Prepositions after "inject"

"inject into" or "inject with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases inject into is used

LMWH is injected into the skin on the lower abdomen.

A special dye is then injected into the coronary artery.

NSSF and NPF) and inject into the energy sector should be pursued.

Venoms, on the other hand, are only toxic if injected into soft tissues and the bloodstream.

Flow velocity is measured with an ultrasonic Doppler signal continuously injected into the water.

Or digestive juices are injected into the prey and the resulting liquefied meal is then sucked up.

I understand BERNANKE IS looking forward to the report, in order to determine the size of QE 4 to inject into the system.

Fears have been expressed that a virulent strain of bacilli, when injected into the human body, might regain its virulence.

The virus is then injected into the patient where it targets and infects cells, replacing damaged DNA with the new healthy DNA.

In 21% of cases inject with is used

The fish were allegedly injected with the poison.

It confers immortality upon those injected with it.

The animals had been injected with radioactive isotopes in the USSR and the USA.

Only rats in subgroups 6-10 were injected with AOM (15 mg/kg) once per week for 2 weeks.

The body can be injected with synthetic insulin which the immune system will not reject.

To get that photo, the three were injected with mildly radioactive solutions, then X-rayed.

This is NOT true of milk from cows that have been grass fed and have not been injected with hormones and antibiotics!

Some include bad blood transfusions, being injected with used needles, coming in contact with a person infected with AIDS blood, and unprotected sex.

Skowronski did her work with 32 ferrets, giving half the 2008 seasonal flu shot while the other half were injected with a placebo, according to the Sun.

Prof Nutt and his team scanned the brains of volunteers who had been injected with a moderate dose of psilocybin, the active ingredient of magic mushrooms.

In 9% of cases inject in is used

However, if injected in overdose amounts it can lead to cardiac arrest.

What kind of cultivated viciousness have we injected in our polity that a man like Dr.

The lower volumes suggested should generally be injected in particularly small people.

In 5% of cases inject by is used

Paul Offit had 100,000 vaccines injected by his wife, pediatrician Dr.

It was injected by Jerome into the Latin Bible to refute the claims made by Bishop Arius (d.

Most of the people injected by the Native Authorities were the defeated candidates at the previous stage.

Even the linguistic distinction is artificial and which distinction is an infection injected by British colonialists and their comprador historians.

In 2% of cases inject as is used

Hence, de-couple the dependency by allowing it to be injected as a method input parameter.

The path out of this dilemma is to determine which step in theory was the first to be injected as an unnecessary miracle into the mix.

In 2% of cases inject over is used

The company plans to inject over Tshs 120 billion in network upgrades, product.

In 1% of cases inject at is used

Into it is injected at the same temperature 2.

In 1% of cases inject to is used

A New Trend After 2002, so much money was injected to the Sri Lankan peace sector by foreign donors and new peace INGOs began operations in Colombo.

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