Prepositions after "intend"

"intend for", "intend as" or "intend to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases intend for is used

His hands were never intended for toil.

I do not intend for my son to have died in vain.

Intended for the various specialists involved (e.

The backup we do is intended for recovery of the server rather than the user files.

Nickelodeon fired back that SpongeBob was intended for older kids, not preschoolers.

Yuvraj Singh I determination exist in the NCA intended for an even as at the present.

Dishpack cartons are tall, extra sturdy cartons originally intended for packing fragile articles, such as dishes.

Essentially, the LGPL can be regarded as a non-viral form of the GPL that is intended for software libraries only.

Warning The instructions in this guide are intended for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model number GT-N7100.

You should to buy acquiring a pro intended for this sort of responsibilities in the slightest, office2010keystore.

In 13% of cases intend to is used

Anderson I haven't read it and don't intend to.

I haven't seen the program yet, I intend to this weekend.

In the same way I don't hear that phrase intended to me.

Intend to tour a medical facility or birthing establishments where by you might give birth.

However, in the case of NTU WKWSCI students intending to minor, I will say, go for it too.

Most of all, debates are intended to showcase leadership demeanor and command capabilities.

So yes she said things which were untrue - but she did not intend to and therefore she shouldn't be accused of lying.

What do fish prefer? When considering heating requirements, it is important to think about the fish you intend to keep.

So in other words he wants to do another RPG and intends to hype it by saying it might be a bit like Torment, only not.

Once they become aware that they aren't able to practice medicine the way they intended to, they try private practice.

In 12% of cases intend as is used

They are intended as a general guide only.

The work is not intended as a reference to the Kaaba.

What I am writing is not intended as a response to anyone in particular.

The advice provided in this publication is intended as a source of information only.

I doubt it'll be intended as an apology to the fans so much as a sincere reaction to the result.

Information accessed via this site The information presented is intended as a general guide only.

Disclaimer: This article is for information only and is not intended as an instruction manual or as safety advice.

But they are only intended as a general guide and can't tell you about exactly what will happen in your individual case.

The same stone upon its eastern face exhibits what appears to have been intended as a representation of a fern or yew branch.

The movie was always intended as a primer, according to Lee, a jumping-off point for audiences to discover more about Malcolm for themselves.

In 7% of cases intend by is used

This is intended by Patrice Moor to be a daily reminder of how precious life is.

Perhaps something like this is intended by the expression Behind the mill in the text.

Beck is largely correct when he posits that Benghazi was intended by the admin (obama.

There seems to be a lot of ' between the lines ' in the writing of the law but is intended by the FTC for consumer protection.

The quality of the arguments doesn't matter because they're not intended by consumption for knowledgeable or even curious people.

It may be an act, which, without lawful justification or excuse, is intended by the agent to cause harm, and actually causes the harm complained of.

The meanings intended by the orators in public speaking, and also by the composers and authors of chants and island songs, are often misinterpreted.

It may be an act in itself contrary to law, or even an omission of any legal duty, which causes harm though not intended by the person so acting or omitting.

So I think it's very important for the government to do what it is doing-that is to clarify what is intended by these actions and assuage the international investors.

The music created comes as a reaction to the noise of the rotor blades and the movement created by the helicopter pilots, as originally intended by Karlheinz Stockhausen.

In 7% of cases intend on is used

I intended on arriving to the show by 6.

Ferguson and intended on keeping it that way.

Please know that Allah does nt intend on you feeling this away.

I was intending on posting about the trip to Ireland, since it's in this blog's wheelhouse.

I fully intend on having some interpreter to run my copies for my little girls as they get older.

I haven't done anything with them yet - but intend on decorating them to co-ordinate with my bedroom.

My Husband was born in New Zealand, I am an Australian Citizen but we intend on remaining in New Zealand permanently.

If you intend on blending your oils, do not use plastic containers -- use glass, stainless steel or ceramic containers.

If you intend on using it a lot, you can rest assured that you won't have to replace it anytime soon because it is built to last.

Living at Heartbeat Negril would be great if we intended on living here shorter time frames but 5 months was enough sea life for me.

In 2% of cases intend in is used

I'd love to hear more about how you intend in expanding your brand.

Development of the airstrip is intended in the near future, hopefully negating illicit activities.

It is also not necessary for them to terminate the Nikah at the time which they had intended in their hearts.

What the parties might have intended in 2004 could not be unilaterally imposed on the parties in 2010, when entering into a different agreement.

Men and women who yearning them intend in an effort just about all approach of nutritional routine and work out programs in the journey to develop it.

He paid the rupee most willingly and thought that Sai Baba recovered the rupee, which he intended in his mind to give, through saint Narsing Maharaj.

However, one or both of the two entering the marital contract intend in their heart that after a certain time period we will Divorce and end this marriage.

However by doing this, Warren helped motivate America to become more like what the framer's intended in terms of privacy and civil rights Americans hold priceless.

In 1% of cases intend at is used

He was not intending at that time to found the order.

Any opinions expressed herein are given in good faith, are subject to change without notice, and are only intended at the moment of their issue as conditions quickly change.

In 1% of cases intend with is used

That's all I intend with this article.

Intend with your actions and words that which is with Allaah, for indeed that which is with Allaah shall remain and everything else shall perish.

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