Prepositions after "insufficient"

"insufficient for" or "insufficient in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases insufficient for is used

That was insufficient for the King.

Thanks is insufficient for all this.

That's totally insufficient for CLP.

The evidence is, however, insufficient for any definite conclusion to be drawn.

Her mother's meager income as domestic help was too insufficient for the family.

Evidence against Asif was insufficient for conviction: His no-ball was marginal.

But transport infrastructure in Africa is judged insufficient for achieving this end in two important senses.

The teaching staff was wholly insufficient for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the new regulations.

If his conformance to the Sunnah alone is written in detail, hundreds of pages will prove insufficient for it.

However, the view we have taken is that the common law scheme of protection has been insufficient for everyone.

In 18% of cases insufficient in is used

I don't want to be insufficient in both areas.

They considered my official's passport insufficient in itself.

The state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount.

Even the allocations northern states get are insufficient in tackling the huge gap.

Furthermore, measures alone are insufficient in determining marketing effectiveness.

Both science and law seem insufficient in and off themselves to answer the question.

Tinkering with money, interest rates, or even state regulation is insufficient in creating sensible economies.

Those things are fine, BTW, but entirely insufficient in themselves as a measure of utility in the game of life.

But it remains insufficient in terms of fighting poverty, with growth remaining fragile and unevenly distributed.

Insufficient in Sri Lanka and the Gulf earlier this year, they're back on the sub-continent for more of their nemesis.

In 7% of cases insufficient to is used

But they proved insufficient to power even our new low energy fridge.

Current capabilities and resources are manifestly insufficient to the task.

In conclusion, this data is insufficient to make any far reaching determinations.

A 4-week period was probably insufficient to wash-out all effects of prior treatment.

It will also tell you if the PSU you selected is insufficient to power up all components.

The materials we use have gotten much better, but they are still insufficient to the task.

His control was insufficient to do any damage, however, and he was again forced to surrender.

But the real difficulty with Silicon Valley's explanation is that it is insufficient to the case.

Grayson explained why conventional database searching and sorting was insufficient to their needs.

Again, this was insufficient to amount to putting the employer on notice that he believed he was at risk.

In 4% of cases insufficient on is used

Courage is probably insufficient on its own.

Skill and courage were insufficient on that minefield of a pitch.

Strengthening commercially-driven media is insufficient on its own.

This time, I'd actually very anxious about the areas I'd insufficient on.

The technical standards are important, but they may be insufficient on their own.

If the good behaviour was a factor, it was insufficient on the facts to give rise to an Article 8 defence.

Key Findings An expanding humanitarian crisis in Syria was insufficient on its own to drive any of the teams toward intervention.

The applications will be ranked as exceptional, excellent, very strong, strong, moderate, or insufficient on these four weighted criteria.

Let us call evidence for a proposition P which is usually insufficient on its own to persuade a disbeliever that P is true, weak evidence.

In 3% of cases insufficient as is used

She was in fact patently weak and insufficient as the company's big boss.

Mystical experience alone is insufficient as a basis for action or religion.

Even file size is insufficient as a big file might just be a big graphic front page.

It is manifest that this is quite insufficient as an explanation of the terms of Christ's promise.

At any rate, nothing in the book convinced me that a theory of that kind was insufficient as an explanation.

Given ingrained disparities, equal treatment of women and men is insufficient as a strategy for gender equality.

I personally can understand how a womans husband taking a 2nd wife could make her feel insufficient as a woman but we should'nt.

However, it doesn't tally with many of the statements that have been made and, more importantly, is simply insufficient as a differentiator.

Once again, it was considered to be insufficient as an upgrade on the previous model and once again, the new gadget flew off the shelves; Apple sold three million in the first three days.

In 3% of cases insufficient by is used

A reference list at the end is insufficient by itself.

That idea has merit, and should be part of any accord, but is insufficient by itself.

General civil strife and widespread violence have been held insufficient by themselves.

All I'd saying is that they are insufficient by themselves to make any real difference in long term learning.

Administration programs were insufficient by design and then failed to meet even their own, overly modest goals.

On balance, the criterion of apostolicity is important but insufficient by itself alone to determine canonicity.

Funding was considered to be insufficient by most respondents, who would need to access other sources, such as Tribal Councils.

These primary qualities are insufficient by themselves for a physical thing, however, since they are possessed by a volume of empty space.

The reasoning and investigation of the FIR were found to be insufficient by a HRCP fact finding team in a report published in February 2009.

In 2% of cases insufficient of is used

Insufficient of cooling liquid; 3.

So, insufficient of iodine in our body will lead to large goiters.

But this is insufficient of a reason to justify a future in M$ tablet.

Most of the children in village do not go to school because insufficient of school and poverty.

Make sure that your computer have sufficient of power supply as insufficient of power will cause malfunction of hardware.

The only relevant fact found was that there was an assignation of a lease; that was insufficient of itself to establish that TUPE applied.

Many will say that money is not the most important thing but when you have insufficient of it to live a comfortable then I will say it is important.

Swollen eyes can also cause by insufficient of lymphatic drainage as lymph organs is related to Spleen and Pancreas meridian is reflex to this problem.

In 1% of cases insufficient at is used

Words seem so insufficient at these times.

The increase in car ownership has created the road network insufficient at the present scenario.

It is a known fact that people from other countries are insufficient at being humans and need help from the enlightened Americans.

I would suspect that if they were insufficient at 20% that the optimal economic mix would include greater nuclear growth than the BAU projection.

To believe in the sacred gives man security and consolation when he feels weak and insufficient at the situations in nature that he can not control.

However, if the reward point balance is insufficient at the time of shipping your order, your credit / debit card shall be charged for the shortfall in reward point balance.

For instance, players like Adam Lind and David Cooper provide offense that is insufficient at first base, and they don't have the ability to fill in elsewhere around the diamond.

Although some of the imported northern goats reach the rural markets, the larger proportion remains in the urban markets, where they appear to be insufficient at times of peak demand.

In 1% of cases insufficient due is used

However, in general, the quality control of Web content is insufficient due to low publishing barriers.

The delivery of accessible, clean drinking water to the student population was found to be insufficient due to E.

Subsequently, a baby's development may be harmed if his or her mother's breast milk is insufficient due to her own malnourishment.

In 1% of cases insufficient from is used

In 1992, studies on water consumption indicated that it was less than 10 liters per day per capita 2 which is insufficient from the health and hygiene point of view.

In 1% of cases insufficient without is used

But any profile of Caron would be grossly insufficient without relating his loyalty and uncommon kindness.

Argument and assurance are surely insufficient without action embodying sincerity of purpose and commitment.

Combinations of interpretations, however, seem insufficient without some reasonable justification for the initially afflicted girls ' behavior.

Particularly after Libya, the French and other Europeans realized that their own ability to intervene in Syria was insufficient without the Americans, so they declined to intervene.

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