Prepositions after "intelligible"

intelligible to, in, by, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases intelligible to is used

They are mainly intended to be intelligible to me.

Secondly, their language may be intelligible to Kamba.

But the true causes are intelligible to the ordinary minds.

Islam is a simple, humanitarian and heavenly religion intelligible to everybody.

No picture of any sort came to interpret it, to make it intelligible to the mind.

In Icelandic, sagas written 1000 years ago are still intelligible to modern speakers.

It was however abundantly intelligible to myself; and the more I dwelt upon it, the more hopeless it appeared.

It is this: that we can understand the world, that it is intelligible to us, that it is rationally transparent.

Just a one sided chant based on misguided concepts of making mother church ' intelligible to our wider society '.

She will guess the meanings of the new words from their connection with others which are already intelligible to her.

In 11% of cases intelligible in is used

The present is only intelligible in the light of the past.

This principle is perfectly clear and intelligible in the case of Spain.

Unlike some other music, the words are almost always intelligible in a country song.

It is an eternal Statis, for motion and activity are not intelligible in the Infinite Being.

SD: Situates it within certain discourses, makes it intelligible in a way, in a different way.

It is therefore a genuine advance in knowledge to discover something intelligible in the relations between general types of them.

Modernist art continues the past without gap or break, and wherever it may end up it will never cease being intelligible in terms of the past.

Abstract Each paper must be preceded by an abstract not exceeding 150 words, which should be intelligible in itself without reference to the paper.

Whole sheets of her ravings were written out, and found to consist of sentences intelligible in themselves, but having slight connection with each other.

Or even make some graphs of your own: you may have some good idea on how to convey lots of scientific information in a way that's intelligible in a glance.

In 6% of cases intelligible by is used

We have made Hegel intelligible by interpreting spirit as activity in Marx's sense.

The materialist seeks to make these latter intelligible by regarding them as purely material processes.

On my theory these several relations throughout time and space are all intelligible by the power of natural selection.

For we can not render the notion of a simple being intelligible by any possible experience that is sensuous or concrete.

It will be intelligible by humans (perhaps no single person - for the field continues to mushroom ); Occam's Razor assist in this.

He an ability to make the most difficult things intelligible by talking about them in simple English prose using everyday examples.

For Nietzsche argues that the distinction between appearances and things-in-themselves is only made intelligible by the conceivability of a God's Eye View.

The Jewish historian scarcely ever quotes or reminds, but repeats so much as may be necessary to make his account of the transaction in hand fully intelligible by itself.

For this particular project I mentioned it was important that our wireframes were presentation-ready and not only intelligible by me, so I took my wireframing efforts into Photoshop.

In 5% of cases intelligible with is used

It is not intelligible with Chumburung.

It is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish.

This is said to be no longer intelligible with Sudan Creole Arabic.

I am uncertain if Kenyan Creole Arabic is intelligible with Ugandan Nubian Creole.

The language is related to the Moba, Togo, but not inherently intelligible with it 27.

Urdu actually presents a special situation in that it is mutually intelligible with Hindi.

At least Irish, for native speakers, has the benefit of being mutually intelligible with Gidhlig/Scottish Gaelic.

Sometimes I don't understand why actors have to be dubbed if their accent is mutually intelligible with the standardized accent (e.

The local Hangzhou dialect is part of the Wu family of Chinese dialects, and is not mutually intelligible with Mandarin or any other groups of Chinese dialects.

The exception to this rule is the local Swedish dialect/language of Scanian spoken in the South of Sweden around Malmo which is mutually intelligible with Danish.

In 4% of cases intelligible for is used

I try to make such poems both readable and intelligible for non-scientists.

That is to say, it's perfectly intelligible for those who've never touched a MOBA.

Something like this sense of what is going on is what makes talk of art as praise and creation intelligible for us.

However the observations regarding facts and decision must be to the minimum which is intelligible for determination by the Revisional Court that it is according to law.

While I wouldn't call it language, I'd not going to dispute its value, and I think that it likely is mutually intelligible for a large subset of the autistic population.

Comprehension: Comprehension is mostly accurate on common, concrete, and work-related topics when the accent or variety used is sufficiently intelligible for an international community of users.

In 4% of cases intelligible without is used

The passage is consistent enough and intelligible without them.

Legends should include sufficient detail to be intelligible without reference to the text.

The issue here is whether the position is fully intelligible without an ontological commitment of its own.

Its main purpose is for the convenience of the reader, and it should be intelligible without reference to the article.

This is intelligible without calculation - but only for the two-dimensional case - if we revert once more to the case of the disc on the surface of the sphere.

Western Linguists however, refer to them as two separate languages, because in spoken form they are not mutually intelligible without some experience with the other.

The concept serves to make the relation between norms and facts intelligible without comparing ' is ' and ' ought '; these are, following the dichotomy, uncomparable.

The cultural history of Britain is not intelligible without some account of the place in it of Shakespeare and of the aesthetic values that his work and reputation have been made to subserve.

In 2% of cases intelligible as is used

The present Iraq war is only intelligible as a major battle in the new, third phase of securing American dominance.

The allusions used in displacements are connected with the elements they replace by the most external and remote relations and are therefore not always intelligible as such.

In 2% of cases intelligible on is used

Furthermore, it is meant to be perfectly intelligible on a literal level.

These are the only questions, that are intelligible on the present subject.

Similarly, if Babbitt? s musical structures are only intelligible on paper, then both specialists and laypersons should be equally baffled by the experience of listening to Babbitt? s music.

In 1% of cases intelligible at is used

However, it is perfectly possible to deliberately focus a transmission, keeping it intelligible at considerably greater distances.

Since my singing voice is even less intelligible at times than my speaking voice, I offer this guide so that people may -- if they wish -- understand what they hear me singing, chanting, or reciting.

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