Prepositions after "innovative"

innovative in, with, about, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases innovative in is used

It was just so innovative in every way.

WoW has been innovative in its time but stil.

Not very efficient or innovative in my opinion.

These units are often far more engaging and innovative in their teaching practices,.

Anything can be an artform if someone can become highly skilled or innovative in it.

Arguably guitar music stopped being that innovative in the late 70's and early 80's.

It has developed their ICT skills, and many of our teachers have become more innovative in their way of teaching.

This immersion program is praised as being extremely effective and innovative in the field of bilingual education.

Cantillon's entrepreneur is forward-looking, risk-taking, alert though need not be innovative in the strict sense.

It was suggested that what might be considered innovative in one country might not be seen as innovative in another.

In 10% of cases innovative with is used

This is hilarious! Innovative with humour.

The last time Apple tried to be innovative with the iPhone.

Be innovative with the denim shirt, http: **35;10219;TOOLONG.

Indian television is getting all the more innovative with the publicity of shows.

But 38% still said they believe it is possible to be more innovative with less money.

I take inspirations from designers who are original and innovative with their designs.

It showed all the possibilities of working with Re-Board, creating something very innovative with the material.

Hence, online videos are compelling brands to become innovative with their ads, as here content rules the roost.

ROK has been very innovative with a plethora of stylish yet functional wellies in the market for all consumer groups.

In particular I think there is an opportunity to be innovative with what I can best describe as generic-specific apps.

In 6% of cases innovative about is used

There is nothing innovative about this.

I am yet to see what is so innovative about the show.

There is absolutely NOTHING innovative about this game.

Meanwhile, there is nothing unexpected or innovative about what Romney is doing.

Without a nice flat backyard, I have had to be innovative about how I grow my food.

You can simply have to become a bit more innovative about the type of music you choose.

Mr pastor-in-embryo, this is very very very important! You have to be very technical and innovative about this.

You need to find your niche in the market, get innovative about it and give people a reason to link to your site.

It made us be much more innovative about compression and delivery technology so we are less broadband consumptive in Canada.

In 5% of cases innovative for is used

That is quite innovative for us.

Don't be innovative for the sake of it.

Colorful and innovative for growing minds.

The player-switching and dynamic missions are genuinely innovative for an open-world game.

Alas, it proved rather too innovative for Microsoft, though Molyneux still swears it worked.

Working in standards with new technologies, one has to be innovative for the best of the technology.

He continued to encourage new entrants into the job market to be innovative for innovation creates wealth beyond measure.

So, it was very innovative for that time to create such a wonderful interesting game, doing credit to Blizzard Entertainment.

Darwin was surprisingly inventive in developing this and other methods (like the questionnaire) and the experiment was innovative for its time.

In 3% of cases innovative at is used

That was very innovative at the time.

Refined, simple and accessible, yet complex and innovative at the same time.

He is very creative and innovative at his young age which proves his hidden talents.

Some societies may be conservative at some times in their history and innovative at other times.

The teachings of Christ Jesus were simple but unique and innovative at the time of his life on earth.

You've been one of those rare bands that managed to write great music while being truly original and innovative at the same time.

Google went down the pagerank route (very innovative at the time) and this has been found to be open to abuse (as has the keywords meta tag).

While this forward-thinking choice is to be applauded, there is something equally innovative at play here apart having nothing to do with gender.

Nip has been determined to pursue lifelong learning ever since he was young, maintaining this pursuit even though it was quite innovative at the time.

During this long run, they've introduced many of the aspects of NFL broadcasts that we take for granted now, but that were truly innovative at the time.

In 3% of cases innovative of is used

The most innovative of the cases (Emergency Response.

Your may cuanto the dose, if necessary, up to a innovative of 3200 leiden a day.

Even the most would-be innovative of recent romcoms have stayed true to the dream of romance.

The lyrics tell a story you can't hear anywhere else, and the music is his most innovative of recent years.

Clix magma Induction cooker, a very healthy and innovative of heating without consuming much of electricity power.

Another surfer from the early days worthy of a special mention was the most innovative of Irish Surfers, Alan Duke.

For those of you not familiar with their corporate style, they are no longer among the most innovative of companies.

According to the Council, these companies represent the most successful and innovative of the area's growing technology industry.

Because of focus on customer experience and on business development, Airtel has been not only the fastest growing but the most innovative of operators.

In 3% of cases innovative on is used

We're committed to being innovative on Facebook.

Windows 8 is innovative on touch friendly devices and not an improvement over Desktop PCs.

Not into oblivion, but out of capability to get us something new and innovative on such scale.

Look at player AI, team AI, how you can manoeuvre the players, it's innovative on a yearly basis.

I highly appriciate your innovative on line service and believe it is very helpfull to enforce rule of low all over the country.

Sadly Boeing's innovative on board WiFi, offered by carriers such as Lufthansa, has proven too costly &; is about to be scrapped.

The project idea is innovative on the following grounds; Bringing E-Coaching to the local communities with the focus on women and youth.

I've posted similar things to this before, but I just think it warrants focus because there is massive scope to be more innovative on how we brief people.

Some of the most appropriate applications of technology have always been to find better tools for any job and to be innovative on a human scale wherever possible.

Zoo De Lujan bills itself as being unique and innovative on its website, and adds that their distinct taming process has distinguished the zoo since it was founded in 1994.

In 3% of cases innovative to is used

It is revolutionary and innovative to perfection.

It truly is innovative to are young vicarious applications.

HK people has been hardworking and innovative to problem solving.

Bear in mind at what's innovative to the suppliers may not be to you and vice versa.

While a smaller iPad may shake up sales, it's not likely to bring something wildly innovative to the table.

My suggestion is if HTC is going to fighting demanding in market, HTC could make some innovative to leading in market.

Innovations are completely new ideas, right? Spyro Skylanders sounds innovative to me, the same goes for Call of Duty Elite.

Nowadays, on-line repayment cpus have got innovative to the stage that they are actually Safer compared to a great many other kinds of repayment.

All sorts of ideas from clever to innovative to comic appear in the form of plant sales, mobile slipper boutiques, food ' recycling ' outlets etc.

Offering many types, coming from insanely colourful along with innovative to sensible chic, it really is representative of your brand's ultra-feminine persona.

In 2% of cases innovative as is used

Being accountable means being innovative as the person will think beyond his scope of job.

And that means delivery systems that are as advanced and innovative as the vaccines they support.

Our main focus is to design innovative as well as unmatched ideas to click outstanding images of toddlers.

Just as each innovative as well as peculiar fact, online gaming has turned into a question of investigation.

Such kind of fashion jewelry gives you the scope to be creative, innovative as well as environment friendly at the same time.

It is, admittedly, riskier to be innovative as a loss or poor result with an experienced squad is likely to be blamed on the players.

Our forthcoming range of cars will be just as accessible and innovative as every Nissan product, but with added Nismo energy they will be even more fun to own and drive.

As complex and innovative as the Ninth's final movement is, its ultimate aim, indeed the ultimate aim of the whole edifice of notes preceding, is this simple, irresistible song.

But, as rare and innovative as the class seems, it wouldn't even raise eyebrows in a number of other nations -- the ones that routinely shame America in international math and science tests.

In 2% of cases innovative by is used

Let's be innovative by implementing.

I am claiming you can be innovative by introducing something the school has tried before.

The project would probably be considered moderately innovative by others working in the area.

Such businesses become more innovative by enhancing their capacity to utilize external information.

From a business point of view, the NYT is making something innovative by spending a very small amount of money.

You can be equally innovative by introducing something that has been tried elsewhere but is ' new ' to you or your school.

A useful and innovative by product of this initiative is the provisional national ID card, which was given to voters after they registered.

I thought I was being innovative by adding a lot of ultraviolence to it! I sold it to the same editor who had acquired Rangergirl, Juliet Ulman.

Over the years we've really focused on using the most cutting-edge technology in our field and being innovative by streamlining the design process.

From lifts that recognise your face to 3D HD televisions and sliding roofs made to disguise private doorways, gadgets get more innovative by the day.

In 2% of cases innovative without is used

Innovative without being weird; refined without the stuffiness.

It is a great challenge to be innovative without affecting the old.

I hope they continue to be as successful and innovative without Steve as they were with Steve.

You can not be innovative without a healthy acceptance that not everything is going to work every time.

I use it in all activities that I do with my students; but I couldn't do anything innovative without their help.

This line of thought means that one can be creative but may not be innovative, but one can not be innovative without first being creative.

I must confess I have never quite understood how people manage to run a business that is in any way innovative without attending trade shows.

You can't sustain prosperity long term without Innovation and you cant be truly innovative without robust and consistent collaboration with others.

I've talked about this before, but one of the toughest things about public library work is pushing forward and being innovative without being unfair and unjust.

In 1% of cases innovative along is used

Socks and Leggings and also Leggings Socks and leggings are wherever things can get truly innovative along with accessorizing.

The 1st edition of Air Jordan footwear launched in 1985 have been innovative along with fashionable and therefore are value quite a fortune to a hardcore basketball fan.

Besides, whether Tim Schafer (or whoever) has an innovative idea at the pitch stage is not an issue for me (and other supporters ): Tim can't help but do something innovative along the way.

In 1% of cases innovative from is used

Now, how about a small island like Samoa, Tonga or Fiji? Do you expect to find something (IT) innovative from those islands? I don't think so.

I'd like to see something more concrete and innovative from Ascension, or maybe more of multiplayer, which appears to be this game's point of difference.

If I would describe my personal idea of a hotel bedroom of the future it would be intuitive, comfortable, concious about its location and innovative from our current perspective.

In 1% of cases innovative within is used

Be innovative within the rules of Islam.

While users of DB2 and Oracle will take this sort of ability for granted it is innovative within the MySQL environment.

Until that happens we have to look for those who are willing to step outside the traditional enterprise and be innovative within their own ventures.

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