Prepositions after "initiate"

"initiate by" or "initiate in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases initiate by is used

The economic deregulation initiated by P.

A handshake should only be initiated by ladies.

The musical heritage initiated by the great hi-life maestro, E.

Whatever the brain does, it is initiated by an energy impulse coming from the outside.

The Student Volunteer Army was initiated by University of Canterbury student Sam Johnson.

Not only do they run when user initiated, they can also be script initiated by script steps.

Every year, all over the world, millions of girls below the age of 18 undergo marriages initiated by their families.

Nonetheless, it was clear that the relocation was initiated by the professional classes, like dentist Reynolds at Upr.

The idea that planetary motions may influence solar activity seems to have been initiated by Rudolf Wolf in the 1850s.

It came up again last week in an email dialogue (initiated by one of my blogs) with an experienced chief audit executive.

In 17% of cases initiate in is used

He was initiated into Army Philadelphe Lodge in 1798.

Financial legislation, can only be initiated in Dil ireann.

A pilot project has been initiated in the Goregaon-Borivli stretch.

You can imagine the kind of reactions these three responses initiate in your partner.

He is an insolvency partner of SKMN, a five partner firm which he initiated in 1992.

Nano-tech was initiated in India but its developing in USA just because of the money.

A request for punitive damages should also be initiated in the interest of deterring future enforcement excesses.

History would not agree with this statement -- the war on drugs having been tepidly initiated in the 20th century.

Each participant has to deliver a pro-ject in the widest sense initiated in her context and linked to her expe-riences.

For those who do not know, the city of Brasilia was initiated in 1956 and was developed to become Brasil's capital in 1960.

In 6% of cases initiate into is used

He was initiated into Army Philadelphe Lodge in 1798.

These people need to be instructed and initiated into the life of that community.

Under this system, groups of the same age (give or take five years or so) are initiated into adult life during the same period.

And former Mormons, like myself, who were initiated into those same secrets, and afterwards left Mormonism - we know the secrets.

You almost make me say you are an unapprehending peasant woman, who have never been initiated into the proportions of social things.

The Mantras, so-called, are the spiritual formulae into which one gets initiated into by a superior; it's a potent magazine of energy.

And Jewish Freemason Katz indicates Solomon Meir Rothschild, a third member of the five brothers, was initiated into Freemasonry on June 14, 1809.

Crowley was initiated into the Golden Dawn in 1898 but the order was shattered by schism two years later and Crowley left England to travel throughout the East.

The tokens are various handshakes, copied largely from the Masonic initiation rites of the 1830s, when church founder Joseph Smith was initiated into Freemasonry.

In 5% of cases initiate with is used

Series of 9000 It initiates with the Bold 9000 launched in 2008.

Vietnam ' s recent agricultural revolution was initiated with a major land reform.

The Queen's Chamber is for those wishing to know God and the universe, and aligns the initiate with Earth's highest chakra.

Coincidentally this largest furniture retail cluster of the country was observing the third furniture festival, which was once initiated with Katalyst support.

Local Vendors Over the last three decades, Malaysia has developed a large pool of ancillary and supporting industries that was initiated with the entry of MNCs into the country.

In 5% of cases initiate at is used

Hold on to Short EUR/JPY positions initiated at 101.

Continue holding on to long EUR/JPY positions initiated at 100.

In 3% of cases initiate from is used

It must be initiated from the privy councilors.

We understand that relative problems, such as smog and acid rain, initiate from human activities.

Perhaps it would've been nice to mention some scenarios that can ignite this, as to why triggers get initiated from other places they are meant to.

In 2% of cases initiate for is used

More innovative projects should be initiated for their protection.

Special helplines can be initiated for people to report dangerous drives.

All projects are initiated for a reason, but not all projects have clear and measurable objectives.

In 1% of cases initiate without is used

So may be, you could initiate without design application and invest later in applying design, the right way.

In 1% of cases initiate against is used

This lawsuit that the UCI have initiated against Paul Kimmage is completely outrageous.

If a government doctor was found indulging in private practice, the matter should be reported to the Chandigarh office so that action could be initiated against the erring doctors, he said.

In 1% of cases initiate to is used

By now, GE had also initiated to offshore its back office processing on its own.

In 1% of cases initiate through is used

CUSTOMER SUPPORT Support issues must be initiated through the electronic forms located in the Technical Support Center available at Alentus ' website.

The newly initiated explore their experience of being fully initiated through participation with all the faithful at Sunday Eucharist and through appropriate catechesis.

In 1% of cases initiate regarding is used

The Hermes business mitts the exquisite workmanship initiated regarding green hundred and five decades ago.

In 1% of cases initiate on is used

A position can be initiated on a close above Monday's high of RM7.

In 1% of cases initiate of is used

A Witch is an initiate of Wicca, one who has earned the right to call themselves Priest, or Priestess, through study, self-evaluation, and spiritual living.

In 1% of cases initiate as is used

It is recommended that this approach should be initiated as a true allergic reaction can not be excluded.

In 1% of cases initiate among is used

The revolutionary movement came from within, first initiated among students and then spread through the large population of peasants.

Samba Women's Group -- engaged in the Goat Project The goat project is one income generating project initiated among 3 patient support groups.

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