Prepositions after "insensitive"

insensitive to, in, towards, of or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases insensitive to is used

So I'd not insensitive to that.

He is being shockingly insensitive to you.

He is ignoring and insensitive to who I am.

Scams after scams yet insensitive to the electorates who voted them to the power.

It only shows how our leaders are insensitive to the problems faced by common man.

This assertion was particularly insensitive to and contemptuous of the electorate.

In contrast, the conclusion that the Great Filter is very large is relatively insensitive to other assumptions.

Major surgical procedures should be completed under anesthesia that will render the animal insensitive to pain.

Years of broadcasting messages have left businesses insensitive to the ancient principals of social engagement.

Interestingly, both the production as well as the supply of scrap gold also is insensitive to the price of gold.

In 4% of cases insensitive in is used

Yes, your opinion is insensitive in and of itself.

I hope we were not being insensitive in the things we are saying.

Either they are insensitive in forwarding junk mail or their emails were compromised.

It's insensitive in the extreme? it also exemplifies your lack of awareness and empathy.

Hydel, coal or nuclear, our governments have been insensitive in compensating inhabitants.

Well done! Don drakesdrum, your reference to blinder is a little insensitive in this context.

This is simply because they can be incredibly abrupt and insensitive in their rejection process.

Nor was there anything in the picture that made publication insensitive in the context of the piece.

But these kinds of projects, admirable in sentiment but insensitive in implementation, will not last for long.

However, Maria is OTT and insensitive in reacting with such a snit at being referred to as Marcus ' bast friend.

In 4% of cases insensitive towards is used

The AG is very insensitive towards public feelings.

How can some1 be so insensitive towards a issue like this.

We tend to be insensitive towards those who serve best but talk less.

We have become almost insensitive towards our social affairs and natural environment.

Its infamous Khap Panchayats are already perceived as being insensitive towards women.

Shouting Yunho's name was unnecessary and disrespectful but also insensitive towards Jaejoong.

Akin's comments were dismissive and clearly insensitive towards those most likely to be affected by this issue.

It is clear that you and your government is insensitive towards the incurable diseases caused by environmental factors.

It is time we stopped being insensitive towards the people who venture inland from those boundaries to seek a better life.

When reading some of the comments I do nt know why people are so selfish to be that much insensitive towards other people.

In 3% of cases insensitive about is used

It beats being insensitive about everything.

Of course they would never be insensitive about someone's death.

I certainly am sensitive about some things and insensitive about others.

We can not ever again be quite as unaware or insensitive about our effects on the natural world.

First CK was insensitive about my attire, and then he insinuated I lost the tickets he misplaced.

I suddenly encountered white people who were not shy, ignorant or insensitive about things racial.

South Africa can no longer afford to be insensitive about mental healthcare and nor can we afford to keep mental illness hidden.

Even to those who alleged that I said something insensitive about Fishermen, I wonder which one of these can be termed insensitive.

John's initial reference didn't bother me, but a few people are tossing the reference around and getting a little insensitive about it.

But you are being wildly over-sensitive about his comment, just as you are being wildly insensitive about what Barclays was found to be up to.

In 3% of cases insensitive for is used

Some IB assays might be insensitive for anti-Ro.

This is so insensitive for a politician to pass such comments.

No, because I'd way too insensitive for it to get to that point.

If it was too insensitive for any individual then that individual has the right not to play it.

It became annoying because some well intentioned folks seemed insensitive for the reasons you stated.

I guess I'll keep my man eyes on man sites because my man-centric view is too insensitive for you all.

I think it is extremely insensitive for any governor to make the kind of statement made by the Borno governor.

I feel pity for Karen, at the same time to the kids in being senseless and insensitive for what they have done.

Desola Ade-Unuigbe is very stupid and insensitive for her dumb comments regarding the boys murdered in cold blood.

Smear microscopy is insensitive for diagnosing TB in patients who are co-infected with HIV and also does not detect MDR TB.

In 3% of cases insensitive of is used

That was very insensitive of Mrs.

Some might say it's insensitive of them.

It was insensitive of Dick Wolfsie to ask such a question.

It was so stupid of me to make you wait, so insensitive of me to make fun of your feelings for me.

Poor interpersonal skills: Bad leaders talk down, be rude, are abusive, and insensitive of those around them.

And yes, it was absolutely insensitive of the hiring manager (I briefly addressed that above) -- she erred there.

But it is still insensitive of the Ministry not to have responded swiftly, given how strongly such needs are felt.

Vincent Brown to me was advocating suicide as a way out of troubled times which is not the answer and was very insensitive of him.

Im sorry about the commuting thing ladies it is so insensitive of people and i am glad that i live only 16 miles from work and so i can drive.

But with time and care, it all got much better and now we have a great sex life;) If I may say so, that was VERY insensitive of your boyfriend.

In 1% of cases insensitive as is used

These plants would also be Glc insensitive as a result of producing lower levels of the Glc sensor in response to endogenous ABA.

Plants carrying mutations in ABI4 would be ABA insensitive as a result of being unable to increase Glc sensor levels in response to ABA.

This heightened awareness meant she was never again so thoughtless and insensitive as to invite an Aboriginal person to an Australia Day barbeque.

Lisa I am appalled (and furious on your behalf!) that anyone could be so absolutely insensitive as to say this type of stuff, especially in front of your children.

It would be insensitive as well as ineffective, for example, for Christians to exhort their Jewish, Muslim, or agnostic neighbors about what Jesus would want us to do.

Death was home based for the most part in the twentieth century but now it is much more clinical and impersonal and insensitive as the majority of deaths occur in a hospital setting.

In 1% of cases insensitive at is used

Yes he can be a little insensitive at times.

I love Mike Bloomfield but it was out of place and insensitive at that moment and time.

His deafness made communication difficult, causing him to come across as rude or insensitive at times.

I got bored of how doting he was and left him for a bad boy; a dark, image-conscious, rather insensitive at the time guy.

While he can be self-centered or a bit insensitive at times, Johnny is always an enthusiastic friend and loves to offer advice to the younger cars.

In 1% of cases insensitive by is used

You make people insensitive by showing it all the time.

Advanced searches are case and accent insensitive by default.

It was condemned as malicious and insensitive by the ruling ANC.

You are not beautiful: I am not being insensitive by saying this.

Does that not make it a little culturally insensitive by a major broadcaster? I wonder.

We felt it our duty really to come over and support all these people, because it is incredibly insensitive by the Islamic leaders for pushing this Islamic center forward.

In 1% of cases insensitive on is used

Careless and insensitive on my part.

It was insensitive on the part of forkn bois to even think they can get away with such a song.

Actually It is insensitive on part of Congress government in centre and Hindu to call this Myopic.

Aquino is so insensitive on the economic hardship felt by OFWs and families, and the millions of ordinary.

That said, the incidents threw up the not entirely surprising fact that our campus is quite insensitive on matters relating to gender.

Okay he was talking about the government -- but given Alan Jones earlier remarks about Gillard's father to say that was at very least brutally unthinking and insensitive on Abbott's part.

In 1% of cases insensitive with is used

This post might seem insensitive with some of the things I've mentioned.

Her anger spills over into his care and she is often abrupt and insensitive with him.

The guards didn't bother with me, I think they're not insensitive with people who has injuries.

Starting to read this article, I kind of felt it was directed at me, and I was afraid I'd been insensitive with my previous comment.

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