Prepositions after "insulting"

insulting to, in, for, of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 75% of cases insulting to is used

It's insulting to the customer.

Almost insulting to a real actor.

That s insulting to fans as well.

Two long-time commenters disagreed earlier and were pretty insulting to each other.

Cameron was right to say that this is deeply insulting to the majority of the poor.

Laksa Pho?? It's not only insulting to their origins but also highly irresponsible.

It is insulting to me that the US Marines have accepted that photo as representing the first flag raising on Iwo.

Their entire argument is insulting to the voting electorate that has been paying attention for more than 4 years.

Far from being angry with him over his offer, which sounds downright insulting to me, she insists she is touched.

It is believed the protest was held over a US-produced film that is said to be insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

In 6% of cases insulting in is used

There is nothing insulting in this work.

You are seriously insulting in what you say.

There's nothing nefarious or insulting in doing so.

The insulting in this thread began with the 22nd post, and that post belongs to Ozzie.

I would have to disagree I like Scary Godmother and I don't find it insulting in anyway.

Moreover these so called youth of Mr Imran is entirely rude &; insulting in their behavior.

If you're going to troll, you can't insult someone, then insult replies for being insulting in consecutive posts.

Do not use words like stupid, crazy, foolish, silly etc in public as these are considered insulting in Ghanaian culture.

I also like that we're trying to be more welcoming, but wonder if it's not possible to be insulting in the other direction.

But what I resent is that there was something insulting in being offered such a massive amount of money for playing football.

In 5% of cases insulting for is used

It is insulting for me to fight you.

Its insulting for those who work 24/7 for little pay.

In one case, very insulting for Dany Heatley's value.

But there was also a fair few, of which you seemed to be insulting for the sake of it.

It is insulting for him to make such a terrible claim that there are no cracks in the NDC.

I mean be critical by all means, or at least be funny, but he is just insulting for the sake of it.

That's not because they are sacred for him, but because it would be insulting for a person sharing these beliefs.

In fact it's quite insulting for the Sikh community who has contributed largely to the United States and England.

Oh, that was too insulting for the noble blood and race of Israel, and they declared, ' He has a demon ' Matt 11:18.

Maybe you didn't mean it (I sincerely believe you did) but your comment was clearly insulting for at least 15,000 ppl.

In 4% of cases insulting of is used

They are so insulting of his Christianity.

It would have been insulting of me to have remembered it.

Modern Bible, predecessor of Quran, is equally insulting of women.

Perhaps most insulting of all, he assumed I was daft enough to not back up my data.

Not one jot! They're highly abusive or insulting of anyone who doesn't agree with them.

For example, dancehall music often contains lyrics that are demeaning to and insulting of women.

The reality is that allowing the insulting of the Prophet Mohammad is a red-line that can not be crossed for Muslims.

In reality this policy has lead to intimidating and insulting of beekeepers with different opinions about their favourite bee.

Posted by nlambda on (May 01 2012, 00:40 AM GMT) To the predictable insulting of Sachin, here is one stat: http: **35;2705;TOOLONG.

Most insulting of all, Gilbert makes disgusting and false claims about graphic photos he says depict the President's mother; they do not.

In 2% of cases insulting about is used

There's nothing flippant, arrogant, or insulting about it.

It's the fact that he was unapologetically insulting about it.

A film which is negative or insulting about Muhammad? i read your writing with interest.

In some cases people CA N'T defend themselves, and there is nothing insulting about defending them.

It's absolutely astounding that this guy didn't see anything insulting about comparing women to dogs.

On reflection, I've decided that I should be more overtly insulting about this, pour encourager les autres.

There is nothing insulting about that -- it's needed to keep society functioning in a stable and secure manner.

BUT ive found something extremely insulting about them: Igbos are extremely IGNORANT, GULLIBLE and thrive on PROPAGANDA.

But if I say something insulting about Democrats or Republicans or the Green Party, one is allowed to get away with that.

Are you able to cite any evidence showing where I have lied? ' What do you find insulting about it? I think it is true in both cases.

In 2% of cases insulting by is used

I honestly don't mean to be insulting by the above.

So he was being insulting by putting so little effort into his routine.

It's not insulting by virtue of it's speed alone, particularly with sports.

It is considered insulting by local tradition to dress scantily or improperly.

So, any point in talking further with you? Now you have become insulting by turning the former MB's name into an obscene word.

However I would like to make the following observations: I also find the term ' denier ' unnecessary and insulting by association.

I never hope it can surpass or do something memorable but at least don't insulting by do something sloppy and all over the places.

The fact that the Line is indeed the internationally acknowledged division between the countries is considered insulting by the Afghan government.

Some folks have decided that you are being insulting by speaking about the situation of other women - in spite of the support these women give your work.

The cartoons have been branded insulting by French Muslim leaders and politicians have accused Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier of acting irresponsibly.

In 1% of cases insulting as is used

You are simply being insulting as a means to win a pointless argument.

I think changes to the ATOS contract are a total irrelevance, and insulting as a sanction, even to the most thick person.

The prosecution need to prove three things under habeas corpus: 1 The words spoken must be threatening, abusive or insulting as well as racially aggravated.

Furthermore, while the quotes are as ugly and insulting as what we expect daily from Murdoch's editorials, they do not actually advocate kicking to death or drowning at sea.

In 1% of cases insulting at is used

Its definitely insulting at times.

That is insulting at its heart and requires a particularly mean streak to suggest.

Which was sort of insulting at the time, but the foot supports he made me have completely relieved the problems.

Doesn't stop me being insulting at times (I can get cross just like everyone else and I might want an insult read! ), but it does stop me saying certain type of things.

I personally fall into the camp that respected the film for its sumptuous spectacle but felt badly let down by a story that was at best trite, and outright insulting at its lowest points.

In 1% of cases insulting on is used

This is still remarkably insulting on the part of Warnock.

But, differences aside, I haven't put my foot in my mouth yet by saying something inappropriate or insulting on accident.

There is nothing insulting on the church of Christ here rather, exposing the false ministers by such Anti-Christ practices in the body of Christ.

Douchebag Of The Week - When you think Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole would've learnt that insulting on Twitter is like playing with fire, you couldn't be more wrong.

I would have liked to have seen Romney challenge Obama more directly on some of his lies (and there were a lot of lies ), but Romney's approach was, as I said, peculiarly insulting on its own terms.

In 1% of cases insulting towards is used

I think that's just ridiculously silly not to mention insulting towards the older riders.

I also view it as insulting towards women as it paints women as being irrationally paranoid.

What is crucial is to not shout at, rebuke or be insulting towards elders, no matter what they do or say to you.

I thought it fairly insulting towards women, even middle class Victorian women (as you might have gathered from my contextual comments).

Your statement is detrimental to Saudi women's human rights, that should go without saying, it is also exceedingly insulting towards Saudi men.

He left me several notes which were all pretty insulting towards me and my family and he drew a series of maps and left me several chemical equations.

This can help bring them good feelings towards God, but also be quite unfair and insulting towards their fellow humans (and even sometimes to themselves).

In 1% of cases insulting with is used

THEN you can try being insulting with your little doubt-implying quotations marks.

Patronising I may be but you have become insulting with your reference to drink which is a really cheap jibe and incorrect as it happens.

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