct interest in a possible casino in the area.

Number of Players It was 20 a side from the first international of all between England and Scotland in 1871 until 1876.

In 3% of cases international from is used

We acquired Utah International from GE for A$2.

The CNN poll was conducted by ORC International from Sept.

The vision of Deutsche Bank has been international from the.

He had been President and Chief Executive at Visa International from 2004-2006.

Momentum's offshore policies are issued through RMB International from Guernsey.

He was also the Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International from 2000 -- 2008.

I got to see the TOTAL commitment to and belief in Lekker International from Michael &; Matilda-anne Faust.

Myanmar Airways International from 01DEC12 resumes service to Cambodia, after few weeks of brief suspension.

Trying to sign the Spanish international from Barcelona is going to be very difficult for Manchester United.

In 1% of cases international about is used

We will inform you and the PEN International about our activities concernig VH.

It also raises questions for News International about whether its management were aware.

Recently he spoke with Celtic Life International about his passion for the Craic Agus Cool.

I have contacted Amnesty International about the human rights abuses here by our federal government.

As I got to the Palais, I was told by Amnesty International about a statement they had made, and I offered to respond at once.

SARAH FERGUSON: To this day no full explanation has been given by News International about its involvement in the surveillance.

And he makes nothing, either, of the whole debate within the new Communist International about the importance of ' united fronts '.

Off contract in the summer, Sky Italia says Milan have struck personal terms with the Ghana international about a Bosman move in June.

The response to Amnesty International about the CISOCA service was generally positive, although reports of its effectiveness were mixed.

In 1% of cases international during is used

I was working at Amnesty International during the Kosovo crisis.

The first two areas were covered by Amiga International during 1997 and the beginning of 1998.

Shortly after she quit as CEO of News International during the phone-hacking scandal I put a voicemail message on my mobile.

Stevens managed the German international during his time in charge of FC Cologne, and says he was always destined for the top.

Murdoch's son who was in charge of News International during the phone-hacking crisis and resigned last week as its executive chairman.

From there, he went on to work as a reporter at the Houston Press and as a war correspondent with United Press International during World War II.

Gosper, an Australia U21 international during his playing days, joined the sport's governing body last month as a successor to Mike Miller and has wasted no time in making an impact.

In 1% of cases international by is used

He had sold all current shareholdings in News International by May 2010.

First of all, I'd argue that capitalism is international by its very nature.

India has earlier been represented at the Edinburgh International by dancers Birju Maharaj, Raja.

In 2002, BRAC went international by taking its range of development interventions to Afghanistan.

I was introduced to Stephen Centre International by one of our Uncles at Rahama Baptist Church Kaduna.

I was greeted at Po Dong International by a truly amazing woman and spent two wonderful months with her.

During the evening we had another PowerPoint presentation about Loreto International by Sr Louise O'Sullivan.

I would like in particular to speak to Craig's point about capitalism being international by its very nature.

I don't expect him to rest on his laurels just because he doesn't have another regular international by his side.

In the various studies conducted, reports of which are carried in the Autism Research Review International by Dr.

In 1% of cases international over is used

Give me JFK International over this any day.

I would also like to thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in Egon Zehnder International over the past year.

She had a great idea where she invited 150 journalists and some Rihanna fans on a 7 city international over a number of 7 nights.

Conservatives in both countries now represent vested over public interest, big business over small, international over national capital.

Mensah made the call at the induction ceremony of Bishop Prince Emmanuel Tetteh of Kairos Chapel International over the weekend in Accra.

Denis Egan, Candidate, Brightwater has provided a first-rate and highly efficient service to Meridian VAT Processing International over the last three years.

Tom Watson, who became a household name after his dogged pursuit of News International over phone hacking, threw a curveball at David Cameron during the session on Wednesday.

Rumours in Spain have speculated that the Santiago Bernabeu trainer has talked with the Sweden international over a potential move to Los Blancos, but the supremo has rubbished the claims.

Chelsea have been consistently linked with the 35-cap international over the last few years, while Real Madrid were also tracking Fellaini in the summer and could be tempted to make a move.

In 1% of cases international since is used

That's when I meet my colleagues who have been working with Women for Women International since 2003.

This is an evolution of the role that Berry played as ole's Senior Partner International since late-2004.

El-Wedad has collaborated with HelpAge International since 2009 to provide psychosocial support for older people.

Dr Martin Kaonga: Martin has been the Director of Science and Conservation at A Rocha International since November 2010.

Besides of being a pastor, he was also the area supervisor for the Visayas of the Grace Communion International since 1984.

Shilton made his debut as a 21 year old in England's first international since going out of the 1970 World Cup to West Germany.

Shilton made his debut as a 21-year-old in England's first international since going out of the 1970 World Cup to West Germany.

About Paul Payne Paul Payne has been living in Spain full time since 2009 and has been working with MASA International since 1998.

Apostle Percy Konotey has continuously served as an Executive Council member of the Christ Apostolic Church International since 1998.

She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers since 2001 and a member of Christian Writer's Fellowship International since 1995.

In 1% of cases international through is used

I also like the fact that Indian men/women are becoming international through their work.

The film is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

This concept has also been promoted by Rehabilitation International through Disability World bimonthly web-zine,.

In 1976 he joined Lions Club International through Silvano Pedrollo and played a very important role in Bangladesh.

The UK aid-funded initiative is supported by UK Sport International through International Development through Sport.

The evidence against us that led to our arrests and possible prosecution was provided by News International through its management and standards committee (MSC).

He has worked with the Australian Journal of Communication, The University of Queensland Press, and Corporate Communication International through The City University of.

HIF also calls upon Amnesty International through today's public gathering to appeal to relevant quarters of British government for announcing amnesty to all refugees and asylum seekers.

The Vancouver Art Gallery, located downtown combines local with international through a variety of exhibitions and a permanent collection that focuses on renowned British Columbia artist, Emily Carr.

In 1% of cases international between is used

The 4 th One Day International between the teams will get underway tomorrow.

Not to be outdone, Indian spectators at a recent T-20 cricket international between the.

Gav, the swastika was flown over Ibrox during an international between Scotland and Germany.

The first time I saw him he was playing in the under-20 international between England and Wales.

In 1995 he umpired his first One day International between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Hamilton.

The first International between England and Ireland was watched by 3000 spectators on 15th February 1875.

The I-Church is the young people of Lighthouse Chapel International between the ages of 1 day to 3 years old.

According to Amnesty International between 1500 and 2000 people are reported executed in mainland China each year.

However the issue was put on the back burner for a friendly international between them and was never an issue again.

A crowd of 25,000 people turned up to the home ground of Preston North End to see the first unofficial international between England and France.

In 1% of cases international after is used

He was a fantastic asset to discussion and was inspired to get more involved with Amnesty International after the event.

From 1924-1929 of theWeimarrepublic, much of the credit for restoring theGermany's international after the World War One.

The top traded stock by both value and volume in the Singapore market was motor vehicle firm Tan Chong International after 158.

This report has been filed by Mustafa Dhanji, Chairman of JIBA International after his recent visit to the Republic of Southern Sudan.

There is a useful summary of expulsions from the world's Communist Parties for Trotskyism in The Third International after Lenin, 1973, 282.

It is music to the ears of the ex-Jamaican international after two years of playing in near silence in the footballing outpost of Azerbaijan.

Manager Arsene Wenger has intensified his interest in the 24-year-old Spain international after failing in a bid to capture him in the summer.

The move was seen as an ideal opportunity for the youngster to establish himself as an England international after years of showing great promise.

Second to Watney at the CIMB Classic in Malaysia at the end of October and winner of the ISPS Handa Perth International after a great battle with Jason Dufner.

The 197cm Wallace won the award for best international after finishing fourth in the standing vertical leap (80cm) and ninth in the running vertical leap (85cm).

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