Prepositions after "inherent"

inherent in, to, within or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 83% of cases inherent in is used

It is inherent in the Dreaming.

Risk is inherent in the market.

And inherent in change is loss.

Overproduction is thus not an aberration of the system but inherent in its operation.

Speculation is inherent in the laws of capitalism and has been there since its birth.

The conclusion is that happiness is inherent in man and is not due to external causes.

The Grace of God, inherent in the Sacrament, would do the rest, and perhaps after Mass everything would be better.

He must still try to eradicate the vasanas inherent in him so that they cease to disturb the peace of his samadhi.

In the modern Olympics, the truce is not legally binding, but the spirit of peace inherent in the truce is honored.

In 12% of cases inherent to is used

But this is inherent to the source.

That is inherent to the relationship.

He has to, it's inherent to his character.

And, lastly, I think the spirit of adventure is inherent to some degree in travelers.

But this plaint ignores a dynamic inherent to an expanding administrative bureaucracy.

What you lefties really fear is the loss of power inherent to the free school programme.

The limitations inherent to the methods of retrospective record review are well understood and reported elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on the ethos of honour inherent to our sport and we really need to start doing the right thing.

Instead, I would suggest that Labor's mauvaise fois points to a contradiction inherent to liberal humanism itself.

In 2% of cases inherent within is used

Make choices that radiate the power inherent within you.

For the meaning of time is not inherent within its continuum.

It is deeply inherent within our nature to rebel against authority.

To meditate skillfully you have to see the disadvantages inherent within happiness.

Schools should promote the rights and responsibilities inherent within citizenship.

Yet we must also acknowledge the limitations inherent within such one-sided arguments.

Clearly the odds are stacked against us, but inherent within these challenges are the opportunities they provide.

Dukkha is the condition of fundamental discontent that is inherent within the very nature of all sentient existence.

The presence, therefore, of the sane in a table listing the insane testifies to the madness inherent within colonial reason.

In all of these works, toys are distorted in ways that undermine the simplicity and fun that should be inherent within them.

In 1% of cases inherent with is used

There are some things inherent with that position.

If it is something inherent with the Graphics card.

That's inherent with change but can't be spelled out enough.

Members agree to take the risks themselves inherent with online data transmission.

They outsource wherever possible for skills that are not inherent with their photography.

This eliminates the possibility of insufficient funds which is inherent with cheque payments.

It is impossible to deny the imagery of imperialism, and therefore racism inherent with this concept of this game.

Only then can we truly hope to keep children safe from the harmful side effects that are inherent with Parental Alienation.

Despite the DataGrid's impressive usability and development time ratings, there are two disadvantages inherent with this control.

Only then can we truly hope to keep children safe from the harmful side effects that are inherent with Parental Alienation itself.

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