Prepositions after "interchangeable"

"interchangeable with" or "interchangeable in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases interchangeable with is used

PDD is not interchangeable with Pdd-NOS.

Here, mass is interchangeable with volume.

Atheism is not interchangeable with science.

It appears that Azeroth is also used interchangeable with Eastern Kingdoms.

Broadly the term ' business ' below is interchangeable with ' organisation '.

However, they do have a word for strength, which is interchangeable with health.

In the case of the project activity, the existing compressor is interchangeable with the new compressors.

All models have inner parts interchangeable with the 9mm original, but for the hammer which needs modding.

The only problem is you have no guarantee their currency will ever be interchangeable with other currencies.

This is a vicious and often violent mindset, when ' fittest ' becomes interchangeable with ' most ruthless '.

In 18% of cases interchangeable in is used

They are interchangeable in most recipes.

Articles are not interchangeable in that way.

Either name could be interchangeable in this pedigree.

Contentment (or Happiness, interchangeable in this context) is indeed elusive.

These two standards are pretty much interchangeable in terms of functionality.

And Gasol and Howard are nearly interchangeable in the Stoudemire-O'Neal roles.

When referring to cacao and cocoa, some believe that the words cacao and cocoa are interchangeable in usage.

When it comes to population control, the same people seem interchangeable in the administration hierarchies.

Ptolemy recorded its name as Zabram, the letters ' m ', and ' b ' being interchangeable in Arabic (see Map 2).

It is significant to note how Apostle Peter used the word prophet and teachers interchangeable in 2 Pet 2:1-3.

In 5% of cases interchangeable between is used

That vote is now truly interchangeable between FF and FG.

Also, both HR straps are interchangeable between the strap itself and the transmitter pod.

Some products (especially polyester) are interchangeable between floors walls and ceiling.

Lenses are color coded and if built to DIN standards are interchangeable between microscopes.

According to Tyga the body panels are interchangeable between the 125 and 250, accept the fuel tank.

Items are not interchangeable between mechs, tech points and weapon levels are property of each specific mech.

Do not be confused that the wide palm-lined, posh houses and exclusive country clubs are interchangeable between California and Essex.

Now, this editing technology has progressed to the extent that all bits of DNA code are effectively interchangeable between all species.

Extremist ideas both left and right are much closer, often even interchangeable between their alliances, than with the vast mob in the middle ground.

In 4% of cases interchangeable for is used

Because of this change of perspective, they have been interchangeable for me.

Corn prices are in turn a big influence on wheat prices, given that the two grains are interchangeable for some uses, notably in livestock feed.

Others, such as A010 ' Vibrato Flute ', are similar and, although not quite the same, I think that they would be interchangeable for all purposes.

Never before have the education systems of so many different European countries been made accessible and interchangeable for the benefit of the individual student.

In 2% of cases interchangeable at is used

It isn't enough that our neo conservative or neo-liberal leadership is interchangeable at this point.

However, I found that the Vietnamese Dong and the US Dollar are parallel currencies, freely interchangeable at 15,000 to one.

In 2% of cases interchangeable on is used

But it's rare that two pieces of software are 100% compatible and interchangeable on *all* surfaces.

Even between Wii and 3DS, there are some things that can be done by connecting with each other -- Mii channel is interchangeable on both systems.

In 2% of cases interchangeable to is used

Morals seem somewhat interchangeable to these two, when it suits them.

Plus, it also seems as if books and authors are interchangeable to them, e.

Are women interchangeable to them? Window dressing you never really listen to? Emphasis mine.

Most of these people are virtually interchangeable to anyone not paying an extremely high level of scrutiny.

Are women interchangeable to them? Window dressing you never really listen to? That is McCain's great failing.

In 1% of cases interchangeable according is used

On or Upon? /In or Into? On/upon and in/into are equally interchangeable according to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage.

In 1% of cases interchangeable across is used

Whatever the SIM form is it really must be interchangeable across multiple phones, easy to get to etc.

In 1% of cases interchangeable from is used

Most players are simply interchangeable from one roster to the next.

DIN lenses aren't particularly better than non-DIN but they will be interchangeable from one DIN microscope to another.

For example all Cessna 172s are built on the same TCDS, but every model has its own production certificate, and many parts are not interchangeable from one model to the other.

It struck me last night that perhaps the thinking is that it's ok for autoworkers or janitors to unionize because they're pretty much interchangeable from an educated upper-middle-class perspective.

In 1% of cases interchangeable within is used

Many liquids are interchangeable within a recipe; try replacing the water or milk with something new.

The only down side is that this plug-in seems to use different rotary speed controllers to EVB3, so they are not directly interchangeable within a song.

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