Prepositions after "intent"

intent on, upon, in or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases intent on is used

So be intent on your meditation.

Now intent on doing the bullying.

She was intent on just getting out.

I don't intent on coming back - but you never say never - I might post here and there.

It is right thought to make the mind intent on the real nature of phenomenal existence.

Overall the referees seemed pretty intent on being part of the storyline all game long.

If the Blue Jays are intent on going with d'Arnaud for the future, they will have to unload Arencibia at some point.

Other medication is not necessarily intent on his or her function as well as are merely unhealthy freelance writers.

One which, even for a group of men as intent on not really doing much for a year as Gladbach, is fairly easy to win.

Laertes is intent on getting revenge on the prince, whom he holds to be responsible for his family's double tragedy.

In 5% of cases intent upon is used

Each is intent upon preaching his own nonsense.

Humanity will only change if it is intent upon changing.

They were intent upon worshipping mammon than adoring God.

The mother-in-law was intent upon breaking up her darling son's marriage - and succeeded.

Clearly, the Marxists were intent upon chopping our legs out from under us as a hyper-power.

Those intent upon proving he was a bad husband have what they need in Sita's exile from Ayodhya.

Her mind, ever intent upon the great work of salvation, was greatly affected concerning the lost state of mankind.

In this sense, it is only logical that the ex-head of state is intent upon establishing a continuum of her dynasty.

This means he must be intent upon fasting at that time, even if he later became heedless of his intention due to sleep etc.

While many other companies wanted a settlement, Stevedoring Services of America was primarily intent upon busting the union.

In 2% of cases intent in is used

I'd intent in working hard for my money.

By then, Dan was still very intent in joining the contest.

At issue, then, was North's intent in performing these acts.

And it always seemed odd that some were so intent in pinning the leaks on Kevin Rudd himself.

So keep this story in mind as a lesson in teaching yourself to be intent in doing what's good.

Spurs value the player at 30 million, whilst United were intent in spending ' only ' 25 million.

The vatican, still intent in the ignorance of raising humanity above the general level of animal life, and thats just them.

Deliberately intent in steering change within Malaysia, Marina is famous for endorsing issues her father vehemently opposed.

Try to train yourself in the habit of being dependable and intent in your proper activities, within and without, at all times.

The fact they were subjected to (and perpetrators of) such atrocities is ignored by the media that is so intent in glamorising war.

In 1% of cases intent of is used

Anyone intent of causing or contributing to civil unrest should stay away.

Never thought I would live to see a president in this country so intent of destroying it.

It is intent of the speaker that matters, not the effectiveness of the speech in causing criminal action.

A wait-and-watch approach will therefore prove to be a costly stance for occupiers who are intent of opening offices in these areas.

If the Sri Lankan government had been intent of genocide there would have been mass murders of Tamils in Colombo, Kandy and other areas where they live.

Whilst the SC is intent of taking tough action on stock manipulation or market abuse, we have received many complaints of selective enforcement or even double-standards.

Confirmation of a bid for Robin van Persie has made United fans wonder if Ferguson is intent of trying to get by without the marquee midfield signing many feel is now a matter of urgency.

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