Prepositions after "insecure"

"insecure about" or "insecure in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases insecure about is used

She was insecure about her looks.

I admit I am insecure about my body.

You have things you're insecure about.

When a dog is insecure about their safety, they could lash out with bad behavior.

Overcoming Obstacles Pita was very insecure about her physical appearance and age.

Mahi is insecure about her relationship, as Aryan is unwilling to commit marriage.

I'd feeling cut off from all the people that I was close to here at work and I'd feeling insecure about my job.

Thus, we find that young people feel more insecure about their employment and income than any other age groups.

William III was insecure about his position; he wished to be King in his own right, rather than a mere consort.

On my upper thighs kinda by my hips, my inner thighs, and (this is the place I'd most insecure about) my boobs.

In 18% of cases insecure in is used

She is insecure in her own body.

Many say they feel insecure in China.

I've never been insecure in my career.

It is very unfortunate that the northeastern people feel so insecure in their own land.

Essays undertaken out of class are insecure in terms of being vulnerable to plagiarism.

I believe she does it because she is insecure in her own skin so by making others look.

Vast projects like the Volta Dam began to look increasingly insecure in the face of confident new African leaders.

They are trying to find ways of feeling power for themselves because they are perhaps quite insecure in themselves.

I don't know why its so difficult to believe in yourself!! I am confident in some ways but very insecure in others.

Therefore, students often feel uncomfortable and insecure in class, which inevitably affects their ability to learn.

In 5% of cases insecure with is used

You both seem insecure with each other.

A young lady who is shy and insecure with herself,.

Always was insecure with my shape and size, and did not like my body.

He was insecure with people, but they were attracted by his appearance of strength.

I felt sorry for the leech, she seemed to had gotten really jealous and insecure with Lucy.

As stated in one of my previous blogs, I cosplay because I'd a little insecure with myself.

The people unhappy about the thought of true equal rights for all are obviously insecure with their own sexuality.

Sometimes I feel insecure with how other people may view my current life as an unemployed woman, a full time housewife.

I hope one day you'll embrace God's love and not be so insecure with your life that you have to be so hateful to others.

With her husband, Marie had often the fear that he would live her, she was feeling insecure with him and not really loved.

In 4% of cases insecure of is used

I have always felt insecure of myself because I AM SKINNY.

Men who are highly insecure of their masculinity rape women.

Many parents are also insecure of their parenting abilities.

L INUX has been touted as both the most secure and insecure of all operating systems.

The most insecure of our patients and clients reinforce their negative feelings with the mirror.

Simply because she was so insecure of their relationship and didn't know where things were going.

The leaders who are very insecure of their leaderships try to destroy new leaders who are being groomed to the party.

How insecure of your own position is that? And just because something doesn't make sense to you, doesn't make it less valid.

Insecure of their intellectual knowledge, they feel the urge to boost up their ego by making ridiculous remarks such as this.

When i ask my friends, they just tell me some people are just insecure of me and are afraid me because i look too independent.

In 3% of cases insecure around is used

Your playing won't feel insecure around you.

Your playing other people won't feel insecure around you.

I was never insecure around him, a very rare thing for me around guys.

Its very common for flatchested women to feel insecure around full chested females.

It is our light about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

It is our light, not about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

Nobody feels insecure around Fire signs, but would feel smarter b/cos Fire signs are dumb.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.

In 3% of cases insecure as is used

I'd very insecure as a result of his drinking.

Many black men are DEEPLY insecure as a result.

It comes across as being insecure as a network.

We are so insecure as a nation that we undercount our minority populations in our census.

Kimaiyo also said a national estimate of firearms shows that Kenyans feel insecure as a result.

I am now insecure as to my parents affections and constantly worry of how much I am hurting them.

Having lived through ' The Troubles ' in Northern Ireland I know this experience of feeling insecure as a nation state.

Tallying the results showed that those rejected in childhood felt more anxious and insecure as well as hostile and aggressive.

If you find that it is hurting you and you feel insecure as a result then you need to tell him how you feel and ask him to stop.

On the other hand Banu Qurayza was also reluctant to join the Meccan alliance as they were insecure as to the outcome of an encounter.

In 3% of cases insecure at is used

I am not insecure at all about this at all.

Tessa is both confident and insecure at the same time.

I was an actor and it was insecure at the best of times.

I'd crazy insecure at the moment and possibly premenstrual.

In 2010, children were food insecure at times during the year in 9.

Parent feel insecure at old age hence tend to have larger family size.

Amazingly we can be both egotistical AND insecure at the exact same time.

I was feeling insecure at the time, and I was completely floored by his trick.

This was Thea: she could make you feel flattered and insecure at the same time.

Jill had a special love for Neema who was quite sick and insecure at that time.

In 3% of cases insecure by is used

Re: Re: Re: Insecure by design.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Insecure by design.

When I told her that I was bi, she was very insecure by the idea of it.

One, digital intellectual property, especially digital audio, is insecure by its nature.

The Feng Shui of the Face can be stabilised or rendered insecure by the formation of the Ears.

It's not so much the browsers that are a problem as the Windows OS itself which is insecure by design.

Next to Louis XIV of France, though, even the most self-enamored of sovereigns came off looking neurotically insecure by comparison.

English Vinglish is the story of Shashi, a woman who does not know English and in turn is made to feel insecure by her family and society at large.

Then, when that person reacts, the gaslighter makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure by behaving as if their feelings aren't rational or normal.

First use your mind, and understand that the people who try to make you feel insecure by boasting about their sex life, invariably have little to boast about.

In 3% of cases insecure for is used

Ironically enough, it made me insecure for a while.

Yes, i feel insecure for it, but i know its not my fault.

All these are usually likelier to be inadequate or insecure for the poor.

Similarly, every person with any kind of acquisition is insecure for various reasons.

Even this was considered too insecure for one Primordial, who ended up imprisoned inside his own wings.

This looks like a man who does not swollow her life just because he is too insecure for her to have some independence.

There are cities in this world which has beautiful spots and places for visiting but these cities are insecure for people.

These households average three months of adequate food provisioning per year, although most are food insecure for the entire year.

I even had some friends who felt insecure for being a larger and would make put me down for it though i never mentioned their size to them.

In 2% of cases insecure because is used

I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the.

And you are a bit insecure because of the attention that she commands.

I lost them because when I did approach I acted insecure because of my hair.

So you don't feel threatened, you don't feel insecure because of loving-kindness.

They feel insecure because of the gove treatment and the policing by the military.

It is the confession of a people whose life was made insecure because of their faith.

How can anyone who feels insecure because of such a situation not experience that insecurity as helplessness.

This is why we must all commit that no Kenyan will sleep hungry or insecure because of the national madness of 2008.

In 1% of cases insecure after is used

It breaks my heart to see her still so insecure after 2 years.

You may feel very anxious and insecure after a family breakdown.

TIPS AND TRICKS NEW bolts and strike plates sometimes feel loose or insecure after installation.

The Protestants were feeling insecure after the recent dramatic Catholicisation of the army and law.

Abahani's Iranian coach Ali Akbar said they felt insecure after the game as the spectators surrounded them.

But in thinking about it, I can see that I began to feel insecure after a time, once the golden beginning had faded and he was no longer future faking or putting everything into it.

Before Councilman Burgess gives the police another tool to crack down on the people who make downtown psychically insecure after dark, he needs to encourage the police to actually patrol.

In 1% of cases insecure due is used

The region is largely food insecure due to its dependence on erratic rainfall for production of crops and pasture.

The region is largely food insecure due to its dependence on erratic rainfall for the production of crops and pasture.

Gedo has been chronically insecure due to on-going inter and intra-clan conflicts largely related to control of resources.

In 1% of cases insecure during is used

More the 60 percent of the invisible poor remain food insecure during all 12 months of the year.

Musta'ali feeling insecure during Imam Nizar's existence, plotted against him and finally succeeded in making him prisoner along with his two sons.

They aren't because insecure during foreplay and also actual sex simply because they aren't hung up (no pun intended) about what the girl may think of their dimension.

In 1% of cases insecure on is used

Be warned that this may be insecure on a shared host.

But Ray apparently could be weak, passive, and insecure on the set.

I was also really in a foul mood most days and insecure on the other days.

He may be insecure on the inside, but his ego will never let him admit it even to himself.

I still get insecure on occasion, but I'd a lot more confident and life is so much easier now.

Be aware that this method is insecure on some platforms which make the environment of a process publicly visible to other unprivileged processes.

Girls also do nt have to worry so much about being short compared to guys because guys makes the moves and guys are insecure on courting girls much taller them.

In 1% of cases insecure to is used

She looks out of it and insecure to the hilt.

The riverside moorings look a bit insecure to me, my boat being nuthin but a soapdish with a tent on top.

With the use of a skilled mediator, the parties can go from feeling weak and insecure to feeling strengthened.

They didn't want him to achieve academically because neither of them did and it makes them insecure to this day.

Current estimates by the World Food Programme (WFP) put the number of people in Ghana who are food insecure to 1.

UK gas and electricity is an absolute rip-off, and, even worse, utterly insecure to the vagaries of the international marketplace and the declining value of sterling.

In 1% of cases insecure without is used

I feel very insecure without it.

It is highly insecure without a virtual terminal.

Cat is child-like without being stupid, Rimmer is neurotic without being pathetic, and Kryten is insecure without being whiny.

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